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Newspaper TitleMorning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954)
Trove TitleHalf Round the World to Find a Husband. A Comedy of Errors
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" Are you foci i nu sea sick ?" inquired thc stewardess, making her uppoirance in Ann*!


"I don't know ) have never bec» to *v.¿

before ; but I furl tm if I were going to die.' The tear* twice checked that day, reassertci themselves once inure, and Nan cried bitterly . on thc worthy widow's shoulder. She ciiec

al thoughts of Ictviug Knglund behind lier, and her uunt who did not CA re for her, and ul tlu-girls for whom &he cured, who would fur g«'t her, when they uere scattered to theil homet; or got married. There was Marj Hewitt whom shu had loxed liken sister, HOM g»iic to India, and who had never written foi thc last six mail«, bc cu usc her station life wat b0g&y ; besides others who were training foi ourses or gone tu Girton.

44 You ate tired now," said thc stewardess, whose well of sympathy waa brimful after u week in port, though it would be soon d rai uer dry in tho passage down channel und into tin Hay, " Jufit tired and feeling lonely, I am thinking. Vee, that's what muk ca people Bick more ihau the motion." 80 she putted and ch cc roil Nannie, tucking thc tuflerer ¡ute her berth, where her sobs presently ceased, although the wind blew stronger, and I ht waves rocked thu ship ever harder.

As night came on there followed noises of smashing crockery, of footsteps running along ihe deck ; ratlines and shaking* of thc most mw and alarming kind. For two days »nd three nights, Kan passed what she called a "quint time." Ill at times certainly, but nothing to make u fu>*B about, BK she told her- self and thc stewardess. Indeed, she thought of all thc pleasant places she hud seen in her short life ; of a walking tour in Wales with Molly Huyes and her brother1?, the eldest of whom hud one- tried to kif« Nun on a never to-be-forgotten, last, lovely afternoon. And though the daring youth hardly stici-ccdcd in touching her esr. Nan almost felt engaged to him in her si cid heart afterwards and was much surprised lately on learning he was cn g-tg'.d f) lr married.

Int* r¡ upiions lo this time of self commun- ing u er« few, thoued forcible. One was from Grti nV Hi«fury, flan-/ hy thef-hock of n heavy wave righi act-t-s Mut cabin from a shelf, hit ting its owner a violent blow, accompanied by shower of larger ui'ssile-. Aun had piously left it out (hat (,MI night on shore, as improv- ing literature for idiip ho;»rd, ulong with a Spanish gr.immrr, MK! sm!;*? French and ela t-iü«. IVepV new Io a voyage generully do tun with manner of similar praiseworthy int ?..?¡(¡ona.

44 ls thiti what you t-iil nniçh, stewardess," she enquired the next day, gravely.

" Well, rather," replied that excellent creature, attitudinising at» if on thu light rope balancing a bu sin of arrowroot in 011c hand,, and holding by the door. "Can you take


NH» oin í't 'ully believed herself aipahlc of such :< j ugh*-* 's J* itt, wJiPii un r.víiu ín..iVi> of the ciu-uiiniiili« »va deposited huh? the raid- ing eoulfüHH upon her.

"Xo matter, n.iss, you ate bittier without

it," wa* th'.: enuufct'l of the hhip's cumforter. ¡

* The Hiller lidies -re eating all the time."

*' Kating ? W hy, limy must he much better

tailors iii<u J am."

41 Xn, indeed ! I wish they w< rc. They Uc' p on trying tn keep up their Klrenglh, BB they ci ll it ! uidy just keeping up tm.ii sick- ness, 1 Ruy. And the remedien tiny adi fur - apple; tat t, pot let', salL bacon and ot unges ! But U¡i-te tfi u g' Ulïentitn on board who keeps telling his Mewmd to bring him W,K water, H' drunk half a bucketful, and it has mtule him »« sielt, he can't be worae, so peri.,.; lie will eel better."

'iXei: mie morning our heroine awoke, with a MM!:-« 0!" wmlcuesH buf comfort, for the ship wai fairly steady, und her dress hung straight from its hook, nu longer waving half accost)

the cabin.

Then thc chief steward h i mw; If koo ked at thc door, giving Captain Goodman's complb inents, timi it way Sunday morning, and they were in Vigo Hay. Would not Miss Montague come up un deck ?"

Mt*.* Montague, Not Mit». Tulmer ! Her own ti un ie inspirited Ann va much that, with a little aid. Him wa» presentable on deck, though kidding feebly to every rail.

