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Chapter NumberXX
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Full Date1884-10-25
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Newspaper TitleClarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 - 1889)
Trove TitleJohn Brown and His Dog Faithful
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? ....»?...'«.. J" CHAPTER XX,. .," .". '"" .. I




Eight o'clock a.m. Scone-à breakfast tablé,' pro*, aided over by a orano-ncoked, puffy-faoeddaughter of < Eve. She sat at ono end of tho table, while her hus- band sat at tho othor >U-(;W/IP end; sipping oolloo with a faca bf á'gorillá'shapoí arid yellow jaundlco colour.

HuATjt^ifcnthoryi oyobrows stood over tho "almond' oyos; tho recoding, gorilla , head was firmly fixed on tho short, fraokled, pugillstla neck | tho large Clilm

piintoo's oars rested olí ib6* shiri? oollar ¡ : the groat projecting, jaws, .and . noaTT ¡ -'r-s/ioomplotoí rthe

'Blngulnr, hideous aspect ot tho bonodlot, as ho sat ogling his'wifa over tho cup,- as he -sipped hia'ooffe*. " ¡Tho conversation was not of an Eolian harp nature." Tho coolug.dovo daymhad.,.flQd-flod to the .nether world-lied tho day-tho vory day .tho two occupiers ot tho broakfast table lmd-boon.mado ONE-fled

.almost nt tho'hymeneal altarrj Tho proverbial thirty days, or twqnty.-elght, worOjSpoB "w/«ni,tho orango blossom and white gloves wera puton-tm laaviLg tho ohuroh,, [ You* attliOjvety doors ot tho soared edifico this man and wlfo had sattlód.dówn to /à'vti,' and thoso foots woro adamant-stubborn things, banish-

ing tho corona'of their hopos'i' tho'luminous' Aurora Borealis-tho raorr^danoorsof tha'Shatland Islos gonn' boyond rocall; " Tho''bruit 'ot dnplloity had

brokon through ; tho idol, (love bah 1), turned out to bo but nNohushtan-a dragon.that foll beforo thu; god /net. '? Tho three letters' IJ.S.D. woro revorsod, transposed-debts, sorrow, lachrymose Each-man and woman-lind been enehred,

.Tho following is a spoolmon of tho usual, gonoral,

regular convorsatléñ-yest'fogular ns tho arrival and' departure of tho lmtohor's or bilker's cart at a honso.

Oh I that I had novormarrlad ; you jelly Ash, you groou-oyed monster ; you hotchpot. Bah 1 Pugh I your numo will denoto yburcháraotor, you Tartuffe,'' hissed out with burning face. t ' ' , ' ' ' " 1 ' ,f

Tho benodiot, with both elbows resting on tho Ubi o holding tho oofftc cup botwoenJits two hands on a lovol with lils chin, continued for ia ttmo looking ovor his cup at thó 8poaker7wlthTtSö.tanlb emile on

hisfnco. j ' '".' ' < . '? '.'i.i/.!»'J j

.wu Wall, painted Josobol, your tonguo wagging as usual. I reciprocate your words. ' As to tho bonds of matrimony, if yon nskod mo i-gain to-marry yon, I would cry Ijiäii. \ Your forrot-oyed brother and you hoodwinked ma.,. Aa to .my riüpÁo'lt'fltsi your pharaç-. terlstlcs well, I don't wonder poor llandslip dlod, and little Hobo do tos ts you.'' Psycho Llttlahoart I Why, tho names woro'mndo |f6r'you'j'you aro the living representativo, my'crano-neokod wonoh."

"Oivo;mo ray money, and.I.will,jrp, you dotard ; you-you-you- missing link,. I hato you with all a woman's hatred. Givo-mo my £900, and I will loavo tho housei to-day." ", ~ " 1'iwir mono)', Psycho J" Llttlahoart' putting .his head forward,- with . a loar on his couatcaanoe. " 1'tiiir money 1 ? That is good. ? I koop that fbr your board and bilging, rind giving you-whon. I cannot holp it-my company. You wolL stockod your ward- robe out of poor Hnndsllp's pursa boforo ho dlod, so you havoall I promiso you will got from mo. Yes- terday* you wanted a servant., '. A Soryant in athreo. roomed houso I. No, no. Oq on doing what yon oro fitted for, - Cook, chambermaid, honsckcopor, wita nil in ono-wi found Co. in ons. ' A cheap way to live for mo. Attend to tiloso duties, and I will order what I think necessary for tho houso. -If that- won't-suit you, thon takoolthoi tho front or book way.out of thc houso, I can continua to dina whore I generally do, Psycho;'I would' not give a toss up for1 you,"

" You bruto I" throwing a cup nt Littloheart,

" You bruteas 1" ducking hishoad from,tho thrown Oolloo oup.-'

"I-hate yon,". Psyoho shaking her fingor in a raonnolng manner nt her husband, '

" So say I to .you; Psycho," with a grin over his faoo from cor to eiir. ,'.f, , i , >¡".j,' '

