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Chapter NumberXX. (Continued.)
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Newspaper TitleMorning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954)
Trove TitleHalf Round the World to Find a Husband. A Comedy of Errors
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Half Round trie World to Find a



By M'â V OIWMfttf'XISF,

Author of " Hay 1i.oil.ild," " A Jewel of a Girl," " Goblin Gold,"" Dead Men's Dollars," j " Mr. and Mr». Herries," &c. \


CHAPTER. XX. (Goniiimrd).

Thanet und Wood «'i re tl anding lhere, sur- prised not lo find ihcniHrlvce the moat uni! ul ¡mil of the honte patty, ab till then they had fondly l-clicvi il. Plainly it was high time for an early cup ol cofl'eo, di-clai-oil t..e hoat, or all would lie fauii-hed. So they went hack to lite house, Kan slipping to Lord Thancl's Bide, for with hint or Wood she never felt the unaccountable y-l dolii'-iouBflh-jiicss that often

ovi-rcainu her uilh Don Rex. Above all »Ito did not like to he noiiu-d as hiing modi in tho hitter's company ; but then uoiuiiiletiiig that bo nus her siopwn eliot, sim oxpUinoil thia lo her own mimi us pinpin- f..r iu^t

"This is belter limn being on thipbotu'd, ch, U il not !" said thanet, looking round «nt his companion with a smile full ol frien illness. Then as unconsciously, it stemed his (.-azo turned on limit' bout's »Ihn aelivte fiuui-c, walking ahead, puitiiink'out his prize i liglish rams grazing ut dar tho walnuts lo Hilly Wood's admiratioo. Thanet, added-ignifloaully " Helter than, ship> board' iu every way ;.ul th ugh our friends lhere were lair enough companions for -a. whim."

Not. recoiling any answer, he went on slightly changing the subj cl, "How small thc world ie I Lillie I guessed year« uno that I should ever bo out bete visiting oue of my favourite comrades ul school.; nor that 1 should also meet ll).- daughter of an old Iriond und neighbour. May I unk, arc the Palmers any distant illation of your mother ? 1 sup- pose they wore Ibo friends who" invited you

out hore."

" Not exactly 1.I-I was iud ticed to come lry Anita MacTague, a Chilian school fellow. Her family were groat friends of the Palmers."

" What, that Don Pedro MacTague, who scowled qui c ferociously tito other day when he incl us. Were-not are, I should say. Eh I was not there a quarrel ?"

44 Pieuse don't esk me, I mean, do ask Don Rex," stammered Anu eon.used ; then eagerly : 44 Yes, 1 hate false pretences but they seem to have been so forced upon me. ludeed I have been thinking lately I shou t! like yon and Mr. Wood to know why I came out. You may think thc wost of mc-but still it will bc the truth. Please,- ask Don


44 What is Don Rex to tell ?" inquired the owner of .'hat name, turning his head. Two

answers crossed each other.

44 Lord Thanet was asking how I happened

tocóme nut. to Chili."

"I fear I hate been indiscreet."

44 II is partly a family allair," responded the umpire, in event of hesitation.

44 Please don't talk secrete before me,"cried Billy Wood, 44 or if you will do so, I'm ntl.

Tbe worst of nie ÍB I never*cati remember

them," in sn apologetic tone. t4'A Indy once confided to me a tremendous secret, so she said. A week afterwards she asked my opinion about it, and would you believe, she was as angry as unything because*! had for- gotten the old blessed business. Ho ! Ito ! ho ! Mv head is a sieve, with sooie big holts battered in it. Hillo 1 There's a swing Come along, Tony; Rosita and I will send yon sky high."

"Iain coining too," cried Ann, escaping with these irresponsible companion-,.

Left behind, rho two cider men began H conversation in ' lowered voices, and seemed to find it KO interesting they both sat down upon a-bettdi in the sunshine. Aunt fud-, WHS obligt'd tu call twice ftnm the terrace, saying that some cottee was re>ldy.' She was shocked that Lord Thanet slmuht hsve gone out so early without getting the usual morning cup, which waB always served in the guest's rnoniB to fnrtify them until eleven o'clock break fust hour, that somewhat answered to an English lunoh.

