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Chapter NumberXXIV
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Full Date1884-11-15
Page Number6
Word Count1475
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Newspaper TitleClarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 - 1889)
Trove TitleJohn Brown and His Dog Faithful
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Hobo waa horror-struck when she saw tho wan, ghastly, death face of John Brown. Her blood seemed to ourdie lu her veins, when she laid her warm hand on his loy brow and felt his pulseless


" Dead t Oh, (}-1" she moaned. Then she gave one loud scream, that vibrated thro'igh every room in

the house.

" Dead I dead I and I never told. Oh, Mr. Achates ! Mr. Achates 1 Mr. Aohates ! why did you act so I Dead I No word of his illness sent to rae ! Spoak ono word Mr. B wn, then I am willing to die tor you. Porhaiwyr.u hive been murdered-poisonod in your bed. Help un Faithful to track tho guilty, uud tho' it bo Mrs. leheart yea, my und«-justioo shall have its prey. Wo, it oannot be death by tho hand of an assassin, for you Faithful, would track his steps, and wreak vengeance on his head. You would not sit quietly by, as you now do, appealing to me, if

your master's death was unpunished. Oh I may bo j you have dono your work-draggod tho murdnror down, and orushod him in the throes of death. Lot

rae BOO your mouth and paws, for the blood-proof of I your work." Faithful hold up ono paw after

another, and put his noso into her hand. " Ko |

stains, no blood I Yet your master is doad-dead alone I Died alviw ; unoared for all but the true, faithful canino friend. Mr. Aohates, Mr. Aohates, where are you. Fidim Ae/iitct, Mr. Brown called you at times, yet you ara not hero." Wringing her hands as she spoke.

Tho landlord of the hotel, on hearing tho resonant scream that rushed as in coming waves of tho soa, through the air of evary p»rt of tho house, rushed from the bar, followed by his wife, and a host of

menials at his heels.

When they reached the room ot death, they saw a sight that most of them said that death alono could


Thoro stood Hobo by tho side < of the dead-goner ally with tho firmness of aa Admiral Crichton, an Esolalrmonde, a Catherine de Mediáis.' Bah I Why mention tho true, the honest ¡ Hebe in thu samo breath as tho voluptuous and murderess Catharine do


Yes, thero stood Hobo, ' looking' on tho faoo oE tho dead-palo and death liko as a.marble statuo, tho light of the lamp roilootlug on the perfeot foaturos, tho porfaot and delicately ponoilled eyebrows that restod on tho whito alabaster high and broad fore- head. Dark eyes, that botrayod intense fooling, pro tooted by long black silken eye lashes, that lookod Uko guardian ungols proteatlng tho beautiful orb*, the dilating Oreolan nostrils, trombling Madonna lins, and dimpled chin. All, all adding their share of beauty to the uulquo face.

But oh, tho agony, tho waves of: intenso feeling that wore surging through tho heaving bosom was hoart-rendlug to the spootators. '?'.

: No sculptor or ? painter oould have transfixed or : transferred every lineament of that countenance.

Tho famous Grecian sculptor Praxiteles ; or ' tho , Phidias of Frauoo, Jean Goujon, would havo fallad

to delineate the expression - of thoso foaturos. Raphael's brush, or Miohael Angelo's hand, would havo fallon listlessly by their side.

, Tho dlshovollod hair, the piteous look of surging agony, tho huge Newfoundland dog sitting on his haunohosnoar Hobo, looking up Into har face, giving overy now andagainalowsoriosof whiuos-plaintive orlos-gavo Intensity to tho soono.

Tho brunette, looking up. saw tho gaping, nwa straok landlord and sorvants that nearly filiad tho

room. .?' > ?'.? ~ .'. .? .

Rallying herself by an effort bayoud dosoriptton, sho spoke with the hauteur of a vary queon. "

Mr -, what is the moaning of this, pointing to the oorpse. " Mr Brown dmd, and alouo | No word sent to mo 1 Explain, sir. Was ho poisoned, assassi- nated ? Explain quiokly, or I lot loose tho dog (Hobo, had taken hold of-Faithful, for ho had'given a suooesslon of deep growls ns no saw tho peopla press forward). If 1 lot him go, ho will slay you for your nogleot and the death of his master.. Speak ! Aro you deaf and dumb? Speak, or the dog will do his work at my bidding."

