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Chapter NumberXIII
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Full Date1891-07-17
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Word Count2174
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Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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CIIAPTElI XIII, Onoo on the street O'Neil gnav utterance to hlia thoughts. 0? *Well, this gaot me ao ulro ao I am a living s mnn. I feel eatihlire that tthe noto in not n forgery, and now Ihel qlestion in. how trou are its statemnnta 7' lielhving the note to have been written by Harry Trenltall, all my uaepiciona ooneornin:{MIr. and M.1r. Turner ro falseo. If they are false how about the oonvaorni0atn I ovcrhontrd bntwcn Itdioan Jack and Mrs. Turner at that mlidnight tryst? And again how about L lie lio hu- u. dred Jonathan Turnllr uflicrd net inl tih PIlionI 7' At thit momient the sillour chanced to ratio lils eyea, and lhis {lancei fell upon ita lasthly drennod mnn, with dark eyeo and utm. p)lexion. Thle very next momonc t he had identitled him. Indiann Jack by all thi t'n irverabnin I' ho exlaltaiediand it atoneiil he! ie\ all atten I Luak In with mi,' tiilt:etd rthe dlet, tlva, as liea ry a ls IIiia .c %I j1 b l i ll;/inelint look, Ai'r the samie imoiint Iho turned and followed in the direction taknol by the half It an upon W\'ilhlniu +tllr thatI O'Ntil han rint ldltni Jnack. In ill, presoa t lilirr ,iik t i i)h lllm, rhr ll td dletection, alld ia thel Iili nh ,ianlno l - taring oarallonily illllt, Lthe Ih l li : iiiIi hIld had no dilltIully inl Ilh cloir , r i [a Ierlind hlilm, willu a th liain g Ihlt liler , 1,l'hlemo; biI ohlnrateor an nii ,l . hnlh. TIih O for t oim, i lUil e h;iui ,r lh,' litilt-lrii' .1 Juil the way, anld ci'Nil ti llioerd. o lloor l thad ioun ietiii ona ofii in liii ho i 01ai l ii ?n i t lb li pe ii it nioui l til aon o n lrlnl 1r1ui lil l t " io t trim bie, nlsnollllra. t.i '? alll, ln Vtnl Irii rtni t lil t i 'i il Ii wll lll hlo llllatr il'l Iriii ir l If lulhhtr. A ollow r1tldy, fitr It rliii, Ii i iiit tlIL itutr ' t'lion twoli uuhr i lirc i Itl d l irihi n 1111111 il I lluy olllle to n Jlllll -hnlllili' . . rl I tlt rll t llhli t 1111 I ! r f t e lr ',i il il!r, SI JUst il I t ol ihg'ht,'' lrii rlUltl t r i llrihlin Shlln InneLa h nnr I ti e lph ut" wela ll vlrirr 'tlt IhI! .+n trt l o the Inilldlio i w n 11",111,,,,' , i ~'nonI,, ii II tair f ill I\ltIvti - 4r~ "" i? ?{ , ,tl +' | lnr ll

aP licetet la o t wt.eoe d along tcwards the 1 Yllevo terlfly dropped to som in hbn I followcd tie", ohap bW.ore o and I'))g %o ) ;eait I eall fick lp) ntow.,' rile tueitoinl al 1114r1 eontered tile bar*p.r. 0f41Wt l aftd eklO aito one of tle tables TaerIe WorO quite a number of roilaghe in teno prlae, inoluding a largo number ofl o. reigners. 'he deteotivo took a paper, and, in ile moat deliborato manner, prepared to read as the lobfoahming s o beer w8 et upon the tr one t as I n ld man were remarkably ie irast tlempted to read the paper ithri to spetaoles w hich al had on whet he onoItheie pfla"e. u wh nhe The did pper to uit h d Sin. tre, w ied them o, and tried them 0 Still theboy did not arpear to su it m him , an , i the most natural manner, he put them in re hisr okot aud drew out 4 larger apectacle 1a, Fricdm the latt.r hea drow- a pair of sp w taoles lwith glae, a peculor and poddlookipn or pair indeed .ardd.iooktng 00 i7'ey wero more peculiaornd odd thnany hi onellioa wroom esppooed: t o faot tthe proba. them I i br'at there e noc a pair like oil Toh)as' eyothleo APPR ared to suit the old pri -?atl?i_ , An, talkng toeo Paper, he

