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Chapter NumberIX
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Trove TitleHalf Round the World to Find a Husband. A Comedy of Errors
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fortes mû Sfktiâfà

Half Round the World to Find al




Authur nf liny Ronald," "A Jewel of» Girl," "Uoblin Gold,"" Dead Men's Hollara," "Slr. «nd Mrs. Herries,"¿c.


CllATKit IX. (Contimird.)

It was ii goodly hight, to nue f.'iiplain G..od niuo Maiming op lo rend tito Bowilia

I Iiis Hook placed on a cusido covered willi til ' Union Jack, «nd whoo tho (int hymn w.i given out, und nil the suitors joined dee] voiced with heart noil lungs in, "Omtaii Chrieliun Soldiers," Ann Manugu* felt e< stirred, thul bite forgave Mm 15-Hinny, win was beating time oatenlKiiotitdy wu h a light b shod plinip foot. And Bryon, who xoiochoi stood bcsiilo Ann, Buiiduiily '.vlii-qiercd " May I share your linok," in ids old tone.

What, hod he done v, ith hit,«wu hymnal And why «¡id Ann feel UR his voice in «gie« closely willi hers, thal he was wistful ie asl (he forgivcncMi, wfcich no yiri in a righi n linn of mind, ought on thin il.iy lo refile.

Liter on. rt gond-imiiiicl -oiUciau* ii'..ii.roi »UniUe.! willi iiautetine: imrpuae, '.o '.tiiert a tail linely devuliipitl ^iiíish liguic, iimoi leiiiiiii:» over thc ahí','- rail to u iud ward»

" What atv you doing * Watohing li»; Hy iug tish, my dear !"

.' Yo«, 1 love seeing them flash out uf tl« sea like sutlB of foam. The first áay 1 sa« one, I thought it was a white swallow f ir n second or two." Ann npoke from her heart, loving these nights of nature.

"i.'oinv.! I thought you might tic med lat ing on how you ill-meet your hirers,"««iil I IK Busybody in n bantering voice. "Uh ! 1 uaw Mr Eryan getting near you at service. Poor mau 'Ï He is quite mad with jealousy tlnows weh looks across ut you and Lord

Tlunet sometimes."

" Ve« must be wrong indeed. I have never seen ii." There was no inistukirg Aun'e frank look ofgrealsurpri-c.

"Perhaps not. Ho doesn't wish hts rival to Hoi ice him cither," laughed thc gossip. " Hui the mott all say in the Bmoking saloon, th&lheie sick of that, Bellamy woman. Toke care my .icu . for after all, Mr. Bryan is the best Usok ing young man on hoard. Of course, Lord i linnet is fur more distinguished ; would be the head o' his Parly, they say, but for his ill health, and that makes him not a marrying


Ann Montague bit her full, criinton under- lip. Oh, for thc luxury of-crying oat,'Mr. lirynn is not a marrying man oitber.'

"Tell mc, if Mr Bryan comes fr Jin Jamaica, why does he go back therejby this round-aboui track !" pursued the inquisitive one. " Wishes to study tho segar fields in Peru, do you say ! Vite finest ia the world. Ah ! Von know all about it, I see," archly waiting a reply. As none came, tile speaker added in a huffed voice, " Well, good-bye for the present, my dear. IV o doubt you know your own affairs


Afternoon. Nan and liar Spanish grammor were in military companionship. To leeward tile fierce sun was creeping under the awning by inches. No one near save l'ire CaMirdous, reading bis breviary. Out stalked sn un- expected apparition past thc chief officer's deck cabin, und Bryan looked gtoomily hand- some, advanced towards an empty deck chair, ranged close to that of the reading girl. " May I take "this scat, as it is unoccupied !" he asked iu a ¿cop tone, which might.he that of an injured man or a shame-stricken one.

" You can certainly have it, so far sr I am concerned. Il belongs (o Lord Thanet," re- plied Ann with cool politeness, though her heart was up liftinu iUelf iu the first notes of a song of triumph.

