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Chapter NumberVII
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Full Date1891-08-21
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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?i, ii'iit V ii ii, ilh, dent ulild I y'u Lot lly luopietch alin't you?" "I r.inatd io t h " iinnrt' bti , lol n in in "I rIt Inl n dolvinlit from?tI '- - thil Ininit - h your rtvulva I'l ' "? I Il, I1 , d iltr l lt only % wo 1' 1 ( ominj l o t he Ill( not t1 oulln boom niu fun nil n I w1!n u'n ingi " I did nIo rm olto lo ilullnlutll." 'tt'Otni.ยท

k ' "Well, how it it, then, that I fld youa . here" (3 Is I conuhludd not't to torn a my hor..; I to-day."I S ' \Vhii induced you to ahoug: your mind s o qaickly " " I do not ohao.a to give any reason fur hit Ianging my mind," g T'la.owan said in tones of oy coldners. g Mro. Turner could not haveo ailed to notice this fact, but shel did not ,betray hers.lI by ar changi?gl her ton; on theu ontrnry, her words and mranner were sweet and bland, ad hr beo exlaimcd: "b "You +mu-t exausa me it 1 oftiaded you by ankirg,aipecially n I with to Anlk a favour of ;y you." n Mariln unaid nothing,. Inhernaro wore'cbustantlyi r;iingO'Neil'o admnoition : o. "You muot do just contrary to what Mrs, to Turher ath you I" " I want to share your room with you, my to doear, for few days. I no detent going niono to a hotel." " I have not decided hut that I shatll r*. 7, turn to Ridge Grove to night." " Oh, do not II atm partioularly desiroue no tohaovo you remain with me a few days in id the city." od Marian's poition was na moost prplexing ono. son hould heu rfuBe thei request ihe would v, betray thatthhra was a reason ?,or her re. fusal. ' .:nBho.wao.nqulokatwltttgd gtrl, nod once aid: o. meroanexoedient uoggcated Rtel and nhn " If you particularly desire toto r ain with ill me, of eour?, I cannut rofudo to akl you to to i nso." ro Thankyou, my dear, I tavr good rcanons for naking to remain with you, ahish 1 can rnot discloso at this moment ; btit believe 0ne, my motivme are good, and it I euoced in a cortain little itlair which I have on hand, you will tbe tbo first to thanka sr me." d Thise wasapokeon in a egnifioant tone, whloh dMarian did not fail to oboerve. SS:ill o:ho wan greatly confused and em. barrnased, and her embarrasoment was in. creasad when tlo 'roar parlor door opened, and the detectivo, in the disguito of an old mant, etalked into the room. lMxrian uttered a low scream of terror, ad when she was immadiatoly reassured by the deteootiveo, who passed a signal to her, and re* Dt marked in the ooollet manner: ' Ah I exuna me, lady ; I was not awaro that there was any one in tho publio parlor; in if you will permit me to get a book I left hero, n I will eanve you alone again, with mny most or humbleapologiea." or With a trombling step the old man tot. d terodaoross the room towards a table, on which lay aomo handsomely bound books. My oMrian was aullioiently shrewd and quick. witted to know that the olinoer wiebed to communicato with her, and she atopped to. in wards the table, saying : "Caon I not naliet you. in Gndiog the ai book 7" " Oh, thank you I" answered the old man. a. " Yes, you may ; really I hava got on my at wrong spectlclto." - Atlhe detectivospoke, ho laid a oardupon of the table, sening flet that the girl obaerved to his motion. At the same moment he selected at a book, and tottered back toward thil rear parlor door, andt left the room. S In the meantime, while tbo detectivo was or makinghtidexit from the house, Marian