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Full Date1889-11-22
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Newspaper TitleAlexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express (Vic. : 1877 - 1908)
Trove TitleFifine of the Damp Feet: An Experience of the Phonograph
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FIFINE OF THE DAMP -EET. AN EXPEDIE.NO 3 OF TNE PHONO GRAPH. Conr.ura'mn I.-Tin crilleo rT TSu CtXt Nor-. The evening before the day on which John 1atrson was going to leave Paris for London, after a long visit to the exhibition, having nothing better to do, he went up to Montmartre to paEs the evening at the famous Chat Noir Tavern he had read about in 1,rp,'ir'i Jf.yi-line, and was anxious to see it. reputed artistic trea sures for himeclf. Towards midnight, fecling tired, hie was about to msake his way back to his holtel, whenlc a man ccamoin whom he recognised at once as a friend .he had haul in the old days of his Iohernianr life in the Latin quarter. 'IThe Frenchman rcog .rmecd him as quickly, puttmng out his hand, saiil: ' Ah, Marson, it's you.' 'Yes, and you are Mjony--Iichel 3Mouy, if I am not mistaken, who use4 to lunch with me in that wretchedlittle critmuris ill thJ heo iIe l.i Sorbonno. \What grind times weu had ill tl:ou days to be sure? Well, anlwhatacire cyoul doing? You used todro:an au1)ut roVOlllttiOlllnug lTrcanoci literature. blao the 'impressionisat e 'ovei'made any progressa soice this day~s ?' ' Oh,' aitt Mouy, s:htingt:w: aet iailing for a boek, ' I have givenn upail tha:t hlog ug,. I am on thu I'reas ncow--oii thl Jte .,j u,tclnec!- and .upply themt eacti day with tit an Iituioulslin gs poem. They tuke nidleididly. A.nd ypu c shlould oy 3'ou , too, lhave gi;cn up your youth futl aslpiratlone.' &Certainly I have. I a: now a ,ourgeois of the bourgocis. I am empllosdl in a la, tirs of shipillers in the city. Well, ltlld "ol e- suptose sou are a customer ?' * 'Not :t all. I dolzt nuiptoie that I colne here itcro than crnc in the mollnllth, sld thl only-to eu' roy friendls. To-night. however. L hay', coInI hbre fur newsU. 1 snot to l:unw ii it is for to-morrosu?w tlrning.' W What is fo- tc,-cn'srrow rnorrtlg. ' 'Thl oxeccutlion of Loluasoururt , thu nlurdrcrer .of ILueI Maubert. I heard that it was ,os-tblelU that it would beo fr to-loorrow, iand:l hio colice up lbur to eco Mltili.tre of the L.tfr, to hear if that is so. Aind, by the way, there hiois. Well, .Maflllh?tre, do we i asus the night out theru or nlot?' ' Not :a doubt (f it,' s:Lid thC pe:on addressed, who wan coiieticiralty int,,xicctis,. *A Iueig igiht of poignant salnties,. It wasi tel,:phoiled dotin to the ,:lice juit i iure 1 ciien up. 1 , fur m part, will t:*k, a ,,ck.'t ' Ihall you coIns t'u-niigiht?' said Mouy. ' Yes, I munst tay I s-huld like to go with you.' ' Oh, that will tee ll right. Shall we Lo going ?' After a tmoie-ntis Lc/esation Mareton rote and accompanieihia friendl to theu earner ul the Avenue Tu 'Uine, wir truhy lok a cal. The cabroatl grumocled gt get?ly woen he w-a told to drive ou0! to the Plices do la Itolouett:, and sot out at a crawl. 'Our Iriendulis lou!,tleeo ani opponent of the slyaten of capital le:llithictnenlt,' otis MuLsy. ' So arn I,' said Scar.ion. * With aiuch it sc.snst,]rel ns Ltaioucrouur there can lono pity. Its yiL: k.nUi. :?bout him ? No? Well, he'e tho| i foliti" who thu old wornt itn the lst, Mha:ct rt in tit most hcental oalthioe imaltinc:l-li. elh, I thu,.ht you inust have heard of it. ht<e, that is the n-tte ullIc. Tile curious thicigal?eut it is that ths eclicoind the jludIes have ci'ver bei htiO to lay their •hands ont the piluie:r, which consiistdl of a quantity of jiewels iiand stool. lie \would never :confecs his trll' titenr ?.y s wortl as tt what ho had ldone witih tl:c?o thiit:.. Indeed, it is stranoge they are going t,, txecutlc hit,oon c ttcor ,ll they have only cir:st:lt:atttial o;iduece :egainitt hiirt antd Itoce of tlte slrot?tg:t. Ab Itllcl ci't ul'ei ti have enttlltced hiro tu death l?l oi thi es\idcenllc given nt hia trial.' ' Wthtsort oif ta ,:unI is li?' 