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Chapter NumberI
Chapter TitleLOVE
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Full Date1890-04-25
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Newspaper TitlePortland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953)
Trove TitleLove V. Monte Carlo
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LOVE V. MONYTE CARLO. CHAPTER .L-Lov. In one of the very comfortable fic rst-clnss rail way compartmeota protided IV the Pais-Lyon. 3eiterraneanr Conrpoupany for the unwise who leavreifce to go ad lose thelr mioney and time at the a oblin-roroms of Monte Chalo. sat two people-Mrs.Irill and Mr. Toodledee, well. hnown figores in ice station. Pmculiarand hoihting personalities even when apart, taken together they-rained an offeeticauto smile on the countenances of all. not utterly abhorbeedl in self. lfere crx asesierii. Mrs. Frill once seen could never be forgotten. Nearly six feet high, splen. idly attired in many colouirs, which served to S light npp ot lighten. her8fine figure;a hand .,.'a arg, round face. reclling vgugely a barvest full moon; nod ltt, not lekt, log black crls, made p a striking and powerful iadividnelity. This lady was never seen in a bonnet-alwaros a hat-for she beld, peehope rightly,' that nothing aged a neemberof the weakernex so muchn o a bonnet. Amongotherthings she was a widlow. twenty yeara widow, she would say with a touch of pride, for aotwithbtaidingher many admnirers abe had never yet been tenoted to prove false to pour Slonion Feill's menory. She knew ebtter than to trooi poor olomon s hurd-earned fIdeituoe-not to mention herself-tosome spend thriftdrunkarnl, or worse tc il, teetotal man, who would cut off her innocent whisky night apt; or perhops (one oft sother sort) Meme sed throw thu poker t heroafer aennirial evrningopet with a friend. Las one evening spent at Monte Carlo ith a friend, fiftyr francs won per iarsl, turned the respectable Mrs. Frillointo a gambler. She, who one short month ago would hardly go into the concert-room. now sat down at the geen table in the queerest compnir I " How are the inighty fotlln:" might truly have been applied to her, yet ite'sppled the touch of femiuine wakness erhaps wanting to so com. plete a nature, and gave hersan added charo to nt least one pair of honest eyes, namely, those belonging to the worthy Mr.Toodledee. Always clothed tn black cloth unmen tionables. black ilk waiscoat and white tie, bereft of hair byr Providence, and of eaceed. igly short stature, the onobservant student of human nature would have concluded that Ia John Toodledee abhorred gaudy tints and had aprejudicrs agaiont height and hair; - t. e would certainly have pat' ~down to ant accidentthe perptcol meetings between our t twofriends. an angeltokeaheltroubleto come sad tell him that Toodledee had followed I Moe.Frillfrom Poils, Conoes, tie, this uno. observant student would have shaken his head c incredulously, and if he had btentold that the Lady had een torned her fnithful squire into a gambler. why, then he would have hailed the o eenger san emissary from the Father of all They were sitting,as I msid before. in a rail. g wacr earri:ge. The guard rgave an unearthly yell, the train slowly steamed out of the station P towards Viliefranche, Beaulien. Monaco, and d Me Fri!J was otio in a red and white ti diped s aelk:g } on ye bu wpis pnk to Eeftsailortu, tjn frtrp pin i 1a.8r5 i h ctilr ceflt ci s,3 eant toctoatthe roloutr o. .n P soft smile plyed over iher countenance, fora she felt herself, and ndideed looked, a strlkigly nle hi woman. Opposite toher nat Me. Toodledee, wr ipworelr niurrellin-. tY find himself there, tic ihotend l f in the faliar old works" down at pit Wapi r for Mr. Toodledee was the honoured mi ofeaet Toodledee and Co.'s Celebiated