toad managed to glance at the few words written to upon the oard. 0 " Urge your friend to remain. Come out or during the course of al hour. on " Mo-" Tg Tao above ware the worda as Marian dcot. towards Mor. Turner changed at once. 0e " Who was that old many" unoeod :a .Mra. Torncr, audsielously, the moment the detectioe left the room. 1- "You must routetber that thisais a publio boardiang house, and this room a common r parlor. Any one has a right to cooltin hero and I havenotobacu a relduot of thehohoe . long enough to have become acquainted with all its ociccUaont," was the equivocal atnd ingnMious reily. k This answer anlpeared to antiaty thi in. q irer, and a moment later, Mariain unit] : "We will go to my room." "I do not liteor that I had bettor remain," said Mra. Turner. " You do not seem glad I of iay canpaany." h \\'hin 3anat a oouo hlto could ba ns plea. nant and ao allablo as any one, and in a few tmomentl solt mnadoher friend fdol at homoe, or rather ecem to boso. The two women had been in Marinan' roo0m about an our, whoen the latter said: m You amut oxauso me for about halt an hour, I have a call to make." Mrs. Turnatr's aco showed that thli an. noancement did not pleade her, but under tie oircumstance she rhad no right to offer Sny objeotion, and a f uoe tomoeuts later our heroin ptasced from thu house. A fuw blookb from her reolidncm she, was aceasted by tlhe detectivo, who said: " 0 utm glad you have aule ; mattela ar0 reeo'.iiig at clmax; we must be brief. I I hnv ome in3truaoeous to give you, nt d then SI must away. Your guardian's wiho has aomo to stay with you for a purpose." " So I nsUpect." "''o you ouspect her purposu?" " I do not, exSotlv." " You mudt inot he startled if I tell you her purpooa a htptly," ., "1 will try lot ito t." Yo our (,uardian, in case of your death, would ihllhit iall tile property with which She is now intrulted i" "Yes." " \ell, remember, no hrrnm hall come to )oi, inio',attet r whai t rnay be intl ,enid ; but l It lnt. t.iitit w,3mut i, wits i, nlow your it0es:, woul tot /c 03i3ta )t env. e 0l 3 to g3 ain aurat etnJey for bar knhboid I" I . Our lir.t duty mut to to Iltl Itlrry 'T'rcm. I."l ,113,n 0 ot 11~1 him3 , th.y 3 r. e 3t 3 'ri33,3 , ! 0 to t m n y, nuiy II 1 l ill o1 t lil-, to t." Y"ui noir in: dil :t;er, M3 ,i 3IL?lin3 , and on an?nt nu,, fullov my directionn tb the " I will do to, 30 laloltlhou I thinor you over. Itnc eag r Onal drin 'r.," i I tI(3 13'3,3l : t 3'1, 3, II,1] Iiuny oi 0 (tI 3rl 1r p f it ,?oa,,e ta n . ) .; t ',! citri lco toa l:cd m,: to ,-r Pn~r, ' for h I' 3tI l l r of 3'3n ti 3333:Cl3ie . 1)t tr3l l,, lily lb3 nt , 1:hilt 3 II }r,231 t W: lto.t. \,t 3 r ll 3n3? 3 l :3.t 1 cco ll,:,t333 3 113 t. 1 rl 3 tr3 r t :) ant~y ln . 1cur I or ttl t ylut ttll r t t3tn to 0your h;3nt, it l 1tl ! l)ro n t il yut lava1 tl en l01101e tIutl illl, Ia tt il t ler :t rt t,).t .la.,l ht... " \Whdt 3X03.o 03 [3 ti 1 olm'r oo not rtiollni i 3l;, t 3 i tit ( r ivt,3 3"3 " ' I r O:II 03303Jll 3 3y l 0 3 litti 33 } 3ll 3yett3 ill 3333lll3,3tl|3'333+.3 13'3 } 3i133'0333i}3 3 l3lll3t031331O 0ith i33i3 33t t r3 t O 3i3(l? u 3 3l3r 333'o3l3tt33o3i' ill , ':t it.u ott, tud ol 1t|l 'Xee lth wJlut- I e','tlr rratlH Iel Iots ay tellytiall to nilly Ce Ia - 3li33il31i03 nt'l I I3 1p3 3rti3ll3' in cl33u3 fr 1 ll 3330, 3i333e3." 33" Y 333U 1 .i3l33 333 il a dilliutl t . l;33lli3 for I13ll to i ld3.y, 3 3 '1333 colol0r ril3d133 tuti l0arii'3a lt'Iovely fti t3s 3 o nlh i XU 3in3 33, ''3'n 3 Ulov 33333 3 ell w3il3 13 hoar 130 1333 331h1.r ohj' utiont(l33 1311 1r03 lily lp 0I,3Lo31311y C3l0l33 ' 3 310t3 3h133 3 0 hlent y133 3 l3 y 333, t[3l3r 033h1i3l , a3 3t33 ab313 lut3+ly l3eC31'333 ry fur 0o3re Stlhf ty t3 0 3tyou3 3333u l foLh1w 11y diroothl3 . 03t 3o3 3t3 h bu irat3htr ]lard it, 3ft0r re03t333(3 l1 0rry 3re tialnl, 3 33,3ho,3ld have 3 t teli 33 3 th 13t 333ll3 33[ Jiila 3I h fulh, l you l aIldtt l itl 13t| i hIIv3 t 1 ytlll 03 tih 31 ult( (0 Colhl0)t 33o tn

