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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1877-10-06
Page Number4
Word Count490
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Newspaper TitleAlexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express (Vic. : 1877 - 1908)
Trove TitleThe Prince and the Watchman: An Adventure on New year's Eve
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CHAPrER III. As Philip turned the corner of the Royal 'Place he was touched on thle shouldei-by a person in a mask, who alighted from a carriage before the RICe., Philip stood still, and asked, in makiiln fishioni, llnt is, in a soft, low voice." Whant is it?" :.'Noble sir," replied the mask, " lost in thought, you have passed the door. Will it please you Royal Highness to--1 "What I lRyal Highness?" said Philip, leaughing. "I am no High nbss. "H'ow does that come into your head ?" ,.The mask.bowed respectful'y, and glancing at the brilliant diamond aigrette on Philip's plumed ha*t, rdplied, "I' beg pardon if I break masking privileges, but in whatever dress you da uisq yourself, your noble form will ahyy ,eitriiy you. Pleas to step forward. May'I'ask'whether you will dance ?" .' I dance !" said Philip. "No, you see well I have hooes on.'" Play, then ?" asked the mask. "'itill less," abid the watchman; «ij ai'e no money in my pocket." ":Good heavens ! dispose of my puise--of me, and all that I have." cried the mask. off'-ring the astonished Philip a purse full of money. .Do' you know, then. who I am?" asked Philip. pushing back the purse wi bhid hund. AYHsl?Iaya) l Highness Prince Julian," whispered t!he musk, with a most re spectful bow;'* ':' ,.At -this. mqmamnt' Philip heard hise re piesdit?ttive ciill 'thel hour loudly and distinctly in a neighbouring street, and

begeme suddenly aware w?ht -was the etchange he had made. Prince Juliar, known in the town as an amihble, witty, wild young man, had conceived the whim to change places with him. `" Well," thought Philip," it lie plays the watchman properly, I mrust not sham him in n.y princely dormiuo, but show that 1 can ply the prricu well ono?gh for half-an-hour. At all events, it is his fault ifl commit a blunder." So thinking, Philip drew his silk domino closer around him, took the purse, and thruot it into his pnk,.t. " Who are y'u, mlsk ?" was his first inquiry. " I will give you lhe money baca, to-mnorrow." " I am the Chamberlain Pdlzow," we.s the reply. "V.ry well." said Philip, "go on, I will follow you." 'The Clatberliin obeyed. HIa ran up th lbroad IInoaln steps, Philp fol lowing quickly. Th'ley entred an im men'e hall, rllumiinu?te by thousands of wax lights. tlh r.lys of which were re flected by euineious mirrors on the walli., ni? crystail chundeliers which swung from the roof. A confused crowd of gFy mnsks moved about, --Sultanrm, 'l'yroloe mraidens, Puna, knights in irnmour, nunt, pledleta, Cupide, monks, Moonnrs, Jews, filedes, and Peis nns. For an instant Philip wai quian dslzzled and bliodd. 11e had never seen such n pectanclo in all his diys. In the middlo of the retm hundreds of d .ncrs floatted to the hlitarmonious Ilal il ioni of rthe nmusic. ( ib he continuerl.)