Block. ifag, justly famed all over the world for its th shine. polid. anetodneso s to shoe-blacks. t- l silly we are to go and lose our money as atthat dreelfotl place, Mr.Toodlodee," holding ane outtherbag with a sigh. !Ihate broughta et bnndredfrnsr. W odthat I could be sure of bringing them back again. To-night, I fear re that theyvwilloln be gone:" "I hpe not, ma'am, I hope not," he be answered, w oing utof his revr. "Perhapsi r yon will be inlck tdy." e l alwayamn i lark at f lrst, Mr. Toodle- thi des," plaintif. " t Ig on hopingto win w ls'=eetalslltipsawayfeomesaeae.C onotesa a _... a . ' " Pet$ oDid," ". ni . Iti totiaid with rid,badi lrf; aria and; . I Id am bringing a thousand frane todoy tonmike me pmy losses: then I shatlneerpr again." er _"Ie fear that you will never make p oi your lases inone day," she remarked. adly. " the poer Mr. Frill used to say, Why .throw, good vil mneufterrbad?' tar Sits. Frtly eurobeervations areremarkable "' for their good strong sense. (She would be mn foslonable in Wapping.) Why-, indeedt, threw good money after had? I qits agree wit isrcieafternoa the i S ieatgr 6hegave the ladyuch a f al tendrrlnmiration that thu quickly remrked: fL .Ibe k, look, ir. Toasdlede, a are just nearing Monaoc what a b tufl JAbMic it u prows to be!' h b This Beaut adt alined, adear hint' n l b.oisma be cur last cpportolt; let us get out a st Monaco station rno spend a hsppy and ly 1nmtrieire a iteronoit together io iapeding el :ibra ontfnol O otfatletinstcad of going.q d ihat row44'rewd ' ugo money ~bs maf~m~dLio~i bnor at D Lo, tl dears, doner4r , FerL" - SNow SMme Frill wao rich taken oabat a Theins rs not at albwht bte bod intended, but ahsgaveinwith agodgrce-. So theymade their waynot of the etaiioo. and went op the atep anting steps which lead to the pit. turene gateway that.. sodedenl brings one into the aeI a ol-d Moura, with its quinot a and strange memorials of a prst age, ito rtter taotle, tiny oomyrlarge convenls, and bishop~ : seeming t eandd rn hack and a thoun d d milfes awmayfraithe spirit hiheh pertades gay, " godlens ]onte Carlo, whore teamnte g minuato and modern hoteln ant rilas almot command soatetion n one kan over the old baetleens a P and gloosn acos the ay o of Herrulee. Wthen they food theaelves agaitd out in the big stasis Mr.Teodledon picked up ouaes and made a ropeoal,-eno, not the sort that you are ithiLnla oi-onq infnite ly moretathe poiatn "CanTreter you, deaor beet Efn, a: little refr sa ont Yr' After a moacet of puaite hiiitation.the lady C oenseoted ; to ef the trenat into the inn- i nearlynac ancient as the pilae-o itself-a g there, waire upon be the smartest of t soobrettee. they giaraok of a delciors bottle a ofain dAsti, which soetnd to both of them T the best thing thee had,ever tosild m their e live, nod to exhilartte theant I an" ea ordioury degree, ah All thio hadkpt hr eto smuiutiall Itpd; zen d interested in one atothr, but a ier i, hnour p pent on a oquiet aniell thech lathe poblic garden each begin to eonsidr howa hecr she a oudL get sway from the other nad p to the a. hellaoldelightthesother. si!eofthe bey'. He thoeoht: "IMowecrn I manage to leave c her withoutr hurtlng lee dear -feels0, ?lbh j arnything hat nf tet still st dveoavu I tuitwte waste this of Ieonti mWeveoenly nftsy tievet oflesarn bearlr two Iacold h ttoeacarris~ogiueunttte r~nnalrsfildmysolf jf oh Monte Cyaro Qocs there, siseshlci .L laohralf an hoer. ne thooht: 'b Mow: ciln I mie thaeI rldoeib fo r aitenet Ie oontdoanytbank y th actont.n mmlbe honoarqrgt manythin ag hout ftei. Stinll, it does ece, ra pity to wuterme ailwnt fIrr and erer s ntheg Were. S se we o"tclbrwa yftral ca ! der en, Iocldoet ti the onesibr, wich staurt from her' at s o Indockane soon ednyther i ino "'tetoot i o Coineo; br.e thereyI should alobring e 'li t op almy loa k."ltyett an the tyotrm taug h I i x*alnot on~ig by Moo. GrehalL.:B He en u neverStuditocot." -'M'm! bb'mt He. Frill. Ithik ~thiT! Il and laopecetl.obe recurkarlb~c'lvflctl lahe dilog freox the pItoedsl. of theglanbing mu dons. 