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Chapter NumberVI.-(CONTINUED.)
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Full Date1891-08-21
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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O'eil WID'Danagh, TIIE IRISH DE2'EC7I?E ; Or, THE STRATEGY OF A BRAVE MAN. --- --,€-,~0 o. t - BY .OLD. SLEUTI. S CHAP1fR VI.--(Cc ivr irur,) Turning about, the onutious nran rotrnood hi hntlrpa for about two huadreid jardd. and then, drawing his Luifo, cut a mntr upulb a tree, . Tu?a, moving along ban!:ard toa'orae the road from whetncouo had started, he markted hin route upon a d.ffurint tree, until the open road nunare?ched. On the border o[ this he woo vtry partlou, lar inl making his In rkho, whlen, oa length, h, onc0 nmore olartod for the tavern. iHa renachd thelatter witIhentencnunterinrg any further adventuaro, and manaed also, to crawl back into the roomn raatl whicho hhad tolenl forth rOIIIn three hourn proviously. IIt orrivad just in lilano o noe:ip observe tion, as dawn eas ja?tl Lrecintg, and tihe uilks arout the te?vru owre ibglnuhig to mova around. Lat sin tie forenoonu the f meo ris!hman who rhad lhad the atru?.ila swill indian Jrok cetered the bar-rocnm. " \'ellt, din yo trove It good breakfatt?" asked the lIndlctd. I " did ; a bully one; and I woos lifhty _-- coming de at rintich a int hour. Ynou're a .good slaeper." " Ilur mo frienr! ov it& night bctn around t1lm tnornlri' 2' oSoh dI 1a. i Who do yourl riuan -rndiaIn Jancu ?" "'Ta that halfbirced chop who got so mat about aot;rig et tnl," " iH has nr.t ben.a tronind; anld, as a blend of )plure, I would advkic you to goe out of this place an qinir as you can, before he comes around," "And whny saould I do the rcamo, mu friend ?" " oualese yot have got that halt Ir!!ion dowet on y tout I tell you re hi a danngrous chap, and sooner or iater ho willdo youl iOeiUi tgrint harm, it he does not muctde you ern. tirely." - W" at reoaon Ihave you to think he would lanrder rnel" ' "lihoausca we know hinl to iha a bad and dinugernls man ; in fidet, ouo of the most re. Vnlgelful and dangrotous ecampgu i the country." What is ili bnosineu 1"' " It is hard to tell," DL )o.nT heia tlay arrond the townehtip the wrholn ycrr i" " No; con tiunle hea iavy half n year at slime, and tho: he will turn up, and very lim ho turns rp a ecilo in coma::itned." " 1to he ve.r ieU prt va:: to have had ally undi lin anlly of thle lcritoa that ihave bCon counroited ?" ." No-alnd thant is the wennit of it tIa i an been tracked for weatakt a tille by dtttntives but they could never true any thing homtuu to ii in, O..ea they araested hiru for havilng a hand in the tohbi:ry of aInrgoe totie; come mirles fronm hcre--ht:t he gnt ouot if it." ' ILo I h been Iry any y tila prei;ous to tlnrdinisapearalon of i.lf.lry l':.i;danilt" ' a do eyol u of knocv about larry S'Treonlall nI" sted th landllord quitkly. " D iu't i hear yces talk about the matllher k. hro last cigit ' ' oun Oh el I loreot,' Preat no loe W t i--h na h bte toon carannd "the best stop tioAtr. disapc?rn nuoe of tIat eltimato of the C-r n ititl here for sin ' propnosed work. Cr. l o'tliought rhey ahlull wou the inmo of if they would get a io young; TrendIll hIowever, it wan unntto? lin, na duhi ' that the Secretary. .vely tiirl hero lMetropolitan Bloard: nowletlging rerl a;::t i]. of a man \an timle, nd tll hn t i' i nod n''npt niar fav inn thit civ liit in tint art rif thoi e eouintry." Anid haic, inloni In he mt.e mi l:?:,i i tr rinn to tin uit e Mlii I lin ? li ,, it