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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1877-10-06
Page Number4
Word Count719
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Newspaper TitleAlexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express (Vic. : 1877 - 1908)
Trove TitleThe Prince and the Watchman: An Adventure on New year's Eve
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TiE PR1MHot-.1ND THEI ..WATCHMAN. L ADVENTURE ON NEW YEAR'S EVE. (Fnoa. run GEanui ). (Continued). *Y! Aou are a deer fellow," said the mask, " and wvill do whelt 1 wshb. Tell mne, where are you goiin ? " u".T'o Mary Street, to call the hour," replied Philip. " Heavenly!" cried ti mask ; " I uMuust hear that. I will go nlong with 35You. (Ono does not hear thit every dry. , Cornm along, you hiolish fellow, nad let ome hear you. But, I tell you OIhat-you must pesifrm well, or I won't he contenl. 'lell me. can you sing same hin; merry for the New Year ?" Philip saw that the gentleman was ofi"oble rank, itnd had partaken of in pnlas too much, so he replied readily. : Oh, yes, I could sing a merry verse ; "idt better in a wtrm room with a bottle of wine than in tie cold streets." 'Philip went on hsa way to .MI-v street, and blew his horn, ctdled the hour nndl siug. ' "There's no art in that." snad the mask, who hat followed hiin ; " I can do that too, von silly fellow! Give me your horn ! I'll blow and sing for you, and soon make you die of lautghing." At the next slation Philip yiu.lded to the entreaties of the mask, anld allowed him to blow hbi horn iid sing, which he did quite piopelly ,t s.everl succed ing stations. IndeedI, the musk would not tire of being the repriso,,tutivo of the wntcbman, and wns quirt inex baustible in praising his own cleverneas. Philip hlaghed henrtly at the whlinsical remarks of the nmerry gentleman, who probably had come from some plary or ball, where a few glasses of wino had elevated him above the usual jog-tiot of every-day life. " Do you know, my durliing, I have the greatest desire to be a waItcInhman for, a couple of lhonre," said thi man-k. " If I din't do it now. I shall never perhaps have another chance of lint onpr. Give nme your cloalek and broadbrimmed hat, and I will give you my domino. Go into an alehouse, spakq ypurself jolly. and I will py the reckoning. Afterwards, conme sgaln,' 'nd give lme back my masking dress. Here are a couple of dollar.. W'hat do you think of it, sweetheart ?" The watchman did not mluch like it; but the ma.k would rot give way; lhe begged and insisted, until at last in n little dark street Phiilip capitulated. He was piteously cold, adl half-un hour in a warm room would do him gool, aind so wouldl the present lihe ws to receive. So he allowed the yollun gentleman to represent tlo watchman for:; that was till twelve o'clock; then he was to coma to the gate of St. Gregory's and exchitnge mantle, horn, and brhfon for the long scarlet mantle, plumed hut. and mask, Philip informing him all the streets in which he haa in the meantime to call the hour. i"Swesthenar, !" cried the mask, in ecstasy," I could almost kiAn you ! you will not repent it. Keep your appointment at the church, and you will get money for a romat to add to your reward. Hurrahl I'm watch miiin 1" They exchanged cloth s ; the mnsk wqs changed to a wntchman; andl Philip wrapped himself in the long scarlet mantle. ftslened the mask on hia face, and put on the plumed hiut with the sparkling clasp ; but as he wis leaving his representative, it fell heavily on his heart thalt the young gentleman might, out of wantonness, do-somet ling to desecrate the watch men's office; so le turned once more, and said," I..hopo you will not abuse my .'good nature, and do nny mis chief that might get me into trouble, and rob me of my poet." "'What are you thinking of, ally fellow I" cried the representative. '"Do you mean that I don't know mt' business? Get off with yout,, or i'll .throw. rho hftron between your legs. Don't you fail to beH at St. Gregorv's at twelve, o'clock, to give me back my things. Good-bye. This is ealpitilh sport for me." 'Iho new wtnr!hmioin went proudly on his way, and Philip h'urrtid on to the nearest ale-house.