'Itinkthlaatrvoetdoathyoradio 0 Crefor.vitingcharecs, 00 I. uoot nib yn Aquarter of ~ i-bs ~can hur htr\rTol td urine."y rd ned i-Is bnrk'lauahoorwi . shirernietis. r. IulJ. ad worked f,'or wer town, Ihavsonmefrtenetstltro. Se~:jj se we metat the J oas cos talioto r -te e y O'dclcktruio."~ -;., e .*. "CAplto ll eauito! dcrurly, telar'Iibmp n thatyon illilet yinrruirtdna.*thoe." Thn lowruntrhesvore shgblyt?:.'.Tclhosgb 4f cme h eplo they wiltdontoiebl ee be oer dthreet,' with aagrn o-t:-anv of thn hand dtow rer Mevet Carlo. - - dis n~rdeed, air: thee are not those Frt re pepe-ht n mn,"' &egiteyrt iletly; "i c don~iftheywo at~ Xl, the~r.ould erile 0 oera occasisteall bitt thraEe~~ 3 liriee;'he. frj "Aix! yes, asdOabt: g >!t~rc. pre. F;I soslae, tilt3 .5 eL'eus. uned tvIri:·J~·!J the dircetion of t6r cmtc:cdri. wirestr ~ri· Seenlgamb~iuwinge.-rniels-e;- be;ehr plato! Aqo arter c a heanr I lter Mr. Tsjd~ hi'~lfsvithii, the. 'Cilr-~ul,~ ·:,~ I ,sie, hilotvsrese-t·lfr3-·~~cr! r..sel li:,: i Tt coeane tre ;'l~ hitel 1· clii· rh l-c .'3 e:iriz. shire uie.-re. p-cr oe!;lI ho~d tvorhLel for ar: dear UeA-e Jl hcvJ IL. ~ ~ Aitheesg rti:lI ejoete c:iely, t1s large tmiu;, ties awirior er or each~ tIte ooe'e alreads lebted, jIfc and the green le~e3sp~ele dawn over every hal] I. -··

window, shatting out the suldit, bright unature outside,and thruowior into undue prominnence themos, of rich gilded arnarosntstion with which tho saloons are decorated. Mr. roodle. i- dee stepped along cutiot threading his way as. among the crowds, :o r e ' e which ho surroundd each roulette. h ati',ng as to where us he wouldtry his lua. mo After carefully surre-ving each table and set U. of players, he deedecd on the L st reuletteintbo ad end room. because there wno a seat rat-nt neat en the croupier, or monaerde:.-r. Nowhere. ex he ceptingperhanocein great Pit La (haise, the in hugecateootersof a world-ha::rt t. are lt a motley crowd gathered toet--her-gathred lid from all nationalities.c relitio.o hallunb lielfs. un. and perhao, stanger' still. all ranks. Thus, on to Mr. ifoodeldee es- right ei c old Neapoltaa d. marhesa whodistrnbutes is charity t thea poor a the equivalent of all she has either lost or won g at the nd of the season. Net this simrple. ul mindd teo. n,-torious IPrie actmre, Fso FU Foette, is goel-uatuedlyt explaining the ie gametoLade busan Dow, the twetmt-resr oa dbride of Jam" r. Dow. M.1'.. whilst he. Sinotead of looking after his ro:ng wife. is Seagerely watching and leansing over the shoulcer i of a IPris shopkeeper who has hrt on a riather o clever combination. eso Mr. Toodlodee noticed nothing of all this. l HIis mind was full of Mrs. Frill. and getting d berbhis mone. His system. if it could he I- called one, wato play oi a number that bade a nutaug on it. "r or." said he, "i ivery or . loese,andtlplavteganteormone, osetwlin." e But.odd enough,hedidn't Afterwinning I a fet nieces e lostc stodily. In the meuntime the onnibus from Menae, It aired, bringing Mrs. Frill. Instead of d warting her tome going round all the tables, I , she immeldiately settled down at the one Snearest the door, and producing a little book I Sbegan rapidly noting down the numbers. Her r system was that of "' ^ with the table." Sthis signifiles in gain lagacing your I money.wsere other people ptae theirs; in French, jeesu l l fltr. Today she followed the lead of a man who had been pointed ouat ai her as baring mades.the yearbefore twenty thouandpupnda! . I This year he seemed to be getting on loe well. for pr Mrs. Frill soon lost sixty francs. Suddenly a murmur went round the table: a t "The