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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1891-08-14
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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OILAPTER YV. Theconversation was auddenlytbrought to'u ol?e jby the entranu - of aotrAngeloolok' ing ohnracter. - A sudden hush followed, as though the very pereon of whom the men has been tailsig had suddenly appeared amongst hb in. Tht Irishmen observed this abrupt term inotion to thoconvereation, and at thle same mom:nt fixed his eyes upon the now T''he latter was a tall man, with long, black, flowing hair, ae straight and as coarse as an ludlia's, while his leaturec were a crose between tho eamo raee uAnd Toe Irishman elsed in a whisper of the countryanu sitting neot to him; Who In that Chap '" " Indian Jack," was the ins?er. " Thaey same tobo. aleerd of him around here,' continued the Irishman, in a whisper. *'De the powers I there hasn't been a word spoken sincs he he amo in here." " Well, tile idea prtvatil around here that if young Tlendall was murdered that follow had a Ilaud in iti." "- What ground hlue they for eulpectieg him ?" SIBecauso hie charanter is such that it is t believed that he is just tie seolundrel who t could be employed for eome such dark awork." TI l conversation had been carried on in a Slow, rapid whisper. oDdring its pro:taess, the half.breed, Jack, hbat advanete tso use bar, and had drunk oft a half a tumbler of raw whiskey. s.Ica esuill provailed. No one appeared to have the counrgo to eup rak, when the Irishman once more broke Stre awkward pause, by asking, in aloud u tons: A End yo think, thin, that the young man ye were ,psaking of, harry Trendall ye natled him, was murdered near ihero s ' No onOe made ally reply to this remank, at bhoughl thileaca of some lpresent essumed a pale hue. -- Indian Jao bw. uhet uetion was ked-1"; t1'dfeon standing uslh hilesaee to thu bar and his back to the company, but the r. oomenlo heoard the queetion l)o turned r and tis:d itc 4lareoa black eyes on the Irish Thle latter looked around, in the most in. taut sue rlululr " pJuatblo.tlr*til hie gane rctced n. eon the htll-breed, Natici'g the latter'd frcee stare, the Irish man amlield '. Di you knowv anything about this mur. of aIth eu'u i , ifý 1 in Ihl midst iy af the gathering, i" undl"t t _. o i grCentr consternation thanhan the Iishman'a et eemingly innoescnt quuetion. S All hlands instinetively expeated to eeC Iudian Jal: spring opeon the stranger with d the nauvagunes of a thungry wolf. Inlteld, howsever, nladian Jack asked, in a n bushy voice: A " Who are you l" d " Vell, I am stranger around here, looklu' for a job," d " \ho V told you that there was a young Sman m urdered around herotel askd the Ilnditu, in a quick, deree, tone, and as ha r spakohe glanceld angily around iI the laces of the whate man, intimating by Ills questions . that he suggested it was one of themselves had started tile ugly rumour. "B*agorraI" answered • the Irlashmau, "I Iheard It before ever I came to this splaee." "It's altl l" The -Irlshman showed no eitllement at this plain- intimation that he was aliar, but answered with provoking ocolness : " And it's me impresalou that you could a toll me more about it, me man, ii you chose Ito open your red lips." A yell of passion and rage buret from the halflbreed's lipd ushoe Sprung towards the I Irlishmau, " ' All expeoted that the ualortunteo Irlsh. sman, who had buen no bald In specb, would be completely demolished. Tholatter, however, astonished thun all by his wondedrul coolness and presence of mind, Ere the Indian could renoa hin, O'Nell wase uon his feet, and managed to avdld a terrible blow, which thoeloaming raesal'almod with Ills elelnehued st. ' Danciung aroundsbehind a table, oI Dt..rrtgh eidl : " lowld on;mo friend, what tilhe divil arp yoti making an assault on me for 1" The halt'breed made nous reply, but, with I n bound like a tiger, leaped clean over the table. O'Nell did not Seek to eradothe flllow,but I on thouica ntrary, snoeledI him, and by a marS* velloua txislbitlon of skill and etrenlgth, he velnt the enraged tIdian over his heas. lie arose froma the floor seeming uninjured, t and appaueutly unwilling to take Lhoch lees of anuller toes, tha was not dllS ased to give up the battle, Ihowevrer, Oa the eontrary, he exhlibited a dispolt. Ilan to renvw it In the mustl anguinely man. p ace' I)tawing a elaslpknilo fronm lt a poaket, v itl a blsdo e t least three Iluots long, he n opened it, and prepared to m?slae a more J a parat assault, a Toe Irl shilnnolaborved hs muotionus,and at the inlointiut li savage wasee about to reno b thile usunll, lie waS broughlt to bay by seeiolt i a plctul livillcd at i nle hcndl, The Indiano evilently hal toe flrearno, and i seoognfetd at n ilhbdd that hae .es lit all i. nauVllnago. I 'At lntolltl, till hahulllg hia knife, he moved withs c slow sllding step townltc tlhe door, llavhin ruoaedi tIhe latter, hte oallale unt bounid olld wcl' l;o eit '. I1g orra I ' t I .lliloll thLi lrihii1 In,upni, in tichohloligl thi ii Ill lt, " that hoic hts n Lull hlillll thV h bllo nV Ili l htI lilU it l l llnhic vhinn) e t." Thi U I 1 l001 t renll t wornd t illt o0 'rloatl) 1 iIyI1 Ir v i w w ith to Inlte Illay i'p ly to 'Fhn d.t lcthive how vc'sr, otiettlally lank,! p Mill; ht', bly hi king nIll hndtla to hal e V no anl ti li rt ofl he tnlux fund \ buth ta co ' Iry wi ll mi llllir tui'I I ths I daro tkl.'c .\1 OiI l, atil tiaa t lo ' ico ,iay d v r l thl Iri h inm itn Iil,. 000 he r o 1Ihd tl i " \11ell, t ii c yi , IPUl fondt ( lln nIll to t lt II'l t lllha t nlllli l ' [ I I Iw hl I ll' t nol!, yet II I n .1 J .101 cil Iln w l iiat cillu thui hi ill slllnir 01

deatlis veubutllu lul midbln )uuug lua? )o were talking ahout I" I None of the men anwered,hut they looked into each other'e faces and shook their heads in a rather knowing and signitllant man. nor. "n Come, now," "sid the detective, " ye all uepcct somnthing, hut ye are afraid to rpake out." The men proved this eolclusion correct, no, after drinking, one after the other elunk out of the bar-room, nod made their way to their homee. L loe, however, before leaving, gave the Irishman advice, telling him to got away, or conatantly he on I i geuard, ns his life was not worth n sixoence after having onco in. purred tihe enmity on Lhat heroe, revengeful fellow, Indian Jack.