"What; to Thanet," with almost a sneer. "Don'i ticiifrai '. ; 1 know my place, and «hall celt linly retire »'lien the nobleman appears."

A limb loapt to Nnu's eyes and u flusli to her cheek. Tlu.1. was said in bad taste, hut after all, lier late lover »OB really jc*tous. His brow was black ai thunder, li ts voice like the mutterings of a storm. What girl .alive is not willing to-overlook .a man's faults and follies, wheo canted liv jealousy ; unlfSB, indeed, he ,:ntcrf-*rea with a more favoured


Half an hour later. Biyan wa« still stretched sullen and idlvut. on lii%i,up|io«ed rival's chair, pictcudiiiii to read a novel of wlii.h.ho seldom turned a p«go, HS bia companion uss perfectly uwitrc. Sin: Uuttcrcd the leaves of her grammur innre frequently, evidently tlic irregular verbs "oro light mrtiml As Ht grew choler Lord Thanet appeared ou deck, leaning on Billy Wood's arm, and »hiwly np. proiichi d, af dying ihr gjoup from ii distance with ti ri-ed (finile. GiVjng it boucd mid pro- fuse i.poloüiea, Kryal, vacated thc invalid's chair, nilli mell begged by the latter not to

dit tu rh himself.

"!<>u get out!" ww Billy Wood's polite postscript. Ile never t.toad on .ceremony willi anybody.

"Our friend ihe piauler luoka like thc prnvtiiiiol dog. in thc manager." reiiiurked Thaller, in hi* lauguid well-trained v ice ; that of a descendant of a line of orators, mei ii i by nature to bean orator himself. His dei p Huukcn eves lighted up Iiis pale lace with

auHitciiUMir as he turned to Attn.

"Ii it po-eiliie that uufueltDg fellow has been eelfi-hly reading, while you »ere bitting silenl. \VY- saw you gazing seawards lost in louely uicdiiution."

"In contemplation, you mean," parried Arn. "I cannot weary of looking .it tho co¡i«t ¡iud Killing myself, ' Thal is really South

Amelie i.'"

N'ovcrtheieas, IRRB cnthusastic travellere inijiiit siioer to see only a long line of surf and white mml ; backcround, a fringa of cocoanut pulnm : foreground, a brown, ronutreulied coral n.-ei, showing under the water. At P.Tinunliuoo, queer little ciaft, each just a stool across two Iocs with the ra« ot a sail, caine bobbing through tho surf, bringing mangoes and other strai go fruit;, and every- one nn« miking of lauding at Ballia on thc


i IMI iiipjil nr dinner eil ow pirtics were Ihe otic :iv-jly, elliiriissing topic.

Thc .irgeiitiiic gcutleinon-btrmcrs bogan inviting all the bridcB und young in.ilrous with rcckleas hospitality, and bogged Ann Montague ulao to do them the iionour, etc Theirs was tim first itiviration, and sile felt, alas ! bound to accept it.

Then Bryan bent across the table. "So you arc going with your other friends. Miss Montiigiie. That's all right ; otherwise I hopod to have asked you to join my party."

Mrs. Bellamy threw him aseJesHithed ioolt over her shoulder ; titan in turn she bent past her unruly squire.

"Lord Thanet ! Mr. Wood 1 I am counting on you both lo come with us, of course. We) shu ll make u delightful pallie carril'

Lord Thanet was very sorry, but did not j know that ho would feel equal ta lite exertion of going ashore at all. lu any case, lie would ody go quietly with Wood, hil kick nurse."

Noxt morning, the big ship lay still in Bahia, liny. Opposite rose height* nf vividly red »'iii, clothed willi foliage of brilliant green. Behind inda vessels oj tyar in- tho liarbuar, while in front lay tbebnfnfu (lirra» tier«. U'ater-side wliurvos ; cliffs ascended by that fain ¡us lift, nf which thc iuner works are eased by tile application of castor oil, aa everybody who hod been there lioforo told everybody oise, who hadn't) lsBtly, the town

crowned the fabieUnd.