Prince has just come in:" "Come I t over from Canes." "1 fIs bies jalm femae." n I "That lady? Oh! that's the Duchess of a Lambeth," and so en, greted the entrance of , a merry part- of Eeglih mes and women, h who had just come in laghing and tllieg. Mrs. Frill's heart almost stopped beating. I How she blessed heaven for haring inspiren Mr. Toodledee with a desire to inspect the It cathedral! Otherwise she would never have l met, so to epe ak her future sovereegn fare to w face. Instead of his being a hundred yanLd as off in a carriage, a bored and sullen espressaio ti over his noble countenance. she saw him laugh. dl aggaily tho. gh ioundation stone .ed hi g keyswerehecesitiesof a pasl-age. e Mrs. Frill sankdown again intoherseat; -te Prince was appraching her table. Closer ned or closer hecamen, or rather his party, who all seemed anxious to tery their luck at this titular roulette table. a"Twenty.slx e" mattered the voice that Mrs. Fraill swshedt in hear. at tr, how dis oar eRoyal Elebeem' End he jp a aooewthat piquedtoam. - rPtlmpptunitoif teknh ting loyalty. his a t;_r smaltIJtaiiih~Id A dead ienr. lhe ball whining n-44 i j the cylinder, the croupier's monotonous f "Messieurs, faites r os jeux. Rico me vs plus." ' as tho ball slackened-tshen amid a mmurm of ant surprise and pleasure, "' inst-ix, noir, pai, \ ata thrill of loyaIy, joy and" ristne me rewarded" feeling s over teriiitish heart, As their hands gaherd in the money which had me been placed in little beaps by the croepier's' rake. so tha there might be none of the seem! squabbles which often - - en or cthi overed nr-" :ý ar vc Whottt would be no -.-, CtOti out ans whmh mt " gr y.ali gttr weuntbher totake s0 'rIonbof~vapowsrful »resofMrsEestablish th o io one or two Llire wra make a pre thihtlivelihoodbygatheing pother ple 1 mone by mistake were s d b thehad croupiers awful eneanns . pse aff quietly. ° Every one earstnatoady lookinr toee wine ti theg urtlomeaidean eddrmt edvRoyablnt aSNor villea" woulilaace himest stake, buat, ddelnly tarnoag etts. the Prince uttered the wor w "U'.ers Thia unsed the whole party to mo> saedly to ards the door: a irts. Fri staea. determined to go on wint t ningunowthat sie haua littlecn''tadinhand, owing to her 'twenty-ties' hiu t Bt,'alaa I ata salas! her capital soon melted to tweaty francs. On the "'nothing rventure othtng m have" principle she placed it all on annlmb and lost. ~ · '' andsmg bhurredl, she found that she world neverharv time no walk, down to hUe Monaco etbtion. She had not a son left to pae a cabi Lat she remembered with a thrill of reliefthat she had a return ticket from MonLa Carlo station, sad just time to deseond thesreep steps h that lead down to it before the tain started for 3Fonsco. Once there, she isut trust to lack h andthelong waitto pi r.Toodedeson B the platform without his having teen ber de sesu from thenhralo.- - Ten'imiinctes later saw thb od ladIy en conced in a railway carriage, trysoto arrange appanthble acxanatof her "friends om the lower ta town" for the innocent Toodledee's benefit tl Baut shedid not see a tiny black figure fiing co down the steps and darting intothelast war ge as thetrain moved of. .A guilty coasdaencq tu prevents one's enjoying the beauties of atuore. Althongh determinednever to visit this terrible w place again. she did not gaze oat of the left window and see forthe lastime the lonely ay st filled with smart vachte, the long 'jutting Meninla of Mons o, and the frowning Tu t e Chien, the hill mout tanin which overhangs o the little prinapci te. No, Mrs. Frill sat goomily stati ats herlittle emptypink bag. ,b d Ard Mr. Toodlemees Although fitrly o-s aclved that this should bie his luast visit todMonte I Cardo, he did not hurry to snatch a eat blook U outaof the right-hand window at the shooting p halleriesby whichthetrain