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Chapter NumberXV
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Full Date1891-07-17
Page Number1
Word Count487
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleEvelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902)
Trove TitleO'Neil McDarragh, The Irish Detective; Or, The Strategy of a Brave man
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OITAPTEIR XV, The last remark aas a revoltiun to the half-breed, Iu at once came to the conclusion that ho I had been SOcl anorothan he had thet dreamt a of, 0 ., 7 Lt IIo now felt natisflod that Iho blonde wea a thiet in dicguiee; probably under cover for I Somte cdule, A few worde passed between the mEn,and t they lelt the wharf toil,?ehr, T'Iey were now sIoeol triends in crime. t , shlort tithe ,.ltr the strange co.bat I which we Ievadescribd, 1o mUne pl)arated,1, RFralting tolllc21.t ag iln, Upon the followrni day ti(o detective met the lndia,aH~ccordilng to appoinhtlm'nt. Andl lo, ,I,, nf+.r ,hy hothilul ofliuor [1)Ct.i?+ and hlllow*~·l·,! ,.I heml plnae i o Thole )n bocrlno z a in9 lly any w ln cntinial~ it wv pl ible fvz? °o?r. rnratt i! crim t bcomer, unl ct Lar, not one word of inlfrnr? , eliglhtlatclue could 51t I).?l rag I[e atltemhtd thlifl .athnin ,. ? o" withl forger nt,'r/uitlre?: .? 1li huit money g, amblinl+,, alt,..,?. m oney to Jh ok,and yet not the aIt ] ¢,'? of aforzalion couhll he obtainl. .- ,-. Uric day tue ,.ffiwr utoplped in af'???,1 lua"rterr , whn thechll i a lli ke nlird him it he could ullnldlltak In jobhh in t onlllltr'. *Ill what dirctionl do you wllnt III0 to go i 'lDown to 1[--. J.'hel olllilpr Iholllluhlt over mllnttel' I, lw Ilmollll)l nll) ell Ilnally Otlchohlu d i c lic lt4 the jo I, nH1 it wou ht ollly hee lp 111111 beCllnt a few l' If,: wishcd to avoid Inldian Jack for a tiue in1 order to work outl Ia littlu l)lan) he, hId on hiad ad1d he eolt thla the trip wae a fortu. nntl olpenng; bcihh,, Ih felt thllt hlu oulght to do alitll o hil er work ,owiI I ng to Ih o hIut that he hatl bro~n no hog on theo job) which hlltd cooun i tal~ ? hhin atetio.II n+I withe)t hav ing11 iii? wllh fnlly ?lnil llatllor' nulce8h iin ly ." l'lu 'Trrldall trndly had nlubided a, a i( IHcll hill.l r liv llr niO h ( ' LGRaa ont (t)[h ilnylrilllouA 3 rlinanor frilln ith 0u tllliy Jhil, little has beerl wh I bI t hlrl| lh rlll 1111?t'. Thea lhlw111lou11l thalt tookIl tie dukOtlIve ,h)wn to ?i--- wonl it llynlterlanll nllOnIh ol roe. ,rI hI! whluh hall occllrred tin the hounoll el Io wanthll spy lllnth. 4 lllllnlulolhinnIlnv h a1l hllonn wa,! anl c1h11ivnt wnllll ?IH el Itnn~ l nu likl l | llltlln frol thll hoistl. h Inuli , nlltl l hLae in the nt ry honlt i)i tril ' ltIII(I I ~lv hoi'i,, (11(rl~ II llllll TI fI mjL io fron t p lr enl ,i fr,+It thet lalln(JIn1g a h4 ,,q ho the .m,,, ofhh l h,,in ndel hivv,.tlII S tivis", (t,; l e b hlal.N iy 031 (1