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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1877-10-13
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Newspaper TitleAlexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express (Vic. : 1877 - 1908)
Trove TitleThe Prince and the Watchman: An Adventure on New year's Eve
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THE PRINCE AND THE t - WATCHMAN. AN?ADVENTURE ON NEW YEAR'S EVE. (FnRo rnT GERIMAN). (Continued). Philip felt the comfort of the mild. wsrtn air which here breathed on. him, I but wias at first so paralysed with as tonishment t?ist he could hardly return the' silutatione, siometimns respectlul, sometimes cc ,fid,'ntial, and souetimes? mocking, withwhicli many of the masks greeted hiltn'i i urtyis g past. "Do "youcornimand that, we go to, thet.o?rd-ta.,leo' wbhispelred the cham berluin, who now,.in ths clear iighti, stood eveoalsd,us a Brahmin. " Let me first thaw a little," replied Phlilip; "Iuam desperately cold." '".A gli'es bl warim plinch, ,hen." said thoBrahiin. f He led Philip to a side room, where the pretended,: prince did not, require much pressislg.. The punch was good ; one glss after :another swes enr,'pid. and soon spread its fire through Philip's veins.. H" How ie it that you are nor: dancing to-night, 3rahumno ?" asked Philip olf the chamnherlisi, us rh-y went back in to te,.ball-room, The Bruahmin s;gted and shrugged his shoulders, as he replied, "Mbrth and dancipg, pre over with me nov. 'hle only oneI cain to dance with is the Coutrte~s Bonan. I thought she loved me, biut lailcy my desliir: although our fatnilies were o-greed, she suddenly broke poff with me entirely." LFIrtdeed ! Thai t is the first I have heard of it ," said.Phil)p. "What! Don't you know that the whole town:is speaking of it," sighed the ;chamberlain. "A lortnight ago everything was,broken of. Sie will not even,allow me to explain matters, tad clear myself Si,o has returned me three. letters unopened. Sto is the sworn enemy of the Ba,'roness Reize.i- thai, and I had promised to avoid all communication with her. Only pic'ure to yourself my bad luck. The Queen mother made .a hunting prty to the Forest of FiPendlen, cmsianded my strsennasce; and appoirnted me to ie cavalier ofl the Baroness. Whit could I do? ,Could I. pos?ibly refuse? Pre cisely on the birthday of tie lovely Ronan I was hutried unexpectedly swav. She learned all ;-.she mis unidisetood my heari-nnd-" " Well, well, cheer up Brlhmin I" said Philip ; "' make use of the present -?iappy moment; general gladness recou ciles all. Is the countess here ?" " Yes ; dion't you see her over there t. the left?" replied the disconsolate rahhmin. " There ! the Carmelite iun -near the three black mtIsks: See ! she has laid iside her mask. Oh prince ! your gracious intercession with her." " Here is a good deed to be done," thought Philip, inspired by the punch. .( Without any more ceremony Philip Went over to the Carmeite nun. The Counises Bonun blulshed, and looked seriously at him as he silt down by her side. She was a fine girl, hut Philip soon remarked that his Rose was is Sthousanst times more lovely. '3 Countess," lie stammered, and fell into cotlusion, as she turned her clear, enthusiastic glance on him. "Prince." said sire, "you were very naughty ane hour ,,go." '" But, lovely .countess, I am very serious now.". said Pitl.p. ;.E" ';So much the hbtler." she replied. --"Then I need not fly Iom you, prince." -' Lovely countess, allow me to put at single question to you," continued Philip. 't Do you do real penance for fYpur-sina- in this nun's dress ?" " I have notlipg to do penance for," she replied. S"t (.Oh. Yes, countess, your cruelties -your injustice to the poor B3ahmin, who stands over there forsaken by nil tilhe?:orld." The beautiful nun became rather uneasy, and cst down her eyes. S"Let me assure you, lovely coun tess,", continued Philip, ? that in the i?ffiii" ohf, the Forest 'of Fie',den, the .Kchamrberlain is as innocent as I an." " As you, prince 1" excliimed the 'bounitess, frownig, ' "What did you IImel.7m e 'only an liour ago ?" " Yoii were qulit tlight, dear cban t--tss; J was neughlty-yoiu said so your ,"self., Now I am serious, and swear to you that the chamberlain went to the Forest of Frenden against his will, by the command of the Queen-mother, nnd was the sippointed cavalier of the hated baronesb.s-". " Hated by him 1" said the countess, with a hitter, aiicistic emiles "Yes,' he.T uro-h.....-lie despiCes the , barp?e55e, replhed Philip. " lieleve me, he almost b'hroke thiouglh tlhe bounds ot good breeding towarlrdes her. Hlis ie hiviour toi her has got him into troulle. _Jjtonow it; arid' all thit on your ic count. He., love-hlie adores-only you~, And yohis-can ,.ynu cast him I:.' SIHdw odiies it, prince, thrit youl in'., terestyg urlelt?po C erply for P.Pliv 7w It was noi so formerly. '-Coul;tes$, '1 did' not khow him thoAnt' tpphled :Philhp;' ani still less ., ,thesasd condition inito whichI your mis 'tnderstauning lhts pilunged him. T '.: ie bt i' heu is' innocent. You iliave uothing to forgive him; on lthe .:.eontrary, he . has much to tirgive as Hush-)" said thie nutn, oeuming a m?ors chleerfil air, "' we are csbserVed; '!:ijf ti in eoniw hero o elso' " She f'sleneu! on hIr imask, stood up, and tuook the srm ,I tihe petetncied' . Tbiy. s:t'nt tlhrouih thl, bhll ruom; ipd'),to t vacantt asle.rr om; here -....thecoounkteemade- long and bit oe;com. plaints eniine. ito chamhbrlain, but they wtra oily rio complamnte of jest. .ujrlulose. t-u even shed tesrs. At that , moment the Iovig BIrabhmin t*ebl?ot?ed bepllthlv.ilnon ,th rotom. : Tlhien tfollhswu a neop pause. Pilli'uhoild thitnk of idthiig Irttsr than to lead the

tender Brba:nin to the repentsnt nu ; tien joining Iheir hands, without a single ivdrd Ihe left thpn to' thb.mselvev. and went back in:o thel hall-room. (To be continued ) VAL.AaI.LE Dl)scoVI:HY on t nE ITAIn,- If your limir i tllriliip Lrry, r wllit.!. Or liniingl ofi, uar tile Al.exicmi lieir 1;eniirer, for it wll I ositivwly ret"re iIn evry caBie gryV or wlhii hliir t. Its originul colr, withlut leavina tlhe :dl .iOrer.i ile fmtlil ol rnaat " rertorerr." It imakt? the hair hriarminely betiutiful, ai wll is Ihromnoting thl urnith Iof the iiair IbillI mpots, hlire thel plinds iare. not der(yed. Ar\ Syour ecl mnia for the M'xicriIan iiir Iaten.wer, prepareil by llenrv 4'. Galluiji, 493 Oxford *tnri.t 1 onohIi', aind l,11i by all chi. ii.istn.