Then it was hoy for the land ! Nan felt blithe as handed down tho gangway she jumped with the wave into a Bliore boat. Two mahogany-skinned darkies wore the narstneu, bare to their wrists, but far a silver chain and cross one wore rutad bis neck., She, did not even feel a posg"*t seeing a ?maller boat with only two passengers, sailing ahead; for several of ber party murmured

«¡Iii smiles, "Poor Bryan." Site menti only endorsed their pity.

"Hore wo are in South America., and doubt about it," cried Billy Wood's voice, he mid Lord Thanet stood smiling on

quoy. " Piense have a guide, Indies. ' huve just litten escorting Mrs. Bellamy Ihroi (he m îiltet, cheapening marmoset mons? and mangoes."

What a sceno of colour 1 Mere a groui negroes jabbered, offering green parois

suie, amt gluritius red and blue, ar blue u vellnw macaws. There the futnous uegr

I beauties of Bahia crowded Hie narrow mark

splendid Winnen of their kind, willi polfsl mahogany shoulder* emerging from ono luce-trimmed chemises. Some offered fors big green Bahia oranges, wit h their p snugly stowed tu a kuoh ut the top ; also I manner of strange roms und fruits ; yams a ! manioc, cor.iM.nuls, egg-fruit, pinc-appl

Hut what, willi thu scent of coloured f< around, íeiiitn-rleis chickens squatting und font, mid gr>-cdy tinpere i monkeys, ourfrien were glud *.o encane to tile uniter to-wit.

"l:oM your ii'nscK," advised Billy, in t "castor oil lift," while Kcverul felt hick wi memories nf nursery days, ut tile well reine

liered «nell.

(iiiiuinuthcc.ifl', lhe ships looked small in t beautiful h.iy below ; thc wide sun-buk pqii:u<e.-\ liiti-e mid id paved, were edged wi plastî.r statues, but glorious trees, tiraxili acacia» spiending ii uno s of vivid green, roof by Biieets of llame-cnlnurcd (lower. Thc elf, wat init^itiiiceiii ! Thor« wen: big bj i clu.fchcis with lockfil d.iois, und bullet ho] in tho windows, and ugly shops full ofycllo ? iithoncd straw hats üi uainls'iiiugcs. Atl cerner of thcuqiiurb Mrs. Bellamy's red paru v.'iiH conspicuous, in ii wilting tram, drawn I four mules. Our pjrly lind no choice but

till thc vacant sent* of ihe samo vehicle, bcii oil hound on thc sanio round of hight seem and Billy Wood willi joy ovei-heaul Ml Bellamy remarking in disgust, " Faucy t these people catting into my train !"

Whuck ! tVack"! Away cantered ti mules, oiling mid prancing, lashed by« blui driv r, his feet ttttck in heelless slipper Up ¡lill, down hill, they shook lim hones of tl travellers till c-r-r-h, caine a dead sto They were oil'the lines, till all thepasscugc got ont, and thc men pushed thu ca- st mig again. Now off again, past gay quntois, faci with coloured tilca and set in brilliant dowe plots, the road shaded by bread-fruit trees ul pink-lilossoitiod jasmine. Next came

botanic*! carden, mn ely, filled with mal kinds of palms Hud thicket« of tropical shrill and cacti, through which fluttered flam coloured or velvet-brown bul tor-flies.

" Wliy Î" Ann awoke with surprise to tl fact, that, they wera in Hie open country, ai this was its common vegetation.

(Jil by tlic sen for a mile or more, till ni sight-Beet* «lighted by a deserted fori and lighthouse, where spri-ud a crassy down.

all tcatiuic.1 about limiting ot ant-heaps in ll herbage or picking small flowers the riv, groups naturally mingled.