Indian Jocl,. IIehad been invited to join in the game, and he did so., The old man turned his chair so that hiei beck was turned directly toward the players, and hie attention wasa ixed upon the paper, which he appeared to be intently road. ing. It was just here that the pieuliarity of those odd-looking spectacles came in. The delective did not ase one letter of the print before him, bhut he did see every movi. meat of the party playing at the bagatelle table. The spectacles were what in olden times were called quiz-glaeses, They had been made in Parie, and woro eo perfectly adjusted with looking.glanses, aecniimagnifying, that a person with his back towards anobjesct could ore it as plainly, iti not more distinctly, than when gazing straight at it with the naked eye. The firlt thing that the keen-witted ofleoer discovered while he eat there to see without being seen, as it were, was that Indian Jack was very uneasy and restless. The game proceeded. The half-breed showed considerable irrita. bility. : 0 Ie was captious and dieputatioue; nothing appeared to please him; It was not long before O'Noil beoame aware that a very eerious dispute was in progress. There happened to be some hitch in the game. Jack beoame quite violent, and at lenglh from words the dieputantoeame to blows. The struggle did not last long. It was more a sulfflle than an aetual fight. It would have been a tight, but friends of both the disputants interfered, and the matter terminated with a few attempted blows, and couneiderable hauling and pul hing. Tn struggle was of salulient impe tanco to pe mit the aold mnu to remove hia' specs and turn round and watch it. Ilia keen eyes observed a letter drop from the Indian's pocket. The mieiseive was slong under the table out of sight. \1When tile ' nles ' Wa over. Jack-and his friends went upstairs, while the other party left the pailour. The detective's whole attention was directed to seurirg the envelope. lie walked to the bagatelle table, and after cxamining it a while he motioned to thebar. keeper, aid commenced asking questions about thie gaie. When anu opportunity offered hedrew his handkrerchief from his pocket, and as he did so Ilirted a letter under the table. 'Al I' lie exclaimed,' bow awkward I' and reaching down, lie rescued both evelopes, as though they both had fallen from his pocket. He remained some time talking to the bar. tender, but at length took his sent at a table, and called for another glass of beer. When an opportunity offercd he road the letter. It proved to be an important clue, under the circumstanoes, and reacd as follows : 'FanIe? PolITa,--The girl has received the nete all O. K.; will be on hand to be .oo. duated to her lover. You must play your pait well, and make sure of your work ; you willnot mies your reward when all it na. eomplished, ot acceording to the programme. Pail not now, and you ill be rich for life. Yours, SALLcrA.' A grim smile played over the detective's face., Onco more had good luck attended him. To him the note was more preclous than a jewel. As he eat there with the letter in hie hand hoe thought over the entire matter. 1Ie did not know wlether it would pay him to attempt to go upstairs and continue to 'pipe' Indian Jack or hot. At length Indian Jack came downestairs. lie did not stop in the houno, but passed righct out, and immediately the detective was oi ihis track. The latter followed the Indian until he san him go into the houso in tlluec. street. It wasi then noer dlisk, and it wae alter darki wihn Jnalk rucapeo,ulred. - t Ilmay its well keep upoln lhii track,' rut tercl O'Neil, end he strteld once more in purnsit. Ictctllc Jack o nly weVll, i fewv blocuka roen tile hioue w\hcru Mrs,. 