' " Do you know what Lyndhurst .was cooLorjough to tell mo tho other day, that ho played follow my toadcr with enoh of ns' to sorve his.own onds'fthnt ha know I was out at tba elbows, and that, you woro a drag'on him.' Ito had tho effrontery to ask mo to pay back that £100 you borrowed from him tho first day he dined, at. Tempe Houso, and tho fifty yon screwed out of him for your wedding f nuncan, Tho - fifty, he said, ho waa quito willing to forego, because

yon woro married and off his hands; that getting quit of you waa the bast stroke of business he accomplished that year, So much for Lyndburst's ' 'opinion of you, If Hobo spoke her mind, shs would . 'not give yon an Al certificate I but she is too true to : speak .behind your back what sho thinks. Ton tried I the ehapertnUi lay wlth'hor-tho dodgo by toting

? Ml .?«?; IM« llr'JMIfAjM' fHM. 8ha ka«« jtm «rar* actisr only a diabolical part. I

?kail ntrrar torft har look tba but Majaye» Mai it« ba ¡ tbat look ««Ii her« «est a *<>st'<a °n BM beam «ada. Bat aaa ara tooi hard aa ai, UssasIMe, callo a*, to feel anything bat a «lip la the face ; in one word, yon are a oaakfl ha «aa: s^aes,'and Hebe

know« it

" Very complimentary, Mr Littleheart, I reust «ay,"

spoken with ia 'hitter «nita. : " But wi«* .!* ta'M ex- pected frees auch a brutish individual. A Hottaasot

-an Esquimaux would treat a wife better, you' phlegiásücal beast. If I were nut a strong-minded

woman, your language would, caa^e atatt'al atrophy.''

" MintU a^ropb, I Ha, tsvh* ^»¿»¿4/' snrij-.'

oombtnghbnair with hi« hâadi.'- Look here, P»yohe, learn to keep a HUT« better oo«m-wnd of your lan* guage, or else-" . 7" i .

"What, would jon attempt to hôraewh'p mo again 1" rising from her chair, with flash.** eyes.

Bear ia mind what Wu the oinaoqaenoe the lut time yon tried tk>it on."

*. I do remember, to ray cont," which waa true, for Payohe had cloted with him, and horsewhipped him. " So I made np my mind to let nuoh work ont hy tender in fntnre-do it hy proxy, at BO mach for the job. ?No, yon aro too masca!ar for me to attempt such "work with you again ; but t will pan Uh you in other ways, till you witth you had. novtr been bora. 1 will play Pe troon io to a purpose ; either drive yo i from my presence, or tnako you a more wifely woman. It in your tongue that boa mude mo what I am. I would have lauffhod over th* j ok o of being- taken in, about my thinking yon had moro money. If you had be- haved a» a woman, 1 would have condoned thc offence of the amallneHS of your purse. Ai soo* aa yon found out the nfeate of my fin ance \ the day of the wadding, you co m ra o need with your tongue-throw off your

mask-tried to come tho innocent, tricked, imf orin- ' ?Late,-forgetting yon. al no had played » part tn the arena of duplicity. We were a pilr ; so when we paw each other'* baud, ought to have m ide up our mindi--, to Uve henceforth above duplicity. Bul) no, HUoh wa« not your cue. You want to ride the white horno, and you won't. Now, go to your work, while I go and smoke." ,,

With thia Hr UtUuheart walked out of I he room, whi tiingAuld Itang Syne."

. ' . ' » .',..., .'. 1 '

4Sinon last we mot Mr«,. Pandora, «he had given up

empe Houee-lut it to a merchant for a term of

year». ' t/.,".*('' -:' . . <" , . . ?

Mm. Pandora waa tired of sitting in her chair of »täte alone-Li rod of board! og-h OLMO keeping. She threw her oap at Lyndhurst in euch an unmistakable manner, after Psyche's- m arr iago, whoa she got tho batrlatci* till to herself, that he packed tip, and Hod from Tempo Houao. She talked about a breich of

promise caw. Hhe consulted her lawyer about cora-. menoing an action against Lyndhurst, bat her legal advlaer, being a just man. showed her »ho had no case. ? ' i ' ," '.

Hra. Pandora loved tho burrintor according to hor light-a true, but weak-minded woman, tho' »he wa» not so weak-minded toward* old Pandora ; but thon ' he waa only a Mgure-hoad-a ntatuetto, a piece of porcelain, an ornament, an ornamental piuco on « sideboard. Whilo MM. Pandora-carved nt thu head of the table, old Pandora wai content to «lt below the italt, with a beaming, happy face, admiring tho grace, deportment, and beauty af hin wife at-a dintanoe, HU hap tin tu al name was Admm,-mmdho' used to say he never forgot ho was Atinm, BO tried to Oopy the great Adam, in obédience to his wife, by eating what aha gave him without question,

? . ? fro BK CONTINURD.3, i r : - '