By and by Ann strayed n lillie way apa from ike others, and was standing under tall palin looking up at its crown of leaves fi overhead outlined against the dnzzling bu sky. Shu started violently oe a well-know bass voice said close hy.

" I huvc followed you, Miss Montague. ! always makes me nervoue when I see tl ladies hy themselves in these countries,

snake might come out at auy moment-loo at these holes in the ground-or a cocaui might drop on your head."

" It is so kind of you lobe interested in m possible (ute, but are there -not other ladii near whom you uno also bound to look after"! Ann tried hard to make her Mice sound cooli sarcastic, but she lett her heart fluttering.

" For heaven's sake don't bc so hard uno me. You don't koow what I am feeling, hurst out Bryan passwnutoly. "Yes, yei Very likely you think I am not behavin honourably, bul y ou can't guess what a he nf a life I have bccn)Hving these last few dayl I cannot tell you what my rcul situation i . . . lhere are legal difficulties." Il had dropped his voice, and Ann mistook


" (.lille difficulties do yon say ?" she sake trembling slightly, exci'od beyond herself.

" Lillie," icpeated Bryun, "oh. yes, littl difficulties if you like. Ha ! Ha !"

I Iii« laugh was that which the despairin

villain always gives on thc stage. "Oh, bu I what need you care. Lot mc bear all th [Buffering; my shoulders ure broad enough

Vou, who have everyone at your feet : admired, envied, courted . . . whyshouli you care what I um feeling Ï"

" Ari; yon raving f" Ann stamped her foo no thc wind-shmrt turf, "Don'tyou knov i tliat I am bound in your opinion and that o \ olht-rs, to mo nj un old man I must detest

or, if not, being a penniless girl, I must can my living alone in a stranue land or starve.'

Mer bright eyes were flashing, her tall figuri was drawn up straight, burficad thrown'bael willi a queenly air. Bryun looked at tin glorious colouring of lier1 wann checks, bel li|».

" My God,"hesaidunder his breath ;"whal a beauiUul woman you arc. Bou't marr} that old mun ! Listen ! May I speak to yoi to-night after dinuer ? quick, say yes ! Tin othctu nie coming this way."



That same night two figures were leaning over thc rail, above thc lower deck, when groups of Portugese emigrants lay huddler asleep. If not solitary, it was perhaps th« only quiet spot in the big ship (hat was full ni human life and curiosity, but with little tc

interest idle folks' minds.

Bryan was speaking ; his voice was like ll» bursting af it mill dam, when its waters rusli irresistibly foi th uftor-beiag long set tip.

" At last ! At Inst 1 I thought dinner would uever end. Never mind who is watch- ing dowu there ; no one is listening. Dear dearest Aim, I adore you. I have felt inclined to jump overboard hilf a dozen times thcao last days. ... To see you always siltiug there siniliug at Lord Thanet. 0 oh," Bryan dramatically buried his head in I his hurols. pressing his elbows on the hard rail,

uilh a grouu.

" Bul you never cullie ne ,r mc. How could I know. It was not fair, indeed."

" Not fair » I kept away for your sake, my dorliuggirl. Vou don't know tho straits I am in. All right enough for myself being a man, but for you-"

Steps sounded behind in tho shadow. Tho after-dinner couples were strolling right round the promenade deck.

" Do not miud mc. I can tako care of my- self," whispered Nan with flattering breath. Sile did nm quite mean to say Ihe words, hardly knew what shu was saying; her own voice sounded strange as if repeating some- thing read somewhere in u hook.

" Look at tho Southern Crois 1" Bryan started up straight, pointing with a flourish towards that over-praised constellation, whicli cannot match a star with Orion. This was for thu hcnch'l of thc passera by. Then in un cager under tone of triumph, "Mind, you must come hume hy I lie other >;ideto .lamaica, if you can have Chili, say in three or four months. I shall have doie my business in Peru, and we mast msko the rest of Ihn voyage togctbor. Promise ino, darling !" His arm stole round Nan's waist, his breath was on lier fase ; it was almost a IIÍBS-not quite.