brothir, " IIle lit lin'n ninurdoin i nmt a hood re* alolln." Aundt iMr, ''cner- chat ikolnd ov n oralhnnir t?h o i" " You nIe ;.) anod ash thoillseho ht'l t rho ypeople's bulntrs lil:t yuntrrlf i" "Aih I thntii ," snil the, Iri.'hman , wi rth it ood-nntuiral, hlut ,addinl a ItuelitI nt i " WYot d it inu ahnltiing to mnih urlr n ,rh it Il I should nla how oiuch rho bill la for ilhe lodging? and t ieeAfr't t" The nh ill?t r f p l ay Illln n WA pll ill Iy nettnld, mnd rii flr onim fatlh, r tulk, the Irlattlinattr w nt n?u.; not, holi .err, nwi{th. out onlproninhl himIl n ,i-n n thin twltOIwnhipol t--,- id i lil tIU milldundill ootuntry, At the rnlh aiy nstltionll, ai: , i , ho t ioo l pir.'t aultnr pa rln tio ay iIt t it a\ n III io 1ii..n1:1 volllnity tin wani, Ior iin, aInthd t irt h I pni1 ',Id that verry mnml did hiiown ? )\,YI ni thn l' W n ntlighty poor htnoni tout in ti mcity 1t inn t i nt Ir job, i At Inllenth lhoe tra nin ound I r theelly taopped tt thC e iation, i and thIn tillntivi Jrlettinter n t atoin .u Irnt nnntin olnnt nnionrit, he Int111n11 hlhont t nin olfionpItn ouln N'nit lt hla bloWv tllhat it would II,, , lrcula dl Ial over thal tl nnwl ,ip ,hnt n i diteeti, hauId llll ii around. li hnd dm , nt ,sreld that ht woui t have to nt spendli a ou )lllllde anlllll lhn IIl l ---, ianl dolorlnnIud ln roiietll llrl in I lu nlu tlwh h would d Ib above utllnplolul

it. 0:.0 a gt:i rhi 4 thCt Indian t aok ' ".I t r hf Ib d: "ýiolt, and catIe 00.0 :h.: I?l V.;tIo:d of tlo it n :sau had boo e:epilaion. Th'e trlito roaoh?l Ih i lit, and toi D rrath wan pj1.iogi out of the nltion, whenu his eyes fcll upon i'u fami!iar figure. An on lamation tell from hIl llps, and at the oionao moment he pproacheod a young lady, elegantly draeeOd,who was just gotting into It train. " I ay M, i ould I pahko to you for n momentn ' "' Trio laty thus addreaced turned, and her eyes ftll upon an hilhuman, clad in the gorb of a i new chumlll lti.ahitnil gh hnt:-nuemo oyan on the party who awdreseed her, thoe lady naked, in n tlightly indignant tone: " Whatt dlo you want ?" "1 n1an jtst freom P-- , Miss Mat.rian 1 le. tin, rind htv nowa for yo that yo would loiko to hour." Tne girl asit a nuepiolous glanoo upon the man and said : "You ero a ostinger to me." O'Neil mannagefd to catch oher eye directly, nond rondo a certain oignal. Thiuoerl'o t.oe, inlantly became eoproneivo of great eurprine, as she turned and followed the Iliohtnau, who Ihad thus boldly addrenoed her. ItoDorrcrgh led tho way a bthort diotanno aloun tle plastfoorm, wheoo ha said, in a low, quiak tone: SOtlturn tothe oilty. I wllell otuponyon ab onee . O\Vu lttu' ot ba seen talking to ygtiltor." t" t. [t an (exu ted at Ilidge Grove." "N-v:r mind; you muut not go there till I ha .v ston youl. It it to your interest to follo myo inutrluetio.ns. Good day. I dare not linger ne r You leongIr." A0 O '1lil opoito he wa'ikd rapidly away, and was opeOdlly lout to view. To'hoour later two poreons were standing in t!d ,ame pnrluur where thll detentive hoad first ap oeared to Ithheol D..waou, or rather Mlas hi mnn f Etllin, in hib disguire as an old tI'D.arragih once more atood bo!ors Mirss E.anloo ill tho same dioguier. " You have boon to 1'"- ?" said the lady, enxcitdly. ". have." "Did you gain tany information?" "I thinti that your lover atill live, and I t;novr that his doesertio of you wan not voluntarily." "It it unuuooaoary to tell me that. I have told you boleforeo I would not believo in his faltehood unless the adtmiocion came Irom his oown lipe. Neither oircumstanoes nor