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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1895-01-22
Page Number6
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Newspaper TitleClarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1889 - 1915)
Trove TitleThe Best Christmas Box
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I FBAITK rose early next morning to have'a

j look over the grounds before the others i were up. ' Going : to - the garden, however,1

i he ' discovered .that some ono was before

i him. .. Minnie was busy filling a basket with i beautiful ; roses, , in which Mrs. Harte's I garden, excelled. "Frank : stood.; admiring I her'a few moments, and then crossed1 over [ to ' her. " Good morning, MÍSB Irving, i you must he a lover of. flowers, to be among I them so early?".

"Tes, Frank, 1 am, but ? it is for'the children I gather them, as they return to the city this, morning; and why address me as Miss Irving ?" . '

' 'Have we not called . each other brother and sister? But you .are. not'my sister, and I do not intend you shall be, with''a mischievous twinkle in bis eye that she did not notice. , ..

" Turning away, she said " I cannot take to that strange name ;, I shall never feel) at home with, any name but Harle, for I love my dear foster mother as if I were of her own flesh and blood."

"''"Minnie," said he, touching' her,.arm, "makeit your name in a manner!that none can ever dispute, be my wife, darling, and Tvill doubly repay my mother for ..her sufferings, and think me not boasting if I Bay it may make some reparation for . all your years of mystery.. Give'me your, hand, dear Minnie, and say you'will'.be mine. I surrender passionately in-love to; you at first sight, which waB through the


: > She held her hand out, saying timidly, "I promise, and blushing profusely.",. ?

He: drew her to him asid kissed her, exclaiming "Oh, you generous darling !"

" Let us go back to the house now," she pleaded, "fori hear the children's . voices, and I think mother is up.'^

He held ber hand while they walked along. ' "?' '''

Meeting Mrs. Harle, Prank said "Mother, I am the happiest being in the world ; Minnie has consented to. koep the name of Harle."

" Indeed, my children, I rejoice to hear it, but your assertion is open to question Prank, for I am certainly tho happiest."

All went in to breakfast, after which came the departure of tho children,, for a carriage had already came for them. They, were all in raptures with the turn of affairs; each one asserting;that, notwith- standing Auntie's stocking being too small, she got the " Best Christmas box," and so the curtain falls upon the scene.

for all these years of exile. It