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Chapter NumberXII
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Full Date1891-08-07
Page Number1
Word Count1508
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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Oi,11'T1Lt XI1. lisi. Turner relmineld but n fow eeconide ' l o Ilolckl fromln lic qurclu rn a mln ip. pro ,tcnrd to epiL ? l, to hltr,but olho pvrnodthitn t iirinl anid lijpt onl her way. 'oe..iiii, on i eeingi dieninil, turned and wnllo'd fiwny. Itnl i.0 vldn that tho owiliyiY woato I0' ll 'l l nil t 1 1 1 ilIo g the lm, onti srhn hodt Int t ll p hh1t turi tier tili lloil w ill ti 1111 l n tn el i' m iii noinhlin li 11, ,ii thoitouo,, d, oill iol'toh t o ro ii o ,Ii.lh It ii ' to lilt ( ttoi;I o i sI i . I Il tllll rll l iown n t kIlpt iln hr waiily until ohi reochlie ld te ' in' t down It litt.,r, solts proocedrd to to mot HNn. foty. 1, r, i"h~ \?t of ,'n hu'erd the biot(. a,, dlo not I 0 into il 11 cbnll, but atnyo d Who' '10 h0t 01 iohhoo i ii North tihin1 l|t \vly ioa, Iravt l l id tiThi l It toon ilo ly Ili l o' oitiol, ?I'h, ri' I hl otlo ti hunt11 for the iliyi toi \no driven to a ptlblio lotintoo In otiler i wrun eident tIh t it wa?u not ht:er tlut vimlt

to iho place. as shbo pssed rlght upstairs and by ahoy entered the front room on Ihe coond floor. L Thiu room was handsomely and even luxu. riously lurniehed. As aho eloued tio door behind her, she exialaimed SThlerl I think I havero been as smart as any of them thin time, and alter this I will play their own game against them. ;.Throwing herself upon p handeomelounge, after removing her bonnet and cloak, sho oontinued her solil qny than ' I have been ruonning a great risk, and I am mush obliged to that thickheoded detec. tive for putting me on my guard. IIe had on idea he was hllowing me how smart he was, but he did not know all thire time that Ihe was furnishing me with points that were invaluarble.' At this moment there cmoe a rap at the door. "Como in,' said Mrs. Turner, without rising, A pretty girl entered, and said : I am sent to know it you will have any luncheon, madam ?' No, Getty, not now. I will ring if I want anything. Should Mr. Turner call will you please send him up ?ero?' ' There has been a gentleman here already twice today, madam.' 'Who wan itl' SThat man with the dark laoo and flreo eyes-the one you call the Indian.' 'If lhe comes again, tell hlim that you know I will not be hero until the day alter toemorrow, in the afternoon.' The girl left the room, when Mrs. Turner reumenod hr oolilcquy by so ing : So lndian Jack has been here. That fellow has beern usrlul, but heim getting quite insolent, and his demands for money are in. oreasin'. Well, well, never mind. VWhen all tile other moltters are settled it will be easy enough to get rid of him and his im portunate doemnds.' The woman remainedforover an hour lost in mecditatlon. At length, rising from tholounge, she went to a cupboard in the room, and took there from some oakse and a decoanter of liquor.' Sile had just finished her light repast, when the room door opened and Jonathan Turner walked in. * Ah, you havoe ome,'greeted Mrs. Turner, as sho drank ofla glass of wine; ' YeT and have you heard the news ? ' What nows? 'The disappearanee of Marion has become public, and the papers have made a great rensation out of the double mystery.' ' We were prepared for ouch an event,weroe we not?' Yeso; but I do not like the manner in which our ncma s are handled in the affir.' - Obt 56 Iobah. Yon do not know hall the truth In regard to the handliug of out hames.' ' .' How did you cucoced at the detective ofieer?' 'I sueeeded in finding out that you and I have been supaceted as murderers, and that we have both been shadowed by the detectivec over s?noe the dissapeorance of Harry Tren dall.' 'Oreat thunder I I fared thi. Andtho frst thing you andl know we will be in prison. We must give up this scheme. Life is worth more than money, alter all.' 