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Full Date1889-07-06
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Newspaper TitleMorning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954)
Trove TitleA Pit Brow Lassie
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Author of "The MOBS Pit Mystery," "A

Poor Man's Tragedy," " Judith's j

Romance,'' Ac.



CIIAPTKRS 1. ANO ll.-At Ashford, a towa of collcrfcs, is thu Kintr Pit, wbera worked Kat« Ltlith, A ». pit brow lassie," somewhat above ibo ordhury run of the oolllery «iris. Her handsome faoe and superior nilen attract 1 Luke KUii^irfi, « collier of and bowe

aw Ditton, Ile appreciate» An Accideat which enables him to drap ber from under the wheels of an approaching wagon, but, slipplnjr himself, sustains a serious accident, which prostrates bini for rome time. i Kate Lefch and her mother riait bliD In bia lUncsi. and

an acquaintance springs up between them He lands her a copy of Miss Jiraddoo's " To tbe Bitter EM) " to


Cn A rm R III and IV.- Luke StandUh and Kate Leigh attend a picnic aud there became avowed lovers, ino marriofre however being posponed Ind finitely. The Btory taking- a retrospective step relates how the (albor and mother of Kate Leish resided at Pendleton nome twenty y ra» bt-fore tho even s previously narrated occur, (lo ia thriftless and drunken while ehe ls palnatakir-jr ami thoughtful. Jealous or the kindness ?howu to her by Gcorire uamfortb, A former lover, he quarrels with herai.d leavre her. títruiípilng alone, she and her child, Kate, go to live at Orrelbsn), and there Kate, working at one of tbe pits Is ft rosily insulted b> ihe in»naper. She tell him with a brush, and rho «nd her motlier leave the town, returning to Ashford u lur« her father hid eo cruelty left them.

Ca A pTKRM V and VI,-Mr. Henry Wlllesden, solicitor. Manchester, receives a letter froai an oM friend in Austral! t who asks him to undertake a comrals-lon for him, namely to discover tlw «ta reabouts of his sister, Marpoo t Ua*i»pton, (Mr*. L< h,'h). He hos prosper^ in Australia and ls anxiain to he «r of bis sifter, Arthur Wlllesden, a nephew ».f lil', a young rcapegracc, thou pb his escapados are unknown to his relatives, undertakes tc&atrime thc part of amateur detective. Uc ii lucky tu lin di nf the LdgbB, and Ocir-p captivated by tho gin's beauty, relives to )Ay a trap for lier.

CitxiTLH VII AN<L> VIJJ,-Luke S tindish and a nuiiil»cr of men arc declutched to ic ps tr a fallen roof in thc ttitur flt. On their way they ere completely blocked by the debrt*. Luke goloir up one of thc aveiisci try! y lo find out a way of epre«, ls struck by thc appearance of what seems to be a tuan ten years older thnn htmscli. Thc man's face wore a Weird cx|>ro*sio'i, ujran witch Luke fr r.-d envll-bouod. 'Jbc next moment he fcltau Icy chill as the figuro passed him. «nd di«arpeaiod. Then Luke >ank unconscious on thc floor. Meanwhile a search ts made for the tnltslag