"I promise. I will come back."

" Hullo, oh! Sugar-stick ! where are you hiding!" souuded iu Billy Wood's voice from same distance. " Captain Goodman is look- ing everywhere for you. Wants you to take a bund ut. euchre." And tho lovers started, guiltily upart.

For the next few days Aso Moatnguo lived in a timmi. Thc glamour of love mis itponi lier; walking she thought only of Patrick! Bryan; sleeping she dreamt of bim. She hardly knew what- common words she said hardly saw him with lier actual eyes eating on smoking, laughing .with boisterous vigour, on sprawling handsome and indolenten bis lounge: chair-because she was still thinking of her lover ; of that one happy ulght-still hearing the sound of bis passionate words-seeing his'


Just ono small streak ol light' had (allen on his face,- escaping from the curtained window of the third officer's cabin behind their tryst. Ann Montague could have even cxuhiugcd (hs real-man those dayB< willingly, for the happy memory'of him. But they hurdly ever mel alone again. Why not? Not Bryan's wish, certainly, but others seemed always on the watch to play care,

takers, lo the solitary girl ; bc just near enough not to, pcrhapB, overhear, hut still to have an eye ott tltc pair. Captain Goudmnn for one, tho old priest, and most of all, Mrs.

Bellamy, who suddenly revived her former < affection for Anu, aud continually sought thc

latter's side.

Then came one of the most beautiful sights in thc world, thet is, Kio Harbour. As Un i " Yarrow" steamed in at suttriso lite sea urouud lay like glass, with misty islands swimming largo in it. Then followed a bak- ing day iutbc inucr harbour when the Vessel's hti,BB rails burnt the hand like liars of hot iron ; and the heal waa fierte'y glaring on deck, despite double awnings, bu* the cnbitiB were as hot us tho hottest rooms of a Turkish bath. No chanco of lauding to tee the glorious tropical vegetation, and climb Corcovado. Yellow fever and insurrection were both in full nwinf. The water smelt evilly in the harbour, and noa- again from thc dark row of insurgent men of war, came u flash, a puff of smoke and slow boom, to which a dilapidated Government fort sullenly re-


Kew slept that night, us added to the sti- fling heat- there was the uuisc of coaling, for Gaptain Goodman feared death on board (rom heat apoplexy if he delayed starting. So, for ull its beauty thc *' Yarrow" passengers gladly said adieu to Rio next

mot clog, und its hills, violet coloured against, cobalt sky, their slopes of brilliant green. Then some of the putmcngcrs, Ann among them, cried out with delight as a little covn opened out so deeply blue, witb dazzling, wliile strand, it waa like a dream of fairy-


" But it's nothing to my Home in Jamecia," declared Bryan close by. "Ab! our place goes down to the sea, with a bay that would beat this one into fits. You should see it. "

" Why, tte tallis like a married man al- ready," chaffed some of tho bystander", and Ann turned (isle instead of blushing. Luckily for her Bhe often did that when greatly


Good-bye lo tbo glittering harbour, studded with rocky islcta, fringed with glorious foliage; c;ood-bye to the high peaks clustered in picturesque outline against the sky ; spires, und couts, and ramparts. Here towers tire majestic Sugarloaf lock, with a crown of verdure far aloft on his bead, und a regal mhiitlu on hiB lower elopes, but only a tew gold and green patches on his )>arrcii sides, which time has worn so smooth. On-past mme peak, the mountain ringo dwindling, narrowing-as thc Yarrow stands out from laud though thc gleam of the yonder white strand is still bright across thc waters, which which ure no more ruffled than a mill pond.

