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Chapter NumberVIII
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Full Date1891-07-31
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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OIIIPTER VIII. The position in whloch the detective found himself was in many phases the most awk ward he had ever been in,during his whole eroefeelonal career.... Caila timeo wd left,, liowvcir f':or him to think matters over. - The man at the window cnlled out " See here, Duchy, it you move a step, or attempt to irfrr any resistance, I will shoot I You must surrender quietly, or you are a dead oman I" " Bfng In the door, boys I" said the man with the gun, addressing Ili roompanions. Bang I bang I bang I hammered the men at the door with a heavy log, which they had secured from a neighbouring wood pile. O:Neil stepped towards the door, when the man with theo gun oslled out : " Hold on there, stand, you rascal, or by thunder I'll shoot 1" Thebanging at the door continued, and after a moment, with a terrible orash it fell In. "Now, seize him, Jake and Bill l" oalled the mant with tile gun, The two men addressed rushed into thle room, and violently seized hold of the detoe. tive. Tholatter offerod no resistance, although hies blood boiled. "Disarm him I" called Tom. The men enarohed tile seeming Dulohman in a bungling sort of manner, but they man. aged to discover a pair of pistols and a huge bowie.knife. " By George I the rascal is a walking ar. sonal" exclaimed Jake, as the formidable weapons one alter another were produged. After the aoon had disarmed him, they prooured a rope and bound hie hands. Not until he was disarmed and hie handa securely tied did Tom lower the egun. :c "Where did you put the body, you rasaol I" acked Jak,. " Vet body do yer mean ? By Jimerala. ruse I you fellers mosot be come grazy manu vothat escaped from eomel asylums, dot you come undt play der debit mit sl quiet man in dis fusion." ' \oWe will show youl 1to7 Irany we are, you assassin ; and it will be all the better for you, thouglh, if you own , up at once.' "Vot moosat I owvn 1 By golly I I don't know vet you fellers were talking nboudt at all," all"You will find out hllent we ,vern talking about, What havo you got in that bagI?" " In dot bag ? Dat voi not minee eIbg. How do debit vould I know vot inas ine dot bag 1" Ono of thie one,, openel tl big, and thce bloodaetaincd cuhlthe teubled out upon tihe floor. An lth meno behold ilt conltlent rll out, all blood-stained ca thsey %etet, v cry ofI Irlor beuret from their lip., antid one of Il gim, ice tihe excitemsent of the niomelcnt, iruckc the detective n po,'ecrful blow, whiclh knockedd himl over ill onte sotner of tihe roomll. 'Theo oilllcer lay whsel he lfell. lie did not utter i cry or Any one word, although there on a inlrnino ile nll inll lie i You hladn. t colilht to ihave donle lhc Jalie,"exalineil d llo Illall cl .i1 lill, nid hI wn nt to aruiint ihli lriceeerr to bici feit again, ' Ily Jineno I I iiouldn't hIul it," clid Jake; adding: " 1 fiul iclit like tloeninlg the eicnrilndi murderer lheb frol liemh I" " )on t dl I t ocaisl, that'll e ll," aid 11hill, "l To lnaee hanlil ds tied, nd yelou iieelt not strikeo hIcIs." Ae tlie Il utchi lnle wicon Iclicte d to1 ill hfiet, and lheeard whetcil iull cd, ho crxrabned:i " Y eO v n cs ih ienlinin.l ccc ?il i I cinik you, Il don't kneow how it vcl iol yoll uroit se ilndt tie 11n ie lhllnds, ut f I wl i ce liclily e fler so imuell, it lali not right doti y Io allllue l i until you follldst edt how it wa. Il LThio men now held n few i ieecutcil e' cncnil. tation, 11111 was in favouir io tkhhcll thidr p1 oIeeer litrnlight tll ilnol Jake andl Tum, on the conhtrary, wern weial over the eAinti iolpatedi 1cucy 1e i llih r Aiobn ' ,i " ,,ent, mlllaltelll d Ill add to ic cith h ulo by fl dinl l tle hlldy iof tic e ii ini, i Thle itc llcciw cuenned to Iic renie h heutie the ilnce. Half nn hour wsc ,e nlin In tlii cay, biut their tllortu were s0ot rewesrded,

At lengtlr Tuom said: " e ightas well atace cur prisoner, and deliver him over to the gaoler." It was finally decided that the plan pro. po.rd was the bc itt. , O Neil i'DaUragh was a very cool man, IIo had, as we have beforo stated, been in many a tight place, but hisi present positlon was by far the mort trying ho had over been called upon to extrocate himself from. 11e waO led from the cabin with one of hile captors on either oide, while Tom marched behind with hi gun cocked aund ready for any mnergtnoy. As they moved along through the woods, Juko once more attempted to prevail upon the supposed murderer to make a confes. lion. Addressing the prisoner, he said: "Itod you any confederates in your crimo ?" " Oh, go avay you vmn grazy I" answered the Dutchman. At his momeont the party arrived at the verge of a little woodland erogk, when an ex oiling incident occurred. The