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Chapter NumberX
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Full Date1891-07-31
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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CHAPTER X. A dim li~ght only shone In thb prisoner's cell. O'Neil MDarragh was seated on his iron bedeltad in the darkest part of the ceoll when the two oflicers entered. The two officers were aeeustomed to just sucll duties as they were engaged in, and they proceeded in the most cool and deliberate manner, ' Tak a seal, Tom," said one, as he pointed to a stool, and equatted himeoll upon a bench. For a few moments they conversed on In. different subjects, when one of them said, adroering the prisoner in a roughtand.ready tone' "Well, old man, they have got you in a bad box." Upon being addressed, the prisoner turned his faoe fowords them. Upon beholding that face, the visitors uttered suppressed exclamations of astonish. ment, ., .14 The prisonor was acrlataly a bad looking object. As he turned towards the two deteotives, tie bore the appearanreof being crossed.eyed aud lls features and their expression were certainly terribly repulsive. " lie is just the chap to commit a crime like the one charged, that is sure," whispered one of the olioeera to the other. " Jerry, he's a bad one 1" Jerry roso to hie feet, and going towards the prisoner caught him by the arm, and drew him toward a lighter part of the cell. " Como here," he said, " I want to ask you a fewqucations." " Go ahead." "D:d you kill that man I SYes," como the plump answer, Thotwo detoetives gazed at enoch other in astonishment. 1h\Vnet motive had you in killing him ?" " No motive." " What did you do with the body of the vielim1" " Lft It for the otws--white srows.". The doteotives eexhanged a signal. The signal signified that the man was try. ing to hoax them. "Whlat did you kill the man with ?" asked Jerry. SI talked him to death, the same oas you two ebaps are trying to murder me." The answer threw the detectives on their beam-ends, as tho Eaying Is. They had eor.;o to deal, as they supposed, with a timorous wretch, and found them. selves combatting with a wretch, indeed, in appearance, but a man whose wits were evi denlly as keen as their own I " lo you see that witting on the wall?" said the prisoner. Involuntarily the two oliners turned theio heads, and looked in the direction Indicated by the etrange prisoner. They saw nothing, and when they turned back to look at the man again, an entirely different Individual stood before them. The now man's eyes were perfectly straight, and his features were plessant and comely, although his eomplehxon retained the same dark houe. loth the detectives sprung to their feeotin astonishment. The prisoner now gave utterance to an ex. pressilon peouliar to hint when excited, and said in a pleasant, jovial manner " Boys, you are badly Eold I" " By the great jumlping Jack of the IItma. layase I" exlaimed Toit, " if I am not blind, it's O'Neil MDarragh, for all the world I" 0D?1 ,' Hush I not so loud, Tom I" "Mao, my boy, what means thils I" "I am playing a game for the man who ought to be here in my place." A algnificant ' umph,' burst from the lips of both officers as ia full realisntlon of the truth burst uipon their minds. A long annvorsation now followed between the three delctoivcs, wholch lasted over on houlr. Friol the prisonor's cell the detectives went straight to the district magistrale's resi. dence. 'I'lot gentleman was owaiting their reo turn. tie was ia youtng mannl, and anxious for pro. lermlnit. This cnre had thrust him prominently be. fore the pullio, and le was determined to imakOe l i l erit of' it. S' W\ell, geIIntileiIn," said he, what do you think of mlly ' catch'" " leep him there; you have tile right imau." " You feel assiirved el that, ch ?" " Yes, sir," repiell thie drtectives. " What woeld you adlvi*e mie to do now- or, in other words, howi do you propose to proceerd'" " \Vethllk that, IIf you juiet Ilt hmilttri real, tile evidenla o will dlve lope I o lf tufflil. clianlly to lang t wo or three man and a wov 'The distrlct magistrate did not tahe in tlhe full rignlllleoto of these last wolrds; and we0n the fitdeos left him lith felt that they hld comit lh ioi oonetlsl tliit thet etat ehad been lrneady well worked, yleanhll' c tile prlsnner hand relanined ill hli cell, awaoithin du velopmel nts,nud )tiiiL tihe day (I!IIn\Ivil the visit ofl the twIih, t utive fil1I Hiytln'e\v, thie gIolr IsherCd a visitor into, the icd). T'ho nlew co?mle rIv an Jonllathll TLlrner. A l ionliir vn ihl Ilitteil over thie iriloner'n fscoio when hie roin?alel 'Tlurner, ''hat iinill naid inu l?tinly as moill couild ,,,At ilk ; Ahl, Ii:h I ey mnlii,110 Oil yo hve atrrived at T ihe galr Ilooed pllleler nod visitor ill the cell toi,ither alid went out. thi fleit wordi il Jolethn 'l Turner wela : SI ll oiinry for youi , lily igollo follow, l Ie i y r utll u v , ,h h a d " p r e v euik d ) o ui w o u ld v \la, rhf t lly l' l ,' h t ret.'" I oppose, I int soay ,muti obliged to y, u," anoevered O'Neil. " lo, you used nlo thIhk iir, IN I have p lIo.t l ei y l , ' l i il o ,i 1 11; i ' i , e t v ie i s SWho mlay you h i e ?skei the pri,lnr, mhlely. (,U Ill; e.p anusiu) UM1 '