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Chapter NumberXXX.-CONTINUED.
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Full Date1884-12-20
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Newspaper TitleClarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 - 1889)
Trove TitleJohn Brown and His Dog Faithful
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The grey light of » floaty upai alni", new the hole! at Kew, where John Drown mid Achato» were qaaftered.

" Be dod. la it yerself. ut the Inspector that I am apakiog ui f"

" Ooh t sir. it is well for you to be able to walk on yonr hind ltira, thia fruaty morning. If you belave it, sir, it wo-some timo yesterday I waa run in up here aw Betsy's ghost-that ondaoent dog-after takiag tho gentleman to the hospital. Tell mu, sir, ia it yeraelf or the Inspector that ia walking down there, s or is it a live or dead man living in the flesh.

Answer ina, as Hamlet's ghost did hie dead sweet- heart in thu play, fur the cocks are crowing. Are you the lns.-ector or yersulf / Spake, and ye will

never falo il. '

The |M'rsun so a Idrtvwed wu* the night inspector, going his round» tu see Unit his subordinates-the night patrols-were doing their duty.

Hearing u vulcu over his head as he passed a lamp- post, hu lotikcd up, and in thu grey light of the murn- ang hu saw the nguru of a mun sitting on the oreas bar of thu Inuip-puat. with his arms throwu rouud the lamp fur security und warmth. The man was hatless, and lioru n striking lesetnblauce tu an Aunt Belly aa a i«'le. ur au cJHgy of Gay Fawkes trussed and skewered ready for the fire.

The luspoctor paused, and a glim stuilo spread over his features ns bu viuwud tho object and listened to the words that mut bis ears, liaising his eyeglaaa to his right eye, ho spuke,

" Whuru wi-ro yuu educated, my man, that enables you fO uccuruUity tu quote Shakespeare, and bu guided by thu rules uf Lindley Murray /"

" Ooh 1 si , I was nuvur ou thc Murray River, so dnu't kiiow Mr Lemmy's aohuol. My uuld mother belavod lu eddiuatiou, ami wucked learning into mc while I was u gossoon banging on her breasts. Thar's tnoaolf kuows lt, uo better in the worruld that waru't eddioatud, knows better how to spake thou mcself. 1 have seen gnrruls playing on a peanny in Austrnly that iiiadu ino blush like u ruse when they opened their putateu trap to *|>uke. Och 1 houe, it is cowld hero ; n drop uf thu cratur 'ud do mu no hamlin. I have taken the pludge, but I 'ud take lt as inodlclau this cowld morning. Sure 1 neu you are yerself the

Inspector. 1 uuver touch the oratur, os I tould ye. only ns incdiulm1."

Thu Insp ctur, rupliiciug his eyeglass to his oye, suld,- *

" How did yuu get up thuru, you gossoon i"

" I wnlku 1 up, yer honor. Don't bo oross wld mo, and I will tell your honor. About 12 o'olouk last night a giultuiuan was knocked down hy u cab, aud broke his own leg. I at once walks him oil to tho hospital, fur I knows lt was a oaso of ossification fracture ; so 1 ut onee ostracised him to tho hospital. Well, yer honor, I returns to my bate and walks ulong a good blt, whon what do I seo but a foux futted dog, who hos tho devil and soul of Betsy in him. Ho looks up from tho other sido of tho way nt me, and at onot uummonoed to oross over to mo. I modo throoka, for I knowed thora was no llvlu' wld 'em, tho hoython baste. His sarpant's eyes saw ino mn. and so the murthorlu davit run too. You may laff. iut 1 tould you this huytlion comes from Beelzebub's bosom, aud thero is no llvin' wld 'em as long as I am a pollcoiuun. Wull, he chased mo along thu Ailie uf tho street. So says I, i'll bate you, oula boy. Thrue ns. I Bte nd hero, yer honor, I made for the lamp- post and walked up, uiver stopping on the way : I wasn't uarvoiisyar honor, lluro I sat, and devil a soul came lo my aid. 1 throwod my haudonOs and night stick nt tho busto, and ho-tho ondocont hay then ghost-nt onoo grubbed thom,and walked around thu'oornur wld 'oin. Como down, yoa soy, Devil a fut 1 for thu inurthurln baythen is only walting round tho corner, watching wid his sarpant's eyes to f;rab mo. Ooh 1 that I nuvor onterod tho foroo und

eft ould Ireland. Serra's tho day I carno to Aus- trnly I"

" Uoiuu uiiiii, I will liuvu to dismiss you from tho force i you aro a oownrd to bo BO afraid of a dog. . It is to bo hopod your mothor hod uot any moro BOUB Uko you." ?