detective had been so passive, and had walked along so unresiatently, that his cap. tore had let up a little in their careful watch. fulnces. As they approached tile orcelk mentioned at the closeol our previoueohaptler, thedetee. tlivo looked around and noticed that tile man behind, thinling everything sroe ned right, had brought his gun to his shoulder. Upon arriving at tile shore of tile creek no mentioned, Dill. one of tih meon walking bosido the prisoner, involuntarily leaped nerce,, leav?lng only ore manr he!crle the captive. ItI was at this moment that the exciting incident occurred. The detective as thcugh by magic freed his hands, and noas quick asn lightning throw. ing out his foot, he gave Jake a trip, and by the aid of hie head gave him a push which sent him pitching heaIlong into the wattr. having thus dispoeed olone of his captors, O'Neil turned like a flosh, and before Torn knew what had occurred, he, too, was cent flying towards the creek. Away sped the prisoner, now free. Bill, in tile present emergency, proved to be the master spirit, and his orders were obeyed. " Out a horse and ride to town no quick as you can," he called to Jkoe, as the latter deeltud away. " Now, then," raid Tom, "we muot track him," The men started in pursuit. Less than five minutel had passed when they started to reuapturo their lost prisoner acid they had not pruccded a hundred yardso when they met anou old man coming through the woods towards them. 3 Tom and ill coame ruahing up, breath laeely, to the old mano, and bothaskeod, ex. oitedly : " Did you soeon man-a Dutchman-run. ning throu ththe woods here 1" " I heard the crash of some one running through the woods here," replied the old man. " Ia what direction " asked Dill. litlght here to my left," " But in what direction did he appear to be heading?" " Toward the road yonder, I fanoy." Without another word Tom and Bill dashed ell in the direction indicated by the old man. As they disappeared from view a low, strange, quiet laugh burst from tihe old man's lips, and he moved straight along toward the creek where the prisoner had eoo!.coded in making his esape. As the old man who had cnnpo, but had not 0E0N, a mall running opproacohd the spot beside the oreek whvere tie fracas had taken place, he copied a csuvas bag lying on the ground. "Just as I thought," he muttered. And, approachiong deliberately, he picked up the beg and started back in the direction whence ho had just come. Moving rapidly along, after going soma distance, he stooped down and picked up a coat. A few foot further on he p!cked up a vest, and still a little further hae piocked up a pair of p0ate, and close by he took from a bush n nicely-made tow.coloured wig. It was a remarkable fact that all these other articles of clothing bore a striking re semblance to the clothing that had been worn by the Dutohman, and the wig, oven in colour, favored the hair whicla had seemed to ornament the same individual's head. Ilaving gathered all of theso articles, the old man took the wig and put it into his pocket. Then taking the bag, lie tookl out the blood-atained clothes and substituted those ho had picked up. Having made the exchang he walked back to where he found the bag and laid it back again, " So far so good," he muttered, and walkcd away with the blood-stained garmente under his arm. In the meantime, Jake had run like a deer through the woods until he came to the open fields. -In one of the latter he saw a horse graz ing. Approaching thie animal he caught him and mounted, and, being a good horeeman, like most countrymen, he gallopped the animal to P- . In a rapid, conaseo manner, lihe told the wholo story, dwelling with iartioular empha. sis on the faot of the discovery of the blood. etained garments. As a matter of course, the story spread over theo township like wildlilr, and at least a hundred omen were speedily upon the road, hntecuing toward the woods where the excit ig event hload tranuspired. Inc tile meontime the district justice was not idle. 1'--- was a railway and tel'graph station, anod lc'ocrgel?: wcrco Hunct inl e\ery direction, givin)g i dccriptio uof tie scoa ling Dutclh. mnll, and orderinccg lit arrest at egight whe1r over oonalll. At lenglhi nilghtI fell, and tho eeorchling partito bl,'n tio return to the township. T'e lcst to coclle il wavils ill aid hiit oocl. plnion, Tomi. Ac eatch party cameo ill, they mand their way to the curlo holu. A lllltecd, the tl t to co lll il wtere Dill lcl:d Alter dci~. thel y halo goI to the place be. ,id i tin c ,.r Ik where tIc prisoner cad broke litce they found tile 0ha con lainiccg thec blh ood.?l i ,e 1 ce lothl c !, cand brIc ht(n ii ilccon wioh toem. Ale Iltoy kUlocwc ic econtlenol tl'yc did ll0c op)el it, i\lc ' th1c y a lctcivd at ithe cc] ol c O hocc thiey yocre hclc i to I,' their ciory, chiceh thc y dic, / cnd ccc cc t icc rlevectecd lictenocr 0,0cc Jococ tliclcco Tiou he,,