'Thu regutlar i tr;i:r loe:ter. The vilest typce if nli loe O lo cl tt ec.. . rlllre cVilli beast, fero uious atit cowaet'Il. itou will teo himt diii liko a craven. The fttroeicr,:it elitilitnalI ai;c'etys does, while the cool eclculting tturderir, like thei one I ?~w guiillotinedl down tt IleauvLetse last week. tiaes it ctlh ml r tie :tkes thiu Iee Is of tis ielent Stclae.' Attut li hour ltter anrush and his friendre founlld themcetlves .ta:Luling ill tSite lirst row of a big crow whi wa cos Ii co illected ocut:iide thle ortin.. ous doors of tic ilo luctto go:l. In front ofe them was a wooden itrrier reeachling to thceir waisat. Th'ey ueeu ailltout two yardes froct thei door of tha irisi nnd t pti u ltraitcl only biy the barrior from thi wsay downs whlichl tiu cerlinllal would gIahl hi il last gacit. ThuCt tete wsas dramctic antd ini:rlter. 'lThe wileket of the prisonu gates wras tjar, ncnd thie sulgestios of a door ajar is always a e r tulling toen. ALosse thu gateea was of wooden ei rs ti tfter thonutnitrirt os nt orjtculris, td thehrougc this i tdm light seas shincitg. Tho cestelhltt d1w ovits of titit pricoe, iU'uV aitti gleetecy. weer, luke at back groundt itt ihe lilfth alctt a meltodr:ut:. . Abiove,s btwcen the trev.t. thie etacr weret divinely boautiful, andi froeti acutr in thie ,eoskae:,t of th.t cameteryof ,Pir.. L tlchaile tihe trillilig oia nighit. ingalo coule l hetit uiti re, Al roundthItlce lar:gesqtarer were miassed hundrtlt ote i human formttrs, keptet back iy soldiers and police, whoeo uniformts glittered as they: e:wayd tti, lind fro udter ithC e Pressure of thlieus hh:l' th-ti , and' i tis faiert tlicker of Sto gat.i;cthftu ceiught thle lolilclud mnotol of the bittn, ,hc , te r ityonet. Presently stwo ti::c; ildrovue usl and placedrl tohetnselvco j et opi,. itte the two mcre. One waos for thie coniveanlc of th i dyafr tic h le c ' e execuc. tlion, tl other cni' inted th glutcillo:inte. 'This c St nmy tlalngr i'st e. t il4 I, cLregin to uillntck.. Thoy vweru so irit:;!: .but it tthat it looked for all thee erSorl like ca householde rcmovil of a ltani toopoor to psy a contractor and to whetso friends are givtiug a hclpiht, Id. ThiS 'e Imen were in frock colates and hi. hats, which cre. nently they ct t:igeld tor c:latt and ohtert jicu?ets before peroeedlng to the rluetitng of tehe guillo-i tino. 'l'ho nightinglc'!e swa now c ilccrnt, and icfrom afar tihe collectedl rabble eteg hideiosly. Lilke those se-0o iiecoe tose,?elcr thle ftra'merlts of a gigantic puzzeio faertti:lir to tictir tligers the melr tet up tie rnachinel, with occiotlltL sttopnping,.. sck is ttooa whOio ciudteo tie pirogreca: of 0 wuorlk of art or Ihandicrafra. ine wht o ruelnailcdc ill tihe attire of respoct:ibilitv of the middle class:, and who Stdat hat)it of ru;,bing his ht:ds coiuila-. centlyfrom time to tilmo, walked to and fro. coating oc-acionel gl:tnces ati the worki thut was being done. 'l The h:tm' - until ' it wus whisriiered in thlecrowd. 8o, aer'list Uni:titer precparationSt. the night paesecd lo whls. e[:iront, with thiet nlational soultinmentality ot? su Enlglishmanll Ibegant to regroth:eitltg coiti as the fat'al hScIuir drets near. Ilto idto binOty, swho was tIalking al(tll lanughitlng swhll n l,:iet of e,,ji',os: . ' I slohll cut i eorrey figure, 1 lcl ,trtn. YOtL tee I 0n0 tired. InI ttos thisu i anll so ho rrilec. I vielt now I had niot come.' 1'No,' scid thle philosophlical French ranr. 'don't wasto arly ]ity os such a fellow. Thi'tnk of the old womn:el whom Iato butchlcered.'