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Chapter NumberXIV
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Full Date1896-08-01
Page Number3
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Newspaper TitleMorning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954)
Trove TitleHalf Round the World to Find a Husband. A Comedy of Errors
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It will bc renumbered that Ann, feeling piqued at Don R' *'» different atliluiie from that nf Iiis tnt her and the reat of the family, had resolved lo put forth her prettiest wie* to gain his liliiau, though apparently Bhecooln not captivate his admiration.

Now thia waa easier said than done. Fi re l of nil she herself iu the bi ginning had with- drawn from Ilia society through ahyneaa ; . econdly, after settling down into thu «aya ol th» family, ehe found their hahltsof life some- what impeded any iutitn oy except at meala, when thc lively old dan and Ilia grandchildren alwaya managed to ai-cnre the largest share of the general conversati n. After un early cup of tea io hur nun room, Âon used to teach and play with the children until break- fast, which waa »erved towards noon. Until then alie never a*w the men nf the family who were Imay with their own pursuits parde lng and ride« into Valparaiso on Don Kdourdo's part, while the eon waa auppoaed lo be plunged in blue honka and reporte in MB own sillily.

After breakfast, or lunch aa we might call it, there had been at first a never ending aiream of visitor« to call upon Misa Montague, for lhe neighbours wished to show their friendly furling f-ir a sci anger, who Was also a gnesi of the P.ilmers So Ann, under the wing of Aunt Iné-, eat up straight in the drawing-room, uhere the chaira were drawn into a circle, and answered the u»u«l string of questions. "How Ho yon like our country f rt re not the mountains looking lovi-ly to-day ? 1'ray tell IIB what you t hink of Chili f After your English fogs you muat admire our climat* ; certainly it ia perfect. (Ve think il the beat in the world."

Then followed return viBts into Valparaiso, driving along the terrible road tu which

un waa now growing more accustomed. Upon some oecaahma, u hen calling on Chilian

ladies «ho did not expect a visit on that parti:ular day, sh*» waa much entertained, us waa also Aunt loka. One of these visits in especial was to Anita's mother, whom Inès wished to take unawares. " If we go on her at-home dav, when everyone IB Rilling in a circle, she may bo cold lo you, my dear, and not invite you to sit on thc eofi beside her a little ; aud that would vex rr,e, aa you are our friend. So lo-duy she can see us or not, just aa she pleases "

They rang accordingly at the door of a town house, which opened mysteriously to admit them. No servant waa in sight, but after toiling up a long flight of steps a maid's head was visible still higher craning over the


" Is the Senora in!" cried Iné», (jiving their names, to which the head replied tl would go and see, leaving them cooling their heels on the landing for some five minutée or more. Presently the abigail re-appeared, a shawl wrapped round her shoulders and a patch of green led uue stuck on her for« head to cure a headache. The mfctrees was soon coming, Bhe volunteered. Would the ladies enter tho drawing-room? But there, caramba!-the door was looked. 4 way she hurried, and after a second considerable delay returned : with the key, upon which they groped into a 'darkened space where heavy blinds were

drawn to exclude aUj><*SMb.e sunlight. These when raited .revealed a room dre-wed in bright blue, (Almira covered in blue dnua-k Were ucl Bliffl y gainst the wallu, an WAS one a fa.,

the neat nf honour f 0 which a.South American

ImtUrss bid« the chief guest-. Ann vv.ul-1 not have bern sm prised to sue the furniture

shromli'd In dust, sheet fi and the ehaiHe hr in

muslin. N'W she Mjawikffd on íVMi-g * mtnnr* pinch from her companion. " Hu-h 1" ni «le-

nin r->d luigi, with nhl nf nu hinch ey -, lorine; loved a joke, pointing lu uhlans dnor f. par j a'iug the drawiug'ttKMi from a licd-umm. lieynnd, through it« nni-lin ouraiui, tdt-y timiM p-rceive a buxom rigiiri- that had j i r orinen from an aftern nu n>tf> rind w .s .....» busy fastening pink at*y* in grunt hni-tr, it- >l nlii-iiiHH ly giving daba ujili ii s pu >der oiilT Ht iU cmnpl* xi 'ii.

** *\\- never drenae-* »ill lute in I lu- after nn-'n, when she g*»eH «mt fn a w-dk, * «ht pered f i-iWoii'e^..ptiinH-*,y. ** "he emir nf au obi- .Miiiuned fami'y, «nd 1 mn -.rr tn my MI <ny of our -Chilian middh -c1 >n* «.itn«-n 11 vi ii « i> ir H). ir ti'gh'-t;t»-A us with t'.-vi , difi-B'M just fa*teiied iiV-T iliem till hey U<w

¡got through the hous w«uk, mu "?en th»ry

lake a nap. Ah, yes 1 my enuiHryw-Min-ii ItiV" H><me rallier hi ay Imhit.-, j <H( H-. I he '.^wiii-li uer» have. I ibm*, j ...(_"* ll»«u 'har-hly : hut I am u .fut m..,.. .. . ,i t. Mi ¡ mother fn»* teaching ni »lilf.-ieinly Wlmt t Did y<ui «mi know my nuMb-r ?-vi- ,*'ni_r-i-i» t.y blood ? Vee, abe was hom m {.Iii* ronniiy, therefore .i Oiiili<ni ; hui my t>rami (Mieni-» wen* nth "cotch."

At/this-moment-the Ri*T ,,0,,r »M.e-t, mri a fat litt'e woman rustled m«ui->' » li-m i » ' F-etich g *wn »Ith out mreieh- d h indi ' h«>

LI asp wliiuh thc guest iee* iv* d uns nu» dnuhtedly wann in o: e -rune, tn-il l*uL¡n ?

cloBer nt the Indy N pump n»rk 'un uinln d tili.-gown U»*\ been cut a nifl len- tint i«. display a high-watermark. «Inc «, indeed, WHB the only fi ¡lin fha* the efioia iiitluUed in tin» luxury of washing.

(TV) fee continued.)