At night all porra were open, but towoi de four o'clock thc dark figure of- a night watch- man passed round, closing them inexorably. Then thc ship's gliding motion grew rougher; it rocked, it swayed. By morning many on iioard were ill, and Ann If not quite so, was faint from the terrible heat all night, and only able to creep upstairs and in (he ladies


" How do you feel!" asked Lord Thanet, supporting hiuiBclf with difficulty at the open


" Like a dissolving vfew,"an«wcred Ann, in feeble, would-be laughing accents.

" Ho 1 Ho I You do look bad," said Bryan's vigorous voice in thc background. I " Come, you will find die Bummer in jamaica hotter than this, down tn thc plain,"

" You go away," interfered Billy Wood. " We haven't been reared in an orchid house like you. It is enough to make the ladies ill I to see you crowing there." (Poor Patrick

thought Nan to horsclf. He did not undcr I stand the wretched faintness others were

' feeling from the heat add rough water. He was so strong, that it made him perhaps a trifle unsympathetic)

Suddenly the skies grew black, and for some hours tropical rain poured down from them in buckctsful, sweeping tito decks deer I of all beings but some quartermasters, who I looked like dripping porpoises. All evening

the downfall lasted ; the ports were closed, I sad through thc noise of falling water sounded

thc wash post and Bwisti of the waves, as j every minute one broke against the vessel's side, scuding its spray high. Thc screw throbbed like a dumb thing trying lo roar. j

" Good night, ladies ! This day has been forty-ciuht hours long," chorused the men's voices i hat night, standing botwecn thc music room door and the ladies' saloon, where the weaker sex were more or less prostrate. Only Aird. Bellamy was ure)) enough to play poker us usual with thc Brother-hood, and Nan bitterly her envied rival's superior sea-going qualities. " For to-morrow-to-morrow-we shall bc in Monte Video. Open your trunks and get on pocket-handkerchiefs," was Billy Wood's cheerful good-night. And the Captain 'added, " Ports all closed lo windward, ladies,


I Gasping in the stuffy cabin, Nan vaguely

consoled herself that her very exhaustion pre- vented her feeling to-morrow's parting us acutely as she otherwise surely would. It was this, sud tho glad certainty of going home with her lover northwards (rom Peru to

Jamada, that made her fall so contentedly j asleep. Yet many other ladicB spent some hours in thu passage, where (lie draught from the air-pumps blew strong, and poor children were fretful with prickly heat.

Next morning the " .Yarrow " stopped ut Flores Island, off Monte Vidéo. Ann had struggled up on deck; not well, but wishful to see the lost of her dear friends, Thanet and ! Billy Wood ; and no, not the lust, but to say

" good-bye till we meet again," to her lover, Patrick Bryan. Mrs. Bellamy was goingxm shore too (with him), but she was crying.

" Good-bye, Miss Montague," she said in u low but so friendly a tone that Ann was amazed. " I hope wc shall meet some day again, for I like you. And perhaps then you will know then that I have been in reality a greater friend to you on board, than I think you (bink. Well I I hope when you marry you may bc happier than most of us, my dear. 1 t's a dreadful lottery. Oh ! There s my husband t n that tender come nut to meet me." (This in a melancholy tone). Then with a souud of relief, "Butlcau't join him till after quarantine, on that wretched


Flores, indeed, looked a miserable rock, in the ocean toppttd by a lighthouse, that seemed a warning finger pointing out the wretched- ness of lue red quaruntiue buildings, and ihcir prospect of the cemetry beyond,

J'S I lie reluctant passengers were put over- board condolences wore rained jeeringly upon them by those left behind. " We shall bc drawing lots to eat each other in a day or two," was Bryan's last vigorous grumble.

Pórc Creurdoux-was it by chance-kept re-'

markably close to Anu all' that morning, so j Ihut her lover could only Bhuke her hand '

n i h brief force in adieu.

" Come along, old Sweet-stuff," cried Billy Wood. " You won't starve. You usn Buck: your paws like a bear in winter, you sugar planter, and a little thinning won't do yon or

mc nny harm."

