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Chapter NumberXXXI
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Full Date1884-12-20
Page Number6
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Newspaper TitleClarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 - 1889)
Trove TitleJohn Brown and His Dog Faithful
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Nearly a mouth later in tho MolScurnu Hospital.

" Well, Louis, I mn indeed thankful to hear you aro getting round HO fast. You should have writton to mo at once, nt the time of tho accident. You say you put uff tailing mv till you felt roaily to shoulder your crutches."

*. Yes, Ledru, 1 did not wish to make you uncom* fortfttilo. My trials have licen a croBs to you, tho' Ledru. I did at times wish to see you. Yea, perhaps if lt had not boen for tho visits, constant kind atten- tion of au angel lady, 1 might havo written you soonor. Tho girl is ono in a thousand-so pluisunt, so full of roparteo. Hbo has dona mo much good yes, I say lt rrankly, done me good in soul and body. Aol when 1 tell you, Ledru, that thia lady is tho person 1 have all these months ruutafnod in Melbourno to protect. Yes, it was my anxiety for her that took

mo out the night 1 met with thu accident."

"Louis, does «ho know this I If she docs, her sorrow for your sulfuring in her cause would account for her great attention to you."

" No, no, Ledru, you mistake the girl. Sho knows nothing; hor attention has been purely disinterested. No, no-spoken firmly-«ho knows not 1 um, or havo been, watching ovor her. No. no, my moro than sister, tho young lady works from apurer motive."

'* Pardon mo, Louis, you do excite my woman's curiosity. Won't you now tell mo hor name." .

-. '* No, nu, Ledru, you would be tho vory first I would tell it to if I thought any good would como of ft. If I were dyiug I would tell you nil, that i/uu might Sreboot hor. 1 will not divulge ber numo to bring

Ingraue about hor surroundings. Sho is good, stain- less i but ono Immediately oouueeted with hur is a scoundrel, and 1 have promised ; to spore him if ho spares tho orphan girl. Yes, that promise I Will keep till I sou oausu to chango my mind."

. " Enough, Louis ¡ I think moro highly for your reticence, ovun with mo."

A moment lifter, Do Wert looked up and saw Hobo appronohlng his bedside. Hurrlodly he said,

" Oo, go, Ledru, come lack by and by, Oo, go, you

must uot meet,"

Tho lady rose to go.

Hobo approached tho bed-sldo with a frank win- ning smile ou her face. Her fomliiinc onrioslty was ralsud at sooing thu lady, ulm gave a sharp, quick, searching look at thc lady's faoo, at the same time making an overy-day remark to hor. Tho lady ro piled, fully and frankly. At tho tono of voloo, Hobo gave ii further penetrating look, . .

All tho time l)o Wart's oyes wore Axed on hur face, At last Hube spoke.

" 1 cannot be rnfdtnkou In your features ami volco, madam. 1'ardou mo, but you aro not Madam Madam Lo-Lo Dam- I"

" Madam Ledru Hollín Damplcrro," Interjected tho lady.

" You who so often carot! for mo on bonni of tho good ship " Note," on our voyugo from England?" .

" What I" burst forth from Do Wort's friend f'You aro never tho llttlo Habe-Miss Hobe-whoso fathor was so ill, tho gentleman who gat mo to sign papers. Yes, yes, you havo tho »anio features, tho ynu wore then but a child. Oh 1 how I hara longed to seeyou thoso years, for I luvad you as my own In thoso days. And your, your dear papa-(Hobo's faoo palod at tho question)-Oh 1 gonn to a batter homo.. I soo it and expected it. Ho was anxious about you and thoso papers tho captain and I signed."

" My-1 By hoavons," broko In Do Wert, spring- ing up In lils bad. " This aoolilont of mino was for a purpose. Suroly thoro ls rt divinity that shapes our onus,.rough, vlow them how wo will. I remember, I seo it nil now. liodru, Ood's hand ia hero. Yes, yes, all must now bo explained, lost I bo found to bo lighting against tho Most High,"

On, on, went Do Wort ; Hobo and tho lady looking

on him In astaulshmunt.

Madam Ledrii Hollín Damplcrro felt thoro was much to explain.

" Pardon mo, Mnduiuolsolto. for my past rotioonee, concealment. I havo aimed tliose last few weeks to make you think I was In no way connected with your history. Tho mask must now bo removed. I thought I was acting for tho host ! lt waa you and your dead father's ñamo I would shiald. I nm ¿Viirn

De Wert, trim tn the laut, wout on, -

" To you, you alene, I will explain my connection 'with one you know ¡ whan you roaall my wonls of warning that night ut Kaw Hotel. Ledru ls ns true OH steel, hut still only with yourself rosta her further kuowloilgc ot your ononiy."

'. S|ieak, slr, I roinoinbor this lady woll. My father read character perfeotly. Ho trusted her ; shall not I-hts daughter-do tho samo? Yan, Omi han causal us HO to moat to-day; lotus bow our hoads to Ula will. Madam Daioplerro is a in her womanly heart will bo wrapped up safely any secret-if to bi

kant as such-concerning mo."

In a low voice, Dc Wort repeated all tho teador knows, truly, faithfully, ns If speaking alune to tho

uuBOOii Qod,

Hobo was vory onlm all tho recital. Tho narration did not surprise hor much, for shu oven know moro than Da Wert did-her unalo's machinations, Machi nvollan design, ropeated words and work ; but for tho family honor, her fathor's name, she spoke not of what sha know, She was anxious to Know what Madam L. ll. Danlplorro had to say regarding tho pnpors spoken of. so bid that lady speak. .

Madam Ledru Rollin Damplcrro was about to oom mouuo, when Do Wort said,- - - . . . ,

" Miss Handsllp, panton mo, but boil you not bettor hour Lodru's account alono ; then you oan picoso yourself what part, If any, you toll mo afterwards."

" No, no, ray friend," quickly and firmly replied tho orphan, 111 ann mposo tho utmost oonfidonoo tn you t my unalo's name ls safe with you. I shall havo to toll or say something to Mr Brown, but with cau- tion, for ho lins n Arm will ot his own. 1 wouldoven yet spare my unolo." . -

? Turning to Madam, Hobo wont on,- i ' , ?

" Now. dear friend, tull mo what you know."

" 1 will."

Sa Madam proceeded.