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Full Date1891-08-07
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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'iLtovetot, O'Neil M'DarragI, THI. IR'ISI DETECTIVE ; Or, THE STRATEGY OF A BRAVE MAN. *o------+* - --- Iir OLD SLEUTII. *---+****-- OIIAPTEII X.--(CoNTrms:n,) 'My name is Turner,' eaid the rich man. * You're the father of the gal the young chop wasoo to have married,' said the pri oNo, I nm only her guardian.' 'Well, sino you hayo taken no much interest in my ease, I'm sorry I murdered the poor chap,' said the prisoner, bluntly. Jonathan looked aghcat. SSorry you murdered him?' he ex claimed. Yoes, sir.' *Borry you murdered whom?' * Youung Trodall.' ' You are crazy, mon." oaid Jonathan Turner. I [ must have been when I killed the poor young eoan, and that will be my plra before 1he court. Jonathan Turner looked parplexed, and his face showed how great was hie astonish. mont. Ion could not appear to fully roaliso that he had heard the man aright, and once more heasked: SDo you ay -you really murderedl the "°-'otnbg' man - . .- - . . - .:-.. .... SYea;' was the prisonor's dogged 're ply. B*1y George I if this tos not the moeet mye. tori one affair I over hoard of l' Again addresaing the prisoner, he ald: I gunes you are anxious to be hanged.' ' No, I ain't.' ' What makes you confess this murder, then I' 'Beuauso it is the beat way to got out of a bad scrape." f Ilow will auoh a conenaion help you out of the serape 1" * It will bring my nooompliooa to my ae. diatanee." ' You had nceomplices, then 1" 'Yen, sir." * Were they as crazy as you eem to be, you poor wretoh 7' S1 don't know ; may be they are.' 'Who were your nooomplioes 1' ' I only had one." * Who was that one?' * A woman.' ' Who was the woman ?' 'iMre. Jonathan Tumor,' answered the man, in the most imperturbable manner poasibn. fir. Turnoer'a teo blanched to a deathly whiteness, and hie lips trembled violently, Sas in a quavering voice, he exclaimed : ,' You scoundrel, ii you ever uttor nuch an infamous slander again, I will chabat the hangman by choking the very life out of you." " No you won't." 1" ho dare you make such a oharge as that!" t, 47 " It's true, and you know It?" " Il's alee, you wretoh. Harry Trendall is not doad. Then how could you have murdered him?" "It he ain't dead you will have to produce him to gat Mrs. Turner out of the eorapo, then I" said the prisoner, in a signelloant tone, and with the utmost eoolnces. "What game are you playing, my lnaul" "I am playing a game to got out of prison." "Ia that all tilhe objooct you have ?" "Yes, at prsr;ent." " Are you tollin it me the truth?" " 1 am not under oath, nor I:olnd to ane ewer. You canl believe what you ileae t, and disablieve what you please ; it snakcs no di£. forence to Ine." ' It may mal:o romo diflerenon to yo-(u," said 1Ir. Turn r, inll I low, oantlide?titl tone. ' Well, what dil'eroneo may it md.n I" " I call ge yo'l olt of thin prilon, nd Rtl stit you out ol the country with i good many pounds in youlr pocket," , ltow tsanty Y" 11 Iiow many wouhl you like to have ?" SA thoseneld." "You mightl have five hlmndred." '' Why are you so willingl to ived five hulse dred i llHarry Trendall ts alive and cane be prodneed ?" "That Is my nflhir, if you and I nar to talsk busineon." " \Vhy do you want to talk bu?insers with "I willtll you vhy. I din not wlish my nlalme, or tile nIlam ol y wil. tssixe'd tupt i thlis nfa ir. Ulerry 'T're ldall, for silso ran. son of 1ist own, e 111111 neni Islis to stis Isids nolf, lnd If he hse paid you to pley lthi role, I will pay youl dnolbhl to ,e slcat bins," " I do nsot blievses yosr story," uaid the prionenr, ln t uharp doilesd tonlsh. " lIe oareful, youl wretch I you maIlly dori\e ine too ftr." " Yst Oanoro fritslto milt , old isals, 11 I I ngllt, youlr wille 11ts1n itt h miet " Theo wordel hatd hardly paoted from the ptinatnor't lilps whenll tlh rioeh man ll pranlll I t111 I cImu and attemptell d to nat::s I i in by then thront, Iln tead oft ris:inil tih pri soI n r, hIe Iva, hslnasll etolght in it s vised lilse itn5lq, isdl hold ait hlllar Itud pis ttrler s?os nt t chrlh Iloachnlg over the dlehelivs whliltClrdin ]h1n nar : " Villiln, ynnr (lin lt h inot n olll yetl, or my OtNIrwA I I I l htllo, untsil youl r sllner'bhls ill i would not ntl a l s?. io A, O'U'ell wbleptied (15OO words, he fhlun

theo mnnn from him ao thlough he had bton a dog. 4, . Jonathan Turner nraoo to his feet. Ilo waoas ood, but not conquered, "I know )ou now, you wretch l" he c?. claimed, ito n hoarse voice. * So mtch the better, you will move care fully now."' At this moment theo goler appoeate at the grated door. " Your time is up, and you mutt come out,'ho eid.