'Nonseno,. You might expect that our names would be bandied around in this matter; bhut what does that amount to?' I We may beunmasked.' SIt will be our own fault, then. Nothing ean unmaik us but a confeaEion; and if you have no moreonerve than you are now dis playing, you had better go abroad, and leave me to play this game out.' The man appeared to be.a hamed of his display of weakness, as he at onceo aid : No ; I will not leave you. If we go down, we must go down together.' -J Thtiet-isaabeanoe.aof our going down. I There are two things eortain: they will never find IHarry Trendall'a body, and when they do find Marian's it will be in such a manner that no one can possibly be in any way irn. plicated in hler death.' '1How long, do you suppose, before that body will come to the srfsco 1' ' May be weeks yet.' S\Ve will always rest under astspicion.' ' At first i but we can live down all danger. ona suspicion, and then go away and live where suspicion cannot reach us.' All would be clear to mo,'oaid Mr.Turner, 'If it were not for one thlng.' ' What is that one thing?' * I dread the influence and purpose of that mysterious man who was arrested for the murder of ltarry Trendall.' ' Leaving Mrs. Turner and her husband to discuss their chances In the perpetration of their crimes sucersslolly, we will return to O'Neil Mt'Dartagh, the detective. The latter had no need. to follow Mrs. Turner, as he know of the place in Sussex Street, and the wicked woman had her long roundabout ride for nothing. After she had left the detectivo'e's quartero he waited awhile and then loll also. Strangely enough, at the very instant that Mrs. Turner, alter her long detour, entered the house where she amet her. husband, the same old man who had been at 3ies Edeoll's boarding house a few days before was stand log on the corner opposite the place,and saw her enter, Iavinog seen her disappear, the old man muttered: O1 ,', SI thought so I' and immediately walked away. A little later the same old man was ushered into tLe bouns from whieh the missing girl had departed. T'he misotress of the house had been rent for, and entered the parlour. The instant she rsaw the old man she ex. rlaliced : 'You hoave come to enoqiro about Miss l)waron.' Yes, madam.' I loave you heard that ohs left the house ando hats net retllrnd?'i I halve,' Caen you tell nme who is rosponeiblofor her bonard?' SI alc .' The htIndhlldy' manner olhen!rd at onee on hecrirl ree promptly that her board money we :ratI', cld her cirll ll increaensd still furthllr when the Ocld il ltn said. ' io a'rt any a tcpieion ne in e Mile iaw. aoe'~ hcne ty, I will ?ttlo the imount of hier tldechtednees alt crco.' '\Vcl lher eaillt really \lies l)awoon ?' said tie woelne, a brutllptly. S\hliy do you nek tht qlurateinn 1' I Vell, I lhave reson to believe tlhat yoor niece, for ieeis relnoelol, was cLtyinlg here utle r r asclle ld earlnc o.' S\Vhy do you thi' k no e' t1 will inllcwer yollr qnlesooll liresenltly; in tile ielitil, che, whalt i your cpileion of her disapnl earnce l ' Iti i ce Il i cinc l aill e to ie.' We \\'ll, t emiy be aile to taniat you in liud. ing cuti.' I'1'1i! cid lunce n V ii ll ltteeilinee at oene,eled ' You i ill cIl, nin, a 'ror revice; but mrtf, 0l I ci i cl behe, rc, ei will iettlu the nconeey lThi hI i llial y n1acmleii c her late hoIrder'nI i in. t CIbtidn' t, antllld t1he Ilioyoy wal iennclndiltely 'I cli lint ithliel thalt you neiid leil any alRelr at th,1 abcIIIi ce Cic f yoI r eii 'coc it i ni ii ll to n Ctl lllc tctn thii t ellte ahlellnO is Vonli n tiry.' AItll) i iiii eccI II i ho cv,/c, thiOlen citorlioni conmchleitly eccciishcelnid OvNeli ,M'lberisgh, l cic\ho I e l ic IIr'I the paroe lic1 Ilclnll loi tlei Illttlttr iL" i lew hailer bt c i dt tlictlci y Oc , iirli I liii c' 'i1 hlini i thl ktIlor pcli ice Iclor liaoll, end telln l Ih ,,tory.' c clllhaalve cLiiit, t n a i pci oI' f oldllin ry Iote alier, (o n e t miealclI ) i31 5