IiManfly hulr-a-df'ZiMi friendly masculine arms «i re offered to her, among them that of Mr. Ü, naturally Nan uccepud his aid atan atijuainiuuue, BO nitUnilly tl).? oilier ht'; ' i¿' iviiieil. -*ml MI it bt-g.m,

*. T.Mi't the sra jolly ? So eulin and quiet I now," remarked Slr. Bryan, after due, almost too concerned, inquiries regarding Nun's late


** VCB, indeed. IMI'Í it pre'fy h»\-<\" and Nan cu/.'d with delight at thc low and white 1 saudrt of Vigo Hay, willi further on thc little

town outspread,

i Ii'ii well enough, but I fancy wc would ! call any coast pretty after the last three day«,"

shrewdly remarked her companion. 41 When . I made my first voyage wc were nearly lost in , a tomado, coming from Jumuic«., and J would

have been glad to be seated eu fe ou a barren rock, feeding on limpets and rain water. Talk nf lovely scenery, you should Bec Jamaica; that*s my home," and Mr Bryan

3 launched off into glowing descriptions of that

I dream island. I1 rom these he was recaller! f by a Eense that his companion's attention waa - engaged by the novelty of the scene before

ber own I wo eyes, rut her than that which occupied t hr1 one of lan mi: d, though why a mind eliould bu supposed to have only one optic, like that of Polyphemus, is a riddle lo

? thc writer.

, '* Ah you ibiuk thal a bud in thc hand is . worth Uo in thc bush," remarked the young

man, who was very unod humoured, and most easy to get ou with, a* Atm had already gratefully found nut, for she wus still shy with strangers. Watching that old follow and Inn s boatload of orangrp? L:l us chalThiin."

He beckoned to thc boatman, nt which thc > lutler grinned, pushing alongside and holding i upa basket with inviiing gestures exclaimed

in Kuglk-h learnt by long experience : 11 Tho lot u nhilliuu !" lidding Spanish. " Lords a*id gentlemen, buy sonic for your fair Indies."

" Isn't lie delightful? Look al his orange ' shirt ai.d tnt temi blue coat," exclaimed Nan, "and how hot the sunshine is ? Just j toiliiuk how we were Hhivenng in England a

few days ugo ! and look at thetc picturesque j people."

Uoalloada{¡ of emigrants were crowding 011 i board gaily, bringing their clothes in empty

meal sacks. These woineu with yellow 'kerchiefs tied over their IicadB, smiled

iiiBtcad of weeping, and laughed back at thc men in the grceu boat« below, who were Buck ¡rig oranges und drinking wino out of big wickcrcovercd jars which they raised lo thai!


" How you Beeni to enjoy it all. I declare it quite (loen ono gund tu Bee a girl take such pleasure iii these sights," commented Bryaut admiringly.

"Common Bights Í If wo have many moro like this I s>iull think thc vuyagc delightful,"

intered Nan from lier houri.

"Thai's right," cried Cuptuin Goodman's voice, ns a pair of stou' legs descondod a l.i.liler just overhead ; " of course you will. I'cnple who only stick at home, iu dear old

(.gland, never know how jolly it can he iu otlnr phiees of the world."

By ami by when Mr. Ityrun was ctiled away by i.¡mired friends to take a cocktail, «nd Ann vv.13 left comfortably stretched in his own deck chair, with cushions for lier huck, rugs over her feet, and lust weeks comic paper nt lier elbow, ihe young woman mused in amazement. Was she the .-ame living who been wecpiug so bitterly only a few days -hours ago,so seemed-ut leavingEnglund, ila » inier rain and iuds, dreading storms, lnm-tiiicss and frieudlcïsnctis on the unknown

i'lui1. evening Ann valiantly appeared at dinner, finding a plucc assigned her on thc . wi ptain's left hand. As he was an old friend this appeared only natural, unit she chatted to liim gaily, unaware that a handsome middle agul luily opposite was regarding her with ? ye» of surprising disfavour. Thc latter, nevertheless,kept upan animated conversation with three or four tuen on her right, amongst them being Mr. Byran. Ann, giving thc latter now and again a friendly glauco when- ever C iptain Goodmau iciren up'.e 1 his really agreeable tulk, to inspect critically some of thc immy dishes odored him, caught scrapes of some je-ting, Happy-family EiigL'Cslions being nude hy her vis-ii-vi*

A Hand of friendly Brotherhood appeared to have been already formed by the bachelors on huard, who were all to treat each other in turu to whisky and sodu when there was a sea on, or champagne on festive occasions, or clare when in thc tropics. To this thc lady begged to be considered vivandière, lending bottles of pickles mid SAÚCOS, seasoned nair, spiced pepper, with clearly outspoken in junctions not to let these delicacies stray

too far.

"Do not let those other p?op'e have my private property."

" How rude," thought Nan, with all u young girl's indignant surprise at euch a breach of good manners. Captain Goodman also p-uscd, noticing the speech and it* accompanying by-play with un amused


The lady instantly seized the opportunity to addrc-s herself tu him in au undertone, of winch Nan, however, caught every word, as it was perhaps intended she should.

