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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1883-06-16
Page Number3
Word Count466
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Newspaper TitleMercury and Weekly Courier (Vic. : 1878 - 1903)
Trove TitleClare
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CLARE. [FAMILY HERALD.] CnAPTEa III.-(ContinuedJ) , " My:. dear little . sister," said he," coloring partly from shame -at thb avowal., ' for once your discriminatiodn is ;wrong. You are right in supposing that I want-to marry Miss Ross ; it is the aim of my life, and, though she has already. refused me tiice, I mean to give her the chance of changing her mind. Still,.my fair sister- " " Refused -you ? Oh,uno, IAlgy I" " Clare, she .refused me the first tirme, whitlt youen were still engaged to Strahan, and since your marriage I have proposed again with the same result' .T - "Nellie Ross refused you I"-" She did, and she does." - "Then, Algy dear,. surely you should not force your society upon her by staying at Roby ?" "To tell ithe itruth, Clare, I do not fancy, my- society- is so objectionable after all; and, if she -entreated me to stay away-whinh: she does not-I do not believe I could absent myself long from the little witch. From the first moment I saw her I knew she would creep into my heart." S"Algy, do you mean to say you really love Nellie Ross ? I thought you were seeking her for her money I" "No, Clare," said her brother rather sharply; "I-would not marry for the sake of convenience ; and I do love Miss Ross. Were she penniless to morrow, it would be the best possible fortune for me, for she has fixedly. taken the idea. into her head that I care rather for her dowry than herself. But it's too bad of her, for really, Clare, I mean to try to live within• my. pay. It is a hard screw; still I will do it, if only to convince her that there is back bone in a Courtrae still." "Poor Algy," said Clare softly. "And those dreadful debts that made papa so angry 7" -".Buried, Clare," replied Algy, changing his earnest voice for a lighter one; "the papers are burnt, and the money lenders no longer overawe me." " Do youa mean, it, Algy ? Have you really discharged that mounitain of debt ?" "No, ma belle. Strahan"-your husband--=brought me the receipts on your marriage eve. It was precious good of him-the .more so as he will not hear of re-payment. " But he treated me to a second lecture on ex travagance, Clare- -Nellie : had 'given me one that morning-and he won't discharge another lump, I tell you ; so the luxuries of military existence have gone from my gaze like a beautiful dream." "I dare say," said Clare haughtily. " Nellie asked Mr. Strahan to pay your debts ; I am certain she likes you, and he would do anything for her." (To be continued.)