a fur ti abductlion of [Larry Treindotll wan Icmri|l:y a plelimviuoroy I ove in thie w.ioud I ?e:: au to rou you of yeaor itnhlit d " I oannoa nnderatond how I" " lis reputed deuertlion o you would fur. f nilh a imotivo for you to destroy yourself ; and if you were found deiod the public oould eaeily hb made to ?iellive that you had comn :o mittednuicidu in n:inoment of disappoint y ment and do, psir I":. : DI -you really believo so fearful a crime to is contemplated?" ' - . tldo : Mroa. TurnIr could step at noth. Seing In gain yeur prnprrtly." ," It they will neotter nPrry to' methey can hove It all," exclaimed Marian imn. patiently. SNo they con't," retorted tile detective, decidedly, adding: ")olu just follow my e. directions to the laltter, end let meo alone, and T[arry shall be returned, and yourestato iy preserved to you; and what is mere, these to peoplo Will have no chance for working evil upon you." . 'hu officr remained an hour longer con. veCraing vith lnrion. 0 Daring thin time ha gave her directicuns, in nod I Onteodout certain dnngera, which will be duly recorded during the course of oumr ig narrative, Upon the morning fnl!oenng the evento Id which we have dcnotibed, a man, who.o glorb c. indictled that hte mnen ai ie man cnilornt. might have been mll ing ulong th i reoad ao 1"wI"nin' tree:w to e^-.",ii, O',i"- ,Oonoe'.n he the mansion Inowon, ?'a lidge Grove Inouso. ith The Dtchmrun kirpt, ir on his way until to hbe reched the bolt ofr woods previonily described na that through which O'Neil no M'Darragh, the detective, hod pa?sed troe n- nights previous when trackingl the hallhbreed, v Indian Jack,. The moment thoe iadestrinn ed struck the woods hli lessened his speed, and an moved forward at at slower gait, while every til moment hiseycs were fixed upon the trecubo hisright,an though they had somoopecial oh interest for him, or ha was searching for some particular spot. n. I must be near the place where I made e. the marka," hi muttered at at last, and an d, instant later he cried : id ,Yes, they are my mbake I And now let me soe If any one is observing my move 0, mentn." li Taln, coming to a dead halt, he east his e a oyes about in every direction. " It strikes ma no one is around," ho mut* ro tered at length, and nioved slowly through the woods. 0, His movements, an soon as he got beyond at eight from the road, were anythingbut those of a greaorhorn, , , -. S I. His eyes ronmed restloessly anrond, and on his features betrayed a romarkabla intelli. gen0e, 3: k. He m~oved rapidly, although his steps and to actions wore ettalthy, o. At length hb stopped before ' tree,the bark of which had beon plainly marked by knife. he oute. " Good I" he oxclaimed, as his oyea tell on , therse mark. ny Again lie moved forward,and so krpt along, ever and anon disoovering the trees nut in a on similar manner to that before which he had ad frst halted. ed At last he neared an opening, in the centre ar of whichl stood a nudo cabin. He now dropped upon the ground, and for an some momenta lay, still and watched the nd building.. S There wore no signs of life about, and he finally rooe to his teat and oautiously moved 1t forward agein, Thoe