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Chapter NumberXII
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Full Date1891-07-17
Page Number1
Word Count477
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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O' Neil I ' lDarragh, TIlE IRISII DETE CTIVE ; Or, THE STRATEGY OF. A BRAVE MAN. -- --+.** .----- BY OLD SLEUTH. OIIAPTER XIt.-(ousronoeo,) The note was written in a bold band, and ran as follows: 'DoeA M.tnto,,-- do not know what you must think of me, but do not think that I have been false. I have met with an acci. dent, and for certain reasons con not show myself. The rumour may have gone forth that Ihave been murdered, andit is just no well that for the present such an impression nhould prevail. I have had an encounter, and Iam severely wounded; and besides, I have made myself amenable to the law,so that it would not be saol for my wherenbouts to be made known at present. Of one thing l you may rest aesured-I hava done nothing dishonorable, and it was on youra behalf that to a mad moment I gave way to myt temper. anmust come to my bedside, darling, even " iy,; D *',.?not prepaled to forgive lme. In. casesa ...". ,_ Ialtltind written directions. The ont: some oft? " peoasb i t.t you is an humble friend i ?, . ?od .._ y soil b, ..?e d f , .have perfect conflanc e. et t as eond and ee moe, :Along' thu o bnonks of tllh may die. Trust to the Oreiek several frnilgrowv tiuon, nld belie eo ane vter usuftfred ;greatly. Anmcnd aflectionatc.lp sever, 'iecet?.i'd tite most injury n, ITAot) O to, 0 1 iler, Black OiO 2ai atd over this note three 1naSBBrI Shllare : Upper Din"' a note from his pocl:et he at once S .oinpared the handwriting in the two notes. The resemblance in the handwriting was perfect. • ' there did you get this note from, ma. dam?' 'I found it in the room recently occupied by Mlits Marion,' * What has become of the written direo tions ?' 'They must have been written on aeepa. rate piece of paper, and the young lady most probably took It with her.' ' Would you have any objection to leading me to her room ?' * Not in the least, but is not the missinog young lady the one who was to bavo married Harry Trendall, and the heroine of the ren cation which is now agitating the publio mind?' Theyoung lady who was your boarder is really Mies Marion Edelin, the great heirens.' * And her lover Is not dead after alit' 'Tbhis note would Indicate that be was still alive.' The deteotive was shown to tile room which Marion had occupied. Hie made a thorough search of the apart. ment. His search was unsucceEssul, and shortly after he left the house, but not before ra. quonting the landlady to have an eye to what articles were in the room belonging to the missing girl.