"(if cou sc what 1 said docs mit apply to you, Captain Goodman. Yo« are welcome to ult my condiments, us you have made mc free of tile ship ¡orso 1 hnpeufterfour voyages with you. Only I feel quite neglected this lime until this minute I have not been able to get a word in edgeways. Pray, «nay I ask, who the young lady is beside you, and why she should be promoted to Buch a place of

honour ?"

" Why should she not ?" was thc enigmatic answer. " She happens to he a friend of mine, like you-or so I hope you are after four voyages. Also she happens to he under my care."

"O-h! Not married, I sec. No ring, but "-a pair of keen blue eyes scrutinised Nan's well-fitting gown, which did credit to Anita's drensinikor. " Tray introduce us."

"Miss Montague-Mrs. Bellamy," duly announced Captaiu Goolman, still with a furtive smile hovering about hiB jolly shrewd


"Are you a good sailor?" aeked the lady, begining with this sea formula. " What, your first voyage ?" All I So you arc not returning to South America ; I thought not," with a condescending emile. Thereupon elie captured the captain for the remainder of the meal, while Nan eat contentedly sileut, with a bride and bridegroom whispering together ou her other side. Lonely; nut she !

Mr. Bryan opposite was peeling lier un orange, so she learnt by his friendly signals, even before thc waiter uppeurod with the dainty and the gcntlcmun'B compliments.

Peeling oranges on shipboard is one of the requisite accomplishments of all male passengers, and thc rival brothers of thc band kept up a running fire of ctilicism ou Mr. Bryan'B method, looking round wistfully for other ladies to whom they could offer, like- wise, their own very superior productions in the art; but us yet nobody knew each


" Wc have only got shaken up, but not shaken down yet," as a passenger next lo Bryan jocosely remarked lie waa an Irfah mun, un though beginning hiB forties, was quite as lively us young Bryan in IIÍB own way, being rich iu an inexhaustible fund of good humour und autu&cmcut, though he drew a linc, he declared, at bodily exertion.

" No dancing on board for Billy Wood, thunk you " ."o Ann, lending au ear, heard him reply to Bryan's eager anticipation of the waltzing they would presently enjoy, on clear Blurry nights in thc tropica. '* After a big dinner like this, it's as much as I can do to waddle up and down the deck, smiting my bi cant, and wielling I hadn't eaten so much. That's all we arc capable of, ch?" and he turned to his travelling companion, a pale and sickly individual, who silently assented with

a Muull smile.

lu her own mind Nan respectively christened them, the " Kunuy Man," and the


After «Himer everybody Bought wraps, and streamed on deck. Here iu the darkness, our heroine found herself most pleasantly ad- dressed by Mrs. Bellamy.

" Won't you come and talk to tne a little. Miss Montag ic ? You caiiLot think what a relief it wu« to see you sitting opposite nie ut tahio One geuerally inectB only such dreadful people on these voyages. Thc men arc well enough, but I can hardly ever take the

faintest interest iu their womankind. Tell mc (with p uyful con6ilence), would you he very much shocked if I smoke a cigarette? Bul, of course, you won't. Yea will have one youi'Bclf, won't you ? No ! Well, come at least with me round this corner, outof electric light, to spare the weak minds of Ihese goody goody souls. Not that I am likely to exchange ideas with any of them throughout the vojage; I hardly ever do." And Mrs. Itellamy, with a red Basque cap stuck rakishly on ono side of her matronly head, in thc teeth of a wind that blew out her matches, and blew in her Bkirts round her large figure, giggled to Nan us youthfully ns any ¿chool girl.

"Tell me," usked the latter, her heart expanding under these overtures of friendship, " w hy did you say at dinner that you thought 1 could not be returning to South America?"

" Becausi. (flatteringly) you arc unt thc Blylc of girl who IMB been born out in the wilds, ami sent t.n England to be polished up. Besides, nobody ever dreams of returuiug lo South America, once they know what it is like, and could help it ; that I can assure you from experience. 1 have a iiushund dinning iu thc Argentine."

Nan's good spirits felt considerably dashed. (" ls it true ?"she pretently inquired of Captain Gondinun, when thc latter and thu band nf brothers presrnily joined them.)

"Oh ! rubbish ! She doesn't get on with her husband like lola of other wives, dial's all, and so she calls it exile to go out to him. Don't you mind her; you would make Illings plcusaiitcr for any man you married, I know. Never mind how I know ; it's written on your


After this thc sea begun to seem lively, and our unseasoned passenger judged it discreet to seek lier cahill once more, before being com- pelled to do so, in uu6ccnly basie.