" I» lt of my mothar yo Bpakoyor honor 1 I am the oldest and wan nearly the youngest of a family of Ava. Dy yor honor's Ufo, I will romovo myself from tho force, for that dog's muster tould mo tho haython had a down on all polloemon. Tho basto scents tho ulothcs ot a peeler. If I could direst myself of my olothoH beru, I wuiild chuck thom off, that tho haython should not smell mo. Yes, I will stun hare till a oab comos to tnke ino nwuy. I will this day lave thu constabulary, ur I will bo kilt dosd by Hint


At this, tho Inspector, tn disgust,'walked away, leaving Fat holding on to tho lamp, with his lugs dangling as hu sat on tho cross bar.

Fully live hours had l'at sat thara, whau his chief

loft him.

Faithful, not curing to romain in tho oold, was contented by scouring Pat's handouts and staff of ollloc, so trotted honiu with satisfaction,

l'at that same day left tho metropolitan polloo


Tho inspector was writing a report In lils ofllou of Pat's cowardice, when lu walked L'at In a blustering

munuer, saying.

11 Yor honor, pulling his toro look as ho spoke,111 am oil to on lil Ireland to-morrow, away from Aua traly. I only bax yo to pay mo at onot, that I may bo eb liborty tu ostracised myself away from this anntod land. Xivor will 1 come book to Austrnly Ulli am demi."

Melbourno 1 tospltal. Two doctors tn conversation, smoking on tba hospital grounds, about Vi p.m. Ono the hospital surgeon of oxporienoo, tho othor a nowly-tledgod young assistant. .

. ? " Well," said tho senior, " how did you get on nt tho Supreme Court tu-dny, In connection with that

murder oaso Î"

"Oat on 1 I never hud such a handling In my lifo. Tho barrister tor tho defendant was onu Lyndhurst ?landslip, n lying, craven omi. When I weut np for my last etea voce exam. I sweated, but lt was no- thing, to to-day's work whllu umlor this lawyer. Ho ' tried to shako my ovldonco In reference to whore the

doccosod was futility wounded. I roplied over and over again that tho late Mr Ugcssargin was stabbed twioo to tho right of tho modicnl line, and a short distance above tho umbiiUous. At lost ho got up to address tho jury. While so doing, ho had tho effrontery to say,-' Lcuruod gentlemen of tho jury, honoured nutt rcspcotod cltkousof Molbourna. man of minds of great acumen, perception, and penetration, you aro gentlemen who I know love truth for truth's sake, HO I was not nt all surprised when I saw tho blushes that mantled your chocks at tho rep!los of this doctor from tho Melbourno hospital. A physi- cian who would tell you In a whisper that ho waa, and ls, tho house surgeon ot that noblo Institution, whero many cuter and aro ntouao sealed with.Ute nross of death, he would, judgiug by his evidence

ay, .tell you, as ho rubbed his beardless faco, he was tho Alpha and Omega of the hospital, when you know suoh would ho n lio. Ho may bathe tall, but ha ts not tho head. Hut you will say, gentlemen, that every dog ls allowed to wog his own tail. . True, gentlemen, but tho poivor is not tn tho tull, but tho head, for It It wero not so lt would bo a oaso ot eirtute ejicll. So tho hoad ls ri* rlfn. Now, rontlomon, wo have the medical embryo, who from hts self-lmnglnud high and noble calling-ono wo should think ns a person who would shudder to stain his fingers or soul with tho unclean thing -perjury-another Aelinn, ono who would out Herod Herod, by putting to tho blush Ananias and Sapphira, os I will show you in your already formed, opinion*, You looked at htm ns no first

ontcred thc witness box, and thought- becauso you yourselves aro steeped in truth-that you had tho very soul of truth to deal with. As ho stood before yon, you did not at thal moment think ho was about to swoar falsely-play Slr John Falstaff, or act tho son of Bollol. What were lils ropaatod words-words, gontlomon, on oath-wards that rang again and again through thu court of purity-words uf a very Mepulstopholoi-words that would oausd an unborn baba to blush, a street arab to slink away In awe. a gutter-snipe to throw his mouth ajar, a poor fallon sister to shudder tu horror-words that caused thu recording angel to leavo a deep blank on tho pago a« ha wrote, for tho vary .Ink In his poa-withered perished-nt tho wants, t asked this unblushing, ¡rot downloM jT2ou!apla», over and over again when r* Mr Ugessorgln was iwntnrdod. .X.asked,him agni!