slowly steamed, se m 4do mit of his felow-countrymen when they alindon' tonaco-till next time. No; Mr. ol Toodiedce out convulsiely.holding his little o01 anors. tobacco potcch; wondering iwhere his la witd coid have teen hofare he lost £10 in one mas afternoon. When the trasin stoppied he literally it dared not get oat and face Mrs. Frill pn the A platform. What would she thinrk if she fouis Is out that he had come fom m that den of tiquity ti und had left her dear company to go and gamble tt awayoJesubstsancea I She brine a woman, nnd thearef orem.. courucos, stepped oat of her cuaepsrlnent, an& 1ie-.ose-l'tvi the platform in esarcI of Odin5t~s~fe 'nirtntvto rsm watching ker from EhSroniage. "Xo doubt'" har noattered m himsdf--" io doubt she camo quie easrly sq to bi sre not td miss me." Thenanhe rae 'snrcereo ad niaon oil pt-rent by her osejeotle igure end geaid· nor. %e ennttaueda withos. a: "She to here, loolinok for ib 'ui Toetetee,'nndt rrt-set ge out.'Z 0 She apprvacheItotec 'u"rmitrent no waei med tsrnwt theasdane of the dcw- evidently hariogi given asa her falthless swE IHe, th ery-sooth, could not utterly distsms ltin thq added failway nshinns, so abt~eeetI~iaghpne~f-dawns in a coner, still --;aa ttorning roarun eaclaimsd it ras Dear..l~a MLr. T~oodl~ede I faxr kh IsaerfreIll. Didyonneot eeeme louuseeg1u ryw~Ber for~eit? IsippoEethot tou at it:> thq~caorlaga tbq enmuor~t the nT.a umsyld ( Perh~apsthe heat' sisioenme you i-' ' ii ~'e Ait{ No, sinata." *o Oj qit oiv ndremehyhdinsin&n' trast lxi i-. aul c heO~cdidb ofld vor f:oen~s I" t "Eh? ohi+er Therare mt'-:'; th - - is twmw, molbetter, thank yoo 1'Yes;s ndtheeathernt. did it corre un to yOnrexrpctatioas?" I, "See," sle csri paint;- t le . windows, "'tiere is t 7 v: iis 's - .- - Iticidel' Churcrhi. a:f-l. ii so.dedw itls g-r,! ves rr-e . Ie tear * 'Insdeed. i:.l- l ? diaruse en- -mn o se ra nch. e T*T I'F feele the sr: ." In~ tL;rou 1 31: T wU i' Th d -v t oud rit toray . May 1 he er to ,r, qrU. 4mcr--deaust ('-rrt'?' I i tie La.d seen htogev. n 'h visitors' book. n TL*:.·:r. frighEned2 t lidntss, .e s -omued ii.ll~ \ep!tzsa ,llm'or~twmadMtmms- 'tns in1 toe -elki J toy.4lf Of the --erat on'-re Hate hap -ist-e bteth wire durirng .'be neat 'w Lalrf-cr 'sWt.aat did they tmli 0"oat: nu

Why Wapping, Wrarwkstinre, blacking and shoeblacks,of course. Bu- alis: those rare half-hours of entire felicity Non come to an end in this life, nod tlLy had fund thesetlve, In Nice 'station bfoere 1s'. 1i;l had eally wttled on the happy h c!l oe uoric lact to tthe oitel du Granid Purgatoite ttether" askehd .1r. 'rTondledee heýitatin@c. "Thank You. lh: .Toe. you cannot think how :orlea n od'a life is, all by hersclf," answered the ade, shlaing her curns solemnly : .'o. how dJightful it in to agaLin have a gentlc mtn to loook after ono." -ueering his hood afectimno: ls. for Mts. Frill ;ever Sdi anything b% halve.. being. o she herseIlf wotih san. gnae:ous be ntur-e. So oltf they started in one of the pretry gpn ,-."" which abound in Nice. When close to their hotel-"Desr Itotite, could you loud me a franc," he said shakily. '" Why Mr.-TJoe. I mean--I was just going to ask nyou to do me that favour, returnced she. They I aed at one another in silence. The concierc f toh rocIto rtioae laid the calmoan with a lise-r'et senile. Mre. Tri; i no,,w Mrs. Toolledee, and Toodlelce is envied by all the aichelors and married men in Wapping and Islingtont, whern ther haoe a pwrts little colty-e. But sinoo the wedding total ,;:ence has betn presernd upon Montes Ctaro. Mra Toelllele onmeime stiinks of all the pretty th:ngs that can be bought tor a thous. ond franci nd her Joe nocietiaea wonders whethera certain hundred daosooo was left in the lower town or elsewhere They ore both too well lati to ojpj,4,ol-ir these ques-t oon -eIil .tcl lEoge1,