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Chapter TitleSYNOPSIS
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Full Date1896-07-04
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Newspaper TitleMorning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954)
Trove TitleHalf Round the World to Find a Husband. A Comedy of Errors
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Half Bound the World to Find a




Aulliorof " Hay Ronnie!," "A .lenci of a Girl," " Goblin Gold," " Dead Men's Dollar«," " Mr. and Mrs. Herries," &c.



SYNOPSIS or rituvioi's I IIAITKUS.

(.'ifAlTKKs I. H. III.-Atm Montano um) Anita MncTnjíiii- nrr t wo m'hwl^irl«: tIii'ronner iv uti orphan atid of gentle disposition, wink' thc lader In of u ¡MT Bliasivc nature, and Uer |i .renln live in south America. Anil a'« parent» wish her lo IK; ni.inieil tu a Chili cut i tien ia ii, and caiimitHslon Copt. (înndnian to arran.u to marry lier by proxy to Don Iv mardo rainier. Anita lowen n voiiiiir limn. Willie Finn, win li vt* mw HIL BCII ol. Slie. persuadí'^ Anti lo t.ik» lui' ptaee in Ititi proxy Miarria^'i', and assure**: her 'hut ii in- uh a pre teure. At the mme time thal Atm ire tn married*. .1 Mr. Itrynn orí ¡iii: us proxy, Anita id married in Willie l-'imi nt the Iti'iriHtry OlUVr. Af HT tin* marring Anita tells Ann I hut whe ia really married, on-J lliat lier hosts aro lulielleil Señoril a 1'iihiier. TIIH HI upset*. Aim tint rmc wriion lo Capt. Goodilla letliiitf him rf her dereplinn. Ile iiieots her in the ailinn;.room of tho Motel, and nsktj her to explain the whole mat ter.

CIIAI'TKH lll.(w)ntinii«lX IV&V.-Ami tclln Ihr story to Captain fiootluian. who ÍM much an m M-ri, and kindly asks her if HIIU will come with him or »lay in London. Aim coe« io pet* lier Aunt fiarbara, hut elie in Bi coldly receiv ed Hint che deciden (o sail fur Smith America in Capt. U' odmaii'n '.hip " Tin- Yarrow." Ami relurnn lo Liverpool, and fiinlin^ thit Anita has-jone to London she coes 0» hoard (he kli-auier. Sin- itt well ni tended to hy the Hie warri H on Hie hoot uhich 1 * av i n ii tel sall «ouielime )9 ucl) dich the il«y nf lÜNcay. Mr. Brynn who acted as proxy in thc nmrriuire, ie UIKO very

au au Ike lo Ann.