So they were gone.-actually gano. And thereupon Ann collapsed. .Mot lill some hours later did she feel like herself again.. All was calm ; a cold south' wind blew, and they were still lying in the brown flood of tho great river La Plata. Then Kau felt very lonely on the big ship, wlier- lately friendly faces had met ber atevery turn. Almost as. lonely as »hon leavingr England ; while u terrified feeling that eueb day the ship was plunging and - forging! abend-ever ' nearer to its journey's ond- filled her with increasing asjjprehenaions, at thoughts of eo soon mooting her so called husband, Don ltd nardo. Ones the ordeal was passed,- then*-then ? would comet happy deliverance, the mooting-with Bryan; freedom ; andi a future that was all rosy clouds, suffused by the dawning beams of a girl's first love. Even patting the thoughts

of Bryan osida-íorn moment, Nàu mined thc othersj Mfesr^iBIHy-Wood'-s brotherly kind nee« and' invariable good-humour ; misted Thanet'* pulc-fáce, add'tho weary voice that tras alway*' expïesslnpv thoughtfulness for


" Yèsj'1 Nits mnsed'tt)4ierself. " What a porfeot tnafltme couM'tmlie by mixing^ouhe

food qaalitlstjmfJthf s&indl y band of 'brotj^H

am in love^aMtuiPatriäfcjBryan, hut nol^H blindly thatti <kxiot-B8o his failings," s»'^H sage mafden'conslndedr But it wes not li°?B that a man in the-flush'of health and yo°j|

could bc so chivalrous,- so self-denying

invalid, who one ifel«< with instinctive awo, had said farewell- to' hopes of woman's love ; t o rightful ambition of serving his country and

fullów men.

" Poor Thanet ! I shall never bu likely to meet so welt brod and chivalrous n gentleman again," thought- Nim' to' herself. "If one could meet snch an'one'in health, he would he perfection." She -mlilit have loved thc invalid, indeed, but that'the seal of early death was set upon hie face.

.So the big-ship nailed smith, and ever sont li ; leaving the-Argentino land, coasting Patagonia, pissing lita' Straits. There Ann took a chill in thc bitter cold, and did not cure to look nt groat glaciers or green tvoods any more ; nor was interested in Kuegian'savages'bringing fur rugs for wile. Then, worst of all, came. Cupe Pilar, and a tossing, terrible sea which she hated, fair sailor lliongh'taliu really, was hy now ; und next the COARD of Chili and' Concepción -Harbour, where Captain Goodtnausonght lier out v-ilh

two lrtlorB in hist hand.

" This is from Doa Kdoardo, hoping thal' you have had a good voyauc, and desiring me. to say that he-kisses your feet."

"That he what?" exclaimed Nan, spinet.

" Merely a Spanish phrase," said the Captain', unmoved. "And this," tapping thu other letter, "is-an epistle 1 cnnc-iuted tim other day after mrehihinking. lt's lo break the matter genrly about ynu. Of course, th« bett Way outofaH the difficulty will he if he wit have you instead .oftne other girl."

" I won't huvc him."

" Very wull-don't. Nobody will force yon, you may bo sure of that. But yon promised to let thc poor fellow down as gently as possible, rrtimmbei1."

"I will, indeed, Captain Goodman Why do yon looked at mc reproachfully ? Indeed ! Iadccd ! I fcc! how good and kind you hnve been in this matter, and I will do my best to gain your good opinion, though I did act so wrongly in the beginning. . I can't say

more. "

"No, and 11 believe you won't do les," whereupon t hé honest sailor Bhook Ann's bund heartily. This lotter, he explained, would lie posted with the Europe maila on shore, and so reach Valparaiso the day before tho ship. "That is if no railway bridges break down, or collisions occur. There were about sixty two 6rst-clasB accidents last yctir."

(Tolié con (inucrf.)