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Chapter NumberXI
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Full Date1893-10-28
Page Number17
Word Count588
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Newspaper TitleIllustrated Sydney News (NSW: 1881-1894)
Trove TitleA Girl Named Bobbie
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A Girl Named Bobbie.


Across the long paddock the children went, Suds holding Bobbie's trembling hand, Bobbie holding Alfie's.

" Where o-o goin' to, Sally," s id the little boy, gazing wistfully behind him, and Suds, at the name, looked sharply at Bobbie, who crimsoned and bent.her proud little head lower and lower.

The hall door was reached at last, and Suds Btrutted in. " I've got her, I've got her, father, Bertha, Ted-I've got her. She was there, and my bloodhound smelt her ; and, oh 1 I've got her, and another one, too !" he shrieked, and all the family came rushing into the hall in greatest excite-


Poor little Bobbie sank into a chair in a

very agony of shaine, and covered her face with her hands, not daring to look

"My little girl-my-my poor little girl, where have you been ?*' said the doc- tor in such a gentle, pitiful voice that the child broke down altogether.

" l-l thought I had- killed him," she Bobbed, and then all the mystery was cleared up, and they were very good and gentle to her.

Not till Bhe was quite rested and had had Borne tea would the doctor allow a question to be asked, and then he took her to his dear little untidy study, and kneel- ing beside his chair, with his hand gently s'roking the rough curly hair, the girl

poured out ner story.

There was au interruption presently in the shape ot a lon,-legged, dripping, wet boy with a blue face and purple hands, and a long-legged, fair-haired bo? with a rosy, serene face and smiling e^ es.

" Frank !" ejeculated the poor little doctor, " Oh dear, oh dear, and now what is the matter? 1 thought we were going to have a little peace at last."

" We went to Bolton Pond, father," said Bonnie. " Frank has been diving to see if she was drowned,'' and be looked proudly at his shivering hero brother.

The doctor thought of the dirty slimy . p-»nd and shuddered involuntarily.

. Bertha see to you, Frank, my " he said, " you'd better go to bed I'll mix you a hot drink," and Frank ed away towards the kitchen followed , he devoted Bonnie, who looked greatly

appointed that his father had not gone i j "i the heroics he expected over this dis

I / of courage.

I ' ne doctor looked at the little pool oj

ter on the carpet that had trickled fron tnt, boy's clothes, and sighed.

^'Ile meant well, Roberta, my child," h< said, as he poured oome brandy into i tumbler, " he meant well, my dear, only i was a silly thing to do, and, oh dear, h really must take a bath, that pond is no quite clean," and he bustled over into th kitchen followed by Bobbie.

But the kitchen was nearly désertée Bertha had marched Master Frank to be and hot blankets, and upstairs the Doctc i followed him. Beside the dying embei

of the fire Bobbie discerned a sinai cuddled np figure, and stooptn down, found Suds all in a sleepy iittl heap with a big hideous looking fovi Pqueezed up lovingly to him.

" Suds," ehe whispered gently, arid he . opened hie eyes drowsily.

" She found you," he murmured, " she found you, I'm gointr to. call her * 'Tectivè Bobbie.' Ob, Bobbie, I am glad you're home 1 ' "