and again, so that lid might correct hts untruth This, gentlemen, was my only abu. Yet what wai his reply-bbl hanlihood, perjury 1 Unblushtngly tho' you blushed as n maldon would ta tho oyo browi -with Ali features as coot nnd ' placid as if cut fron lnnrhlo-ho hud thu audacity to say that tho man wa twice-mark you, gentlemen,, firicr-stabbed to thi f> right of tho medical Uno, and a ney short distanci

abovo tho umbttllcus j am) yet we have ampia proa from a seora ot unimpoaolinblo, perons that Mi Ugessorgln was iionlarded to death tn a gambllni e> saloon. ^Whnt kind of ovlrtcuce of swearing do yoi

constdof tills, gentlemen I Can you fora moment-. . / At this moment the hospital porter ran up to Ul

' medlonl men, saying,

" Wanted, gentlemen ¡ person brought In to til ncoldont word. Compound fracturo-Important com Presence wanted, gentlemen."

Tho two medicals hastened away to Uto acalden

ward. - ' . . ? .

"Yes.Frldamls right t a oaso of compound fxaolni of th« thigh, flow do you fool my man I"

-"?Well, gentlemen, Just nt prcaont I feel Uko I If I had escaped from scylla, to fall tuto tho hands i Charybdis." , . ? - v .uliWhat doyen mean, slr I for yon aro not In an dallier that you should speak so." ,..

, fc",My mind waa only running' on certain events thi

happened tho'last few hours. So ft has been Oaarybdls and a Scylla. . Bat enough, gentlemen please proceed with your work," » >

Two dtn alte the ihof« In UM koapital.

.Pardon at, If wtoawiwlli, bot a« y ou not Hi« Hnodfiip, fmn Mi« B.'a Wi« College Î"

" Yes, «ir, I un Hi« Haodalip ; but «%/1 mk how yon know a« Î"

" Well, one «ray ky report« I kare heard In the «ard ot your modnas, aad Mi« B.'a kindnesa in 'visiting the ra Uer, ta. I Ikomffht I WM not mutaken,

thooroo are limerai ly, I am told, aorjompanied by

*. 4>M tray, yon «y. A« I to understand that there ia a not hr reason for you knowing- me ;"

Well* mau-'selle, ladiea who go to oonoert* and take leading parts are easily recognised tn private."

Well put, sir. But-but I think you havn a stronger reaaon, I feel we have met before. The tone of your voice H tiri kc« rn« ; you accent ia in aome way

familiar-intonation of voice. Where or when I have met you I cannot remember.*1

" Trouble not yourself, fair ru aug lady. Melbourne ia a hm all place. Wc may have mot at acme party, bat I think pot. Then in an undertone-" Kx mtv"

Hebe caught tko phrase, aud quickly replied, «* £mv mto-whmt vow /"

.* Nothing, nothing ; I was only thinking-think* ing, tut I He helpleaa here."

"I wish 2 oould re mc <n bur where we have met, air ; vour voioe and enunciation remind me of some one, but who I cannot tell, and further your knowing


11" M i UH Hindf lin, allow me to nay-aud be content with my reply-thuin ure bullee,, and ladies.

" Well, «ir, I suppose I munt l»o content. How did you meet with your occident 7 Knocked down by a cab, the head nurse tells mo."

"Yes, it was a lucky and unlucky night to me. Firnt 1 met with a very Scylla, and euoajted ; then going from that danger, I fell under Charybdis."

More enigmas, sir."

"Yes, Mil« IIuntLdip. but uneaplainableat present. Remember what your great stage writer says-1 There is a divinity, icu,' "

"I am glad you look at things in that light, ! for in the words there iv an acknowledg- ment of au overruling merciful Father, and the immorality of man-that oar life here ia not mere chunco, Imp-hexanl, but the whole eat and worked for un end. There is a deup meaning in Shakes* peiire a word«-deeper than we think at first glance."

After some farther conversation. Hebe left the ward.