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Chapter NumberIII.-(CONTINUED.)
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Full Date1891-08-14
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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O'Neil I')Darragh, TILE IR'ISII DETEC2IVE ; Or, THE STRATEQY OF A BRAVE MAN. -----+.oo*- .... By OLD SLEUTH. -----+ o,4-- OIIAPEDD 1II.--(Coo?rz'eo,) The lad was positive that he had not lelt the oltloo until the time named, stating that a oloant had detained him; and the youth still further asated thlat he had heaord his maeter remark to the visitor that he could give him no moro time, as he had already missed a train whioth Ie had contemplated taking. romu these faoot, added to other little clues which he had been able to gather, O'N-il Id Darragh came to the palitivr con. elusion that lir. lHenry Trendall must have started for the railway station, and now the only question was, what had become ol him? Thi deateeive, after walking about the platform for awhile, returned to the sitting. S room. Tho man Turner was still there. 3 D.airagli eat down to await develop S heb tinmoepl ioeha3 for the makinguecps, antt er'train,?iud the Iater paecentgre began -"Tr- lgalin the old homenpun looting farmer woe all attention, tIo necencd the I.ieu of evtry one whlo ei. - ttetion wr;a given to the female pasen Alt iecleo'piytbip. wasro rewarded. tin, ' room, and nC cit tiTi rt 4,01 around in echli at oeurie one relwunt she ev. deatly s:,ioetli to m1eet, O'Neil maitally obat rv, d : " Tln is M[re. Turner, and uhe is the she. fined I will have to phty niaiust in this little lifo tragedy." life. Turner eoon found her husband, and advanced towarde Lirt. The latter had been deeply immreerd In the lunmins of an evening paper, and was not aware of liar prseenoe until she stepped before him, From that moment every movement and glane of thtose two persons wes subjeuted to the closest eriltiny. When they entered the train the old farmer followed Il:o, and took a seat near thent- near enough to overhear a portion of the cno. votesilon which, in a lao tone, passed be. twarn theet. At length thie train otorp3d at tihe eation - where the Tretlrre liveid, la'Darragh tollowed them, little dreaming that ere the dawn of another day ihe was to unearth a felrful horror. The residence of Jonathan Turner, where the marriago ceremony was to have been performed, waa seven miles from the station, and the 1rltetive determined from Ihe start to work upion the theory that the murderhld been'oaoiemltidd 'eomnenltre' between the eta. tioi fied 14 lge Glrove, thi nano of Turner's stately mansion. A number of mf n were gathered in the tavern barroom ntpn the eanee aight that O'NIel had arrived at P- .In the midst oi their inn the bar room door optird, and an Irishman,to all appear. anora as Cigreen aa Ochap jitt landed, on. trre.d, tJp in ontering the Irishman raid, as ho asute hiils ewne into a corner : " ?Ie namee 1 Ptt Il iden, and i'm on til e look out flr a jib iherreo he te I but ac I Iov not had the good lck to lied a man that is in want of a loliely chlp loiko Inierelf, I must liad a plaeo iiheroe ou]n turn in for the night," Advancing to he her, he added to the eur. price of lti, nsembh d eountrymen hy askicng overyone to drink, at the rame tiltle plloinin a hank niote on Ihli bir. The rilIt tif I't't poundl note had a very nmgnetllo ill c it pon all ihandlls, and the nimnent otte stpped tolard the bPr everyone Hlaving woirmed hinmsel into their good graces, It denl took a ueat amollgt them,nud was soon lieioingo therl in roard of laugllter by anumeroul eom lo ntoeries, .At letlgth ono of ithe ment rmanrkod "il s ''uricr and hIla ife leave tilh eta. lion thlsevenhug." The Itlalhlnn wne bn?y teiliint to the man lot to in him when thli relnsrk wase ittered, I but the enlinilt e10 hard it he ennaed talkinglt and a look of gveat ilterest rested upoin his t fice. Ile II ilritct did li cnto wilh themn, I sp^,t Ir atd tt) t1lll " r, A no teime'e aeliion followed, w?lcen a thrd inat relu lktrh l; ; " I've heard it whil' ercd. that the ypuce d Icily doe', aiit b:0c l inet t 'ILr lover jileiel lirr, r.ll' llh t li)4'" Ih molnt I I? .li'. y rill titi, hidA that ,I 0 with cihtl lii ," A iflli t ll L1 then ri0uo l t111) d nlla l id, i eaol intn li li?li, " 1'? ti; l ': 11 th Ilt.ere Iren on e arnllld v P'e'ro .f e ilI 1 . II t .uI, llnt llh i tO t0 o whII y )i IIt, 'Ir ondull ?' ' o tis t hnu t toi h L :t tl I iit i l dil , ii p theIly oiwer tiihl 1, ." l\ Wha ct I .oh l r ll ray t' *, l ,,'it irnl" , I" " V , IO I I , 'i. lrOi0r I ? f it, 01 ,1 t , 11 h .l i nwnr , I hwT r a dll on thy: :',,lln y ante "n tl lu rrr , d," " e ? i\itr ll \ ,I i. ) ll a Itiv l?ilel '" Itnl ,ld eun rofi b 111o 1, nu 1"At ... . - ',lhln, I \'€,t1 do-% 1h, rn I 1't ,l hco i Ii I'II cli i ' : ,a 11 0 J3 I teiCuer:ii, uilto ! [I'd e t u l 'n ill re '11o

lth lgi'-l Ulf Luu cr. u at rthe b utluo on t?La nillt." U -' There was something strango about that young man's dieuppearauce," said one who had not before spoken. " TIceo something strange about his disappeLtruno," rerontked another, in n very peculiar and eiguiitcaoat manner; and added, "there it anmething still more mysterious in the wording of the reward altered by old Turner." "What iu there mysterione about the wording of the offer of a reward?" The man who had firat made theauggostion of something atrango hesitated a moment, but finally made answer: "1( you will uotice,ire said that' one thou. sand poundu is offered for the diecovery of flurry Trandall eavo l" W" \all, what is there wrong about that?" camo tle oager question. "it would not do for me to speak it if you cannot sco the point." "You can tell what you suspcol," At this moment another man spoke and alartled the whole oompany, announcing in plain worde :, . "legorma I It's plain enough what the man males I Iat'stat whoever offered thoreward know well that thie man would 'never be found alive I'" ITta epeaker was the Irishman.