This day was given up to seeing the house itself and grounds. All the rooms were in- spected ; from the small but lovely chapel end- ing the guests' wing, that boasted n fine

Italian altar piece and triptych, to tite

mirador or little tower on the roof,' which gave a view overall the surrounding country, and that is IL-distinguishing feature in nearly every Chilian home. Then there were the hothouses to bc seen, thc orchids which all came direct from Veitch-; the cowhouses- where eighty English Durhams chewed' the cud, milky

inothets Unit ohould breed calves of which Chili wouhl-in fmurc boast. Above ail, lln-re were ihe nubles, roomy boxes ronnd a t-qu-ire yard in whic i all thc beauties wcicsuocis sivcly led pant and trotted by the Engiisli head groom for tho' visitor«' intelligent t-utvey. Here wore the two finest race horses in Chili, well-known English M en*, thufour-year-olds ¡ the young ones emiting forward-oh, they were agooiily eight. Itesido» titer* were Clydes- dale st«,lion*. t'Unit tina sli-ok' thc cwlli us with tin- of-a rhinoceros ?; two ¡¿rand Ifnpl'Eh Ililli*, aud out in the pastures herd» of half wild Chilian cattle.

In the evening ad took u ride through pari of the great estate along rosdsdeep with dust, but edged by grass. Don Rex rode carefully close to Ann's side, but he found she stood in no lined of his help, although she gratefully accepted his first instructions. Soon he exclaimed, after watching ber carefully, 44 Why, this pupil can teach her master ; your seat is as. pet feet ai if ynu had ridden all your life, and your hands, loo-"

441 did ride always as a child. My father was very proud of me, and it was-oh, it is such a ploasure to be in the »addie. This horse is perfect. What a mouth, aud his paccB are as easy as a rocking chair!"

" We will go out every day ; you shall try any animal in my stable. Listen, everybody. Shall we take a riding excursion next week iuto a pretty part of the country ?"

The suggestion WAS eagerly ncoepted by all, especially Billy Wood, who boped lo .return thinner, for now he 44 larded tho lean earth " os he galloped on the old don's most sober back in th« buuahino.

'that evening, afttr dinner, the host was first in claiming Ann's promise to tell the legend of her Spanish am esters. Tile others eagerly seconded itis request.

14 Well, my story is ¡aid at that time of the Spanish Armada," began the girl, with engag- ing timidity al findine herself (he objeot of general observation. 44 After its defeat, es you doubtless know, several of tho escaping

vessels were wrecked on the Southern coast of

Ireland. From ono of these three Spanish cavaliers ouly were saved, who were hospit- ably treated by thc gentry of the neighbour- hood. So it came to pass that they fell in love with three Irish maidens nf good birth, whose hearts they wooed and won. Bul the parents were angry ; at least, ono of them wits. And when his daughter married tho Spaniard with- out his consent, bul afttr long wailing, lie mtcred ti wi-h whiclt waa in the nature of-a doom. Might she have a daughter in tit ic, who should marry a stranger, and their daughter do thc same until the scvirth generation. 44 At last, I believe it wai the seventh, hut I never can rcmembor," went an tho narrator, who became suddenly slightly flurried. 44 And it is true that each mother ami daughter did indeed marry men who were not of their own country. My mother, who was born in England, married my father, who was Tr iah hy hirth ; her motlier «as Scotch ; my groat grandmother was French, and so further buck,"

44 It's much more interesting to look forward," cried Billy Wood, giving utterance to tho thoughts of more besides himself. "Do you mean to marry a foreigner, Miss, that's the question ?"

And in the silence that followed, pregnant with meaning, Ann became aware through every pore of her being, tiny gateways

through which some woroon highly strung I

seem to receive wafts of others' thoughts, that to not only hers If but all the listeners it was a question of deep interest.