'lrciner arc hIer hlus bhad iriic, hniin hel turined into canother gnclblinl: houeau. The liattr \\n? a wCIl-kno'wn report, unlike thIiriitoate plco \vlurec J.tck had htun earlier Ii ,icc dcy. Ili(viill IoIl thL 11.n 111 \Vhi ii llc ciilltlll cncred tIhis plic the dclioctiv ren.rlkei?d: 'll, will ici.iin thl re Ioiiiiii titn ; I'll l.i i hilli'o andt gu ior hfilu ne a now Phrcae qultler of c n hlir ii eret the hall. b1r,' d h'l. Hinti red tl·.ce ntnllllul; dpl 'e nian1ed, a riylicillly drcecicd nli n sutclnh Ced into ite '11ho litler l a p cuiliilir-ookin kind el ch Ii Itlir w.i 11: )ll nla ! Ilild ii lquilt I ,onll (1limlaLn t I di-lllllt teItdlillIl ir, Id I.Illethlior IIn W l, ! 111lltl1 li 1i n1111 111it 3 1111i 111, 11 d : "lh lull,'k." hlt ),t l! Ii11irl . I ilii , llh l Il. ncEII I lit tlue ti ble, I ut iii I? 11 ic. ll, llid aI thll Il L0 pronred d hll i, 11 ci d 111 cII y i lii ii biy it cclil11 cr of li ?i llllkilkl ccc I llcll(il I cu Tly dt uii t 1 Ir' clil\l' l t' ithl it c111 1 t11 3 1, i th1111 11)r ,'11 bill i tlil II c nIII ' nii i l 1 c t?n o rl tn 1 Ih 11 ,' Ic.i Iris 11 1, 1 1do I , 1i nii i11 11 i i r1111, i rl'ili lin w\1 1h ?.11,111 1111 il ll 1c lliicic l 1 h1 1 lt uini,1 ' ' i lt ei' r i r Iii1 1 liii ll ll I hIi ci c l ll l y liI I - ul( n d, ciy ii1 1 e1 ) cln i ccli ii '11 1 1c l lclc '1 il l tl te l i ,)' 1 c iii Ilci cill y cccii1 i I hi1i11 rli illli l h l,1 II 11c 1 du ct ll l c'ii 01 gll IlI tII llt ulii u t i \t11 1111i i ' ll l h) h 111i M e liri n1111i ir h11 1 1 Th cl ci i 1111 c I ?,, / e,1111 cn1111111 llll hi. Ic c ii 011 l th i li i Il, l In to I ,I littl 1 l, t i i'li1 lit y11i i li11 h n11 111rccc 1 1IIiilli I ivllt ti Icl i lt theu g illii c l'ci ciii r le

Ike a! kan laltcc he of tmnso allerow bolters got out and allow 'np Tbis lant remark made a fieand of the at d dcalernt ones. Indian Jnok was nr n a rn o as not playing, but occupied an Tle d.aler gl? ing at im, ael od in nas ;111'Y n en iinne to gal laint tb gline S' , rplied Jack this gentleman an have a i Thank you, sid the blonde. and a poon. n liar mile played on his la., pe. be daodistiauiahcn hin entry into the caine Syitderina '0o h ot Oountels to begin ll hands peoed to see soanme reckless a Thny were deceivcd, however, as the newa player did not jump right in and COver a oard b calmly waided until the deal was nearly b Then turning to Indian J/ack, who had ex. o ehanged seats witll him and passed a a card la oain Jack replied withl an ordinary answer,. oi when thie blonde clapped a tonlpound note on the card ha fancied.o Tiha denier slcd the cards from the box and de his stake had doubled itself. The winner relaed in the eash, and did not as |er rto but a?nai durinn thle same deal. prhis cautious play causnned ooniderahble sur. ise. T ,he .ixpeed i o see sometol,l

The dealer also began to eye the nve? plnoer in a prouliar way. The next deal was begun, however,witbout remark. The blonde waited, and at about the same etnge of the game as before he put £10 on a certain card. As hefore, he won, and raked in his pile of money. lie made but one bet on this deal. The slrprise of the players woeas now in. creased. They began to look upon him with con. siderable awe and respeet. It was not becausoe he had won, but be. caoue of his peeuliarly cool and cautious manner. Ilia foolish expressions had quite suddenly ceased. Ite said nothing, excerpt when occasionally hae would make some observation to Infdit Jack. Ito alowed no elation at winning, seem. ingly taking his good luck no a matter of course. Upon the third deal he made another wager. The last time he laid down only £C5. Heo loat. With the same coolnere the strange man waited for the deal to olose before offering to bet again, 0 go