cabin door was closed and looked. The man walked around the buoidinng a ti enumber of times, onid at length, stopping In a few iutnleshe lhad removed the ed framoework and crawled inside. Ue The man who hod thus stolen within the aobin had no difficulty in seeing all over the In room. n A moment he stood still, and then a low, re muttering exclamation fell from hin lips, as no hin eyes rested upon home objact upon the th floor. d The floorof thooe cabin was made of boards, which lhad been worn smooth, and they were a" oomparatively whito and clasn, except in one n spot, and on this spot was visiblae a dark, purplisoh elte. l'DarraglI dtopped on has hands and knees " and closely eorutinisod the stain. "It's a hlord.stiln I" he mattered; and added, nn iNstant later: " Great heaven I it's r" human blood I And what is thil?" S As the ,cteotive rpoke, ho picked np fromn o, the very centre of the stain, a look of himan hair. S"It has been a murder, after alll" he mr mattered ; " and for once I have been inob. led." S There reroe two rooms in the cabin, and O'Noil al'Darragh commenced to make a close tinspectioon. 'r lIn thl larger room he found nothing that r tended to corroberate hie fresh suspicions, .r and he prooeoded into the small room adjoin. S In the latter was a bed. .The detective made a thorough search,and a almost deepaired of nmaking any freel die. I coveries, when chancing to look upward, he a saw the cud ol what seemed ty be a canvas a bag or anok protruding from a crevice near the ohimney. IIO caught hold of the protruding end and draw forth the bag. Producing a knife, the detective ripped tlhe r oanvns near the look, and sprung the hasp: the bag ilew rpin, and, an the olticer turned it up side down, several pierce of unle ap iparil tumblcd out upon the floor. I A:nin, in low, distinct tone, thile detective mlltrmured : ? Tlhat ecttlt:i it I it was a murder, after it all I" t Corfilly lie examitnei each piece of rni- n nient, SThere ,;as a pair of pants, p coat, anid a 'th' mitctiilt v:nc a of the fintet ; r.nd what a S...: mo:nrt, thei coat wao n dro-e, root, or, in liother ividoil, tl?in ls O potcrii no in i ununly wisi at biwilh,' lby toIideproome. I For fonIo lino thndilt'atnivo rlotd nid nur- v ivon cd the tilltale clu?:i. p it was nut neceonry for him to ecRroht flttlhcr. i:t o:h:nicoll y tia put the blood-nstained liotelltn b;:+!< in the bi.l, and ioved lowalidO till ouler liini. Ile ha l jiet tLcpped into thel ltter, when hli blonol wa'l chillOd by hearing a voice ex ltandl, you villainl \We irvo aillu ),eu b i'lo'h lleetiive tilotlcd ii n the dirction from i vh lii Ch vlloicin pon'rrll,,d, vtlllmi tin hl s i lnico lhroitgh thie wiindoiv by tiy ith hlie hIol hu i 'In el yes n bltoi'!iln to th face were olani e. idt aln, thu bhrr l o na Itn, n[Il" thei t i l '..t.1 W lov tll ed i. ltr nltthodietolio',,, h Jlly( ,h orl i ro ' i go ie" mwotnll i, nlil, rnild eVNell tu'l irraih ni (ln fc ll l eooneler l latl , ID hlibinl t els brdi)a)ll (lf?r'nCi an/ \ dialretol : " I Vollon I l valn dcr imatter ? ]low yeuii Vet iL 1II I vouIlI oet t.nrtl " iI, I 'rlll thon, you ninrdirorir, or I wllO i iltotI thi top ol yllr hllnd leann of " ,, li i ii itlito nuiii rcd llhioO hn i. ii, ' title no till hold the un ilelntild at the rontr!ien lutclhni tih throu hold a onl Un mi t ehii ll io ,it, beyi " ,a vi i, 00e " Ielak in thelllo deeor udnd ml k hohci a Irl. X " iy tlrntuy I" ilrld oncie, tt's hluiiy ion 1t, ifonllo v him. mI,{ n'tnlli hiI anyihiiing he h i ihou bho inio iirilu I'' tie It I: , lollollO) I I( II Iru