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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1889-11-22
Page Number6
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Newspaper TitleAlexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express (Vic. : 1877 - 1908)
Trove TitleFifine of the Damp Feet: An Experience of the Phonograph
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C1-t rEI. III.- -IFI.NE O' TIxrE D-)Ai' I"-t.aT. A.ter a hort and troub!cI sleepc at tiL hotel ca:rston rotac, anad dre-el' , and Wenlt back to the lxhib:tini . ' What is thero I h]vtin't seen?' ht, tcskecii | himc lf n hie rdrolled icl wn the ('Central Park. Oh, I kaov, l"dison'a puice, the pIimn. ,graph kicaicl in the A merican s,..ftion. I aloult Ie ourrv not to te that t and hear for mrvsalf if it is a wonderful as thei papers cay.' 'There were onily two people itn thei kioclu when Marsou entcered. ad accordlingly he [hod not to wait htug fur 1 is turn to hul{ thi two little glass glolcs to his ears. I e hcard variosc squeaky repotitioni of so:ngs and phirased which asounded to hlim like the tlar-oof echo of cmuo amlateur ventriloqlluit perfonrll.ael. After while, tired of listeaing{ to repeated inanitics, hle uaked ind obaindI permisoin to speak into the receiver himself. While hio was trying to think of sotnathing stronger to le;ave on rec:ord than such itnbceilifies ta e h hadi Lec listening; to, therae llilshed cl rmi hisc mind the rccoll:cfitin of the words which ha had heard lrseathid in his ear that morning, by the huck" and qa:Tveri:g voice of C mtoribund icman, which he had completely forgotten until the:t. This wris ccl the more remarkable that the war,!s were not in tiny language that he under. stood, asoundst ilutl Inothinll else an far ita he wats conccrned. * It's doubtiles iomeu French s'angi.' h, thoughtt 'I say, it will be rat!lera joke to regi:erthen here. Itwill puzzlostrugsc of realFectablo pleronas, far from itmagiing that they are isteolilng to tile last words of rs oallrtictll imcicillahcr.' Accordingly, benlding down, ile spou tihe words into the tube. 11he treadl khIIng cworked it few tllcilcitet afterwards the g!os gl obes echoedi back the following:-' La c.cmielotte-cihez 'iliine-des Piedsialmi iides.' 3caroeitcarted bacik. Not cnly had thle caricous Iclllchlilte produhlcerd the e:xct words, but also the very tones of the or ginl lspeake:r. It was Lec!c:tsllrcelr'a very vuic:e, with ithe rcil;g of the aigoyv of dac:thi in its accents. ' L?a-e:niclotto -chel:: 'iilne--daes IieldIIitlumidei.' :As he lictencd to it thilohrror of the niight that Irh. h:ad li:csl:d ctlcame over himll, arlil with iit great dcsilro to b, oe andci; way. so that bv el:inge of scene or Iv rapid motion he mighit lhaac off the ro melcmbrauco which was upon himt like ia bidei s nigltmtre. So the tubes to his neitghbolr he th taua.d tho dtendlant, iiand, ipale atnd unlldonle, stlcggered out into the AmIr:rlcan; Court. As he reached the ein of the court lhe heard ai caaccnoticc behindt hir, anI lookiig olllccd lsa" Ict nItiie col;io teiarig ' llong i1 nhici direction hcildhos of the abuse tihat was b ing clivelled at his he1ld by those whom he pushed aidale in the ecaernccss of his onwtardt pa?sage. ' A picklpocket I dare say,' thoughi t ucrson, Ic iking roo i for the mcna to pces. lBut he, on seeing the Ecnglihmllm, had lhalted suddenly acIId was pretendini g to be vastly interesated in the xlhibitc oif I Ihusceholht.utlt.Icil rcanuicfa;ctucr. I1n cotIIantv. s t was a short and ronllst lman, awict keen black eyes and abushy black beard. MIarlon was too much occupied with his thicuiglht to Ipaylny firtlrer atteuntion to himn, actal walked con acmt on. ' I'll walk myself dead tired,' lie asid; ' thlt may help met to forget.' [Ic paimcsd out of the clyxhibitilt by the gateway ont the Muci d'cOrlyv, uand mcadehisw taay past the Parliament Hon, a iinto the ltoulovard St. (Ger. tain. As he was Icpassingl the War Oliceo he looked round and caci w that a short llalln with lkeen bthick evyes alnd : thick beardi was close ie L.,1 him. I "Icim to hvo seic thatfillowbe. fore,' he said, an he pushed on vigorously. At tl: corner of tlh Boule ?vard St. Michel, as ihe wat debatinc g whether to turn to the right or to the left, he noticed hit atwain. 'Turniang to the left ihe mcadt his way dtowin towards the Seine. ' NotrU Ita;tl; Catheldral is soclmewhere lllner hero,' hei thought, after a wrhile. ' I have half at mind to go a ind t;i end an hour there. It will put me into It different fruno of tilind. Ye, b[ut iowhere is Our Lady of uParis I shallll beI forgotting ciy owna ine next.' ely the St. Ziichel's fountain there were sthanding just then It diisstluito-looking. youing fillow and a el:ttternlygirl of clibout seventeen. ' Oh, that's no iiatter,' cried larson, ' they will direct ime all right. P'ardon, lhldemoiseile,' hIe naid, aid dressing the girl, ' will you be Ilo good cis to tell nthe. tiL way to Notre amI)Ine Cathedral c' 'Ihl vords were hardly out of his mouth chcei, withi a cry, the mlti and wolain turned anld rcnc. At thei uc c tinu a[ 'lle ronll f llld him celf roughly collared. ' Ifldll himi tight.' cried t voice hlhind him, ' whilst we catch the othor trwo.' T'urning round his hand 3,crson saw that he rwas in the clltches of the ihttle bclc-h:bearded cccin who had e^nc, following chim horn the EIxhil,itimi. ' W'hat are you holding im, for f ' he, riclI, struggling violently to loose himself. 'This its an ihuneardrof outrtge.' ' (.I, ves,' said the nIlIm. * IVe know dll abluit thact. You just ke;p t quiet, will you ? or you'll get c crack on thi head with Josoeph that you woon't like.' Just then the police returnedl hiolding the man and the girl, who both were loudly vociferating ini languago of the vilest. Wcheni :they c:uaw Mac:rson they belcgan to abusen him ifn the most horrib!o terms, of whichi, luckily, ihe lid not understand it word. A larnge crowdi ias collected, iacct it was followed liry ilundreds of lshouting citizens that iarsoni llicilhis fellow risoltcrs were marched olff to the police sta tiocn, th[i Englislhman expostuhting loudlly in a dilecetwhich aflordedit imensc o amusclncnt, ss vcell to the crowd as to his captors.