baon oohargep from any aouroo would over d anioo tmy confldenceo in Iis honour and d lealty." D ;i 2. a "tMrs. Turner was hera 6o see you shortly afite I l?t, you yesterdayt" 0 " Yee, ho wasi here." " And wanted you to return by a cestain ntrioo' Tihe girt displayed great surprise, as beh 1i cxtlaialcd : " WVly, you must have overheard our con. veraz:tioln no you appear to know all that oe urrcd." " No; I was not within many miles of .0 this house at thet time Mrs. Turner wee htre. But come, tell. me sumoning about * that lady." C0 " I know but little about her, although I Shave lived under thile samo root with her f)r nlore thnti two yoarle." 1 '" Di you klow what her maiden namen "I do not. My guardian married her euoldenily, and broughlt hler hnmao. I did noe know that oie ven cont^muplatd getting "l'ion you know nothing nbout hlort" a oiNtothig whate.veor; only whist I havei d n of he i h ar sinc e hns been my guardiau'a wite." " 1 am very glad that tho is not a unearr onaneutiol.'.t "Doa yuo honW aughIt concerning herel" Snskotd ieu n Elolin. ti ,. koowr conoiderablo concerning heo' "Wnnt was her mnidoen name?" "I1 will tell you somu day; but let me ask .you ono quo.tlon-did you over ouapeot that n your glurdisa,'d wiflolctl anlythirlg to do with t the Ilaoppel, ranoe of TreUdall?" "Nnvcr." f O'Neil was alient for nmoment, but at last he tliti : d " \Wuld it s:ock you to learn that that woman 0means you hlrmo " S"Youl muot havy boeen eroeodoigly busy durlu the few houro you wore at P'-,' a replied the girl. "loiow no?" SYol hanve obtained suoch a quantity of ifllerauiottun.'' S"W\ell, I chanacd to ltilks the right train of uircumstanoce to learn oonsidelabla tews; r and arongl otllr thingo I have learnied that rwhen Alra. Turner telld you to do one thilg you must do rxaotly contrary to what she tells you." o leo Edolin looked perplexed. Notinig this fact, O'Neil unid: " You meut huao more conidence in ma, Omy donr young lady than anyoneo oleo mltil pyour lover ia ound. h'le I restore hint to you I will rosign my claim," iitas Bioltu walked toward the window, and ohaneod to glance out into the street. An oiohe did so he eoyes rooted upon somo. thing wiuh causneed her to turn exoeedingly pale. 1 9 loving quickly bonok to whoere t~ o deteo tiv wae anttilg, shoe cxu!nimtod in low,exoited toile : "Tih pltty of whom wo have just been epeak:lng ib here." " Mra. Tutrner?" hl'l) cranhl all his eyes over the room ot thlu 1a10e momentIU tihe inkle oi tlih doo..bell wten h?ard. "I will ti: Into the back ptrlour," sati he. \'thih~ pIl n l:in o o, ithe d t.:oltivu went towAr;i tin lter0 l1r ,lo"Il door, I1 o?d it 11 0l0o11 beoih lL 0iii r. i'l t r ,?s Ui i oI l i ,IIIIn ti e p. rus0 ce of o 0r .00n t 0 ,1000 1010 00r0i l to.1 t1 v eio. \Y v ot iiV: r I cld, r.a i doe, i!. I but holv nw ar ft rty i it :ou th" ho 11lO?.cillu )Ier ) 1 ,0 1, 1- of I , v0 ry lIoc:ulonr Lclor.0 1 lllilll ti LV hout,'ulh oPloit'::r atS thotgylh jet Cho l,:, o thet Io b ;oi ll t lt't . Io. oo le. 0i 0lht , n lior oei ;l oto 00'.1 0 d tcide0lly t l0000 o it0 u t loi tco., .I f(' llt l l i 11t , ot.o 1 110 1 1 t t I r o ). 1 i 0 ft'l,0 I1 IPllllloooho/ llolltltl)olll oolollll l; 010010 \ hO tooltAtto hno h )'zr rlut hh e r,,ly t tlinedt Ihoc hieutlty did not do o nney 0t ith il0 ill d,. tiloo iloli l ( oi)ultl ootI ;ot ol j o o otl' in oi t.ointo. 00 tlhila llr. [luo o libt llt tlto oin , olll l'till t . OI d }eO-.r 0, lotvh d oulr rolldorll woill hI0 rl0 l lt our /Ol t y ieroroor too(t, otit r silth It hlornty olulbtho--t nd O'Neilw?10 toaolhh l h? r.