All the onlookers had lost tho power of speech, for thoy were so awed at what they saw as they entered the chamber of death.

Tho landlord knowing the powor of tho bloodhound Newfoundland, was terrified at Hobo's throat. 'With a guttural sound of votoa he spoke, explaining all ho know of John Brown's illness and death, -

Why Hobe had not boon informed, or what passod botweon the dond and Aohates, he statod ho know not.

Thon ho wont on (gaining courage) in a melo- dramatic air, gesticulating, as ho spoko, In a way that would have donoarcdit to a Parisian, - He related how Faithful had sorvod the lynx-eyod physician.

Hebe, as he proceeded, pricked up hor ears as lt were, and listened with rapt attention. A deep thought was pnoing through hor mind. When ho concluded, sho with straining eyes flxod on him, said : ..

" Please repeat what you have said about Faithful and tho physician, loavlng out tho Shakespearean traglo portion ; for remember, slr," emphasising with marked omphasis, if I may so speak, tho word,1 slr,' " wo aro not in a thcatro, but tn a mourning chamber -tho very chamber of tho dead-whioh should ba as sacred from all theatrical displays as a tomple of tho Most High."

With this rebuff, tho mastor of the house replied :

" Ploaso, Miss, do not look at me in that way. Thoso oyes of yours I cannot stand. Thoy go through and through ma; that burning look would mako ovon my wifo tromblo, I novar folt suoh searohlng oyas bofore but onoo, and that was whoa I Btioko to tho doad gontloman about your mother and Mr.


" Proceed., »lr," was tho stern reply. *í¡ Ho did proooed, and tho horoino listonad with that olosoly-wrnpnad Intensity of fooling, so beautifully Sourtrayod tu that descriptivo Fantasia "Jessies

iroam, when Jesslo Brown, tho wife of a corporal at Lucknow, stood up with hor hand ralsod, and her hoad bout forward in tho attitude of listening.

Whon tho recapitulation was endod, Hobo spoko as If lu answor to a thought that was passing through her brain.

" Yos, Faithful would not havo aotod so, without

his instinot-whloh ls ovor true-had told him thoro was a causo. Yos, I would, aa my guardian has oft romarkod, trust the Instinct of Faithful boforo a human being on soma points. Either Dr, -lias poisoned him, my doarest proteator, or olso ho is --." With a quick movemnnt sho wont on :

" At once, Mr.-, hasten, your»cif. Lot no servant, however trustworthy, do tho work ; but go yourself on horsobaak for tho bast loading physiotan In tho city, and bring htm at any cost, Toll him our

friend is-." ? '

On flow tho words from her in a torront, as tho rushing stream ovor a cataract.

" Rldo for your Ufo," - Than, turning to tho noble dog," Faithful, ray dog, that snvod mo whan but a ohlld, I road what is passing through your brain. Yes, It shall bo dono."

"Truly, lt mat brain-reading.

Tho onlookers worospell-bound-awo-struok at her words. At last a hushed murmur went through tho


." Tho poor young lady is daft-mad. What doos Bho


Another said, In a louder koy,

" Insanity, holy mothar, has ovorlakon tho lady ; hor brain has given way. Holy mother, help in this hor hour ot trial. Sho says the dead gentleman is -,"

Hobo heard this mora, than stage whtspor, so spoke,- " ' '.i.-.'

"No, good friends, my brain is clear. I am not strtokori by tho hand of insanity.' I might booomo insano if you do not oboy my behests. You asked God to help'mo ; yon holp me, than, by marking and praying. Go, leave the room, kind people, and pray

to Qod to give me strength. Away, landlord," crapes tiling her words with a geatle stamp of her foot, ga

atoaos." i

He was ot as if his wife were at his heels, as he afterwards declared, when telling his boon friends of

the whole matter.

" Queen (Victoria-being a cockney, he would say Winegar, having no V in bis alphabet-is not more haughty, impervious, when her monkey is inp, thia

Hiss Hebe."

So said the landlord of the hotel at Kew.