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Chapter NumberXIX (Continued).
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CHAPTER XIX {Continued). j

THE savage was the first to break silence, with a grunt. Ronald said :

" Name you ?"

" Molonga 1" was the fierce reply.

This was not altogether newB to Ronald, tSrshe bad suspected as much from the great size antkweight of the savage, though he hod

supposed^ijefore the encounter, that ho lay Btark on the "ground, many miles from there. It is proverbiaL/it&^ever, that a black has us many lives as a cav>s^Ji«maUiJieard the

confirmation of his suspicions without-, surprise. A native police officer, known to the author, carried a lone knife for the purpose of cutting off the heads of blacks shot by himself or his men " in the excution of their duty," for, said he, " So many blacks riddled with bullets, and supposed to be-and really ought to be-dead, turn np to clo more mischief, winch they would find a difficulty in doing without their' heads." A fact that few will dispute. Molonga said, for he could speak a little broken English, j

"You] white-fellow devil devil ! you.tchoot 'm me to-day-nb fear, bong (dead). You bong d'reckly, now. You piccaninay-me ouoV/Ty'trong old man."

" You piccaninny," said Ronald, tauntin- gly

" Youi-that like it piccaninny," ho said, bumping up and down on Ronald's stomach, almost knocking his breath. Ronald did not repeat the taunt for prudential reasons, and at that juncture a "coo-e-e" was heard from the camp. Sot having a reply from Ronald, it sounded again ana again and again ; then the sound of feet was heard, as though the men were scouring the bush. Molonga kept bis keen eyes roving about, aud at length, with a sudden movement, relaxing his grasp of Ronald's wrist, he clutched his knife with his left hand. Ronald was quick as he, fired hurriedly. Thc knife fell out of the savage's hand aud grazed Ronald's neck. Then with a yell, Molonga sprang up, like a tiger, and

with a dexterous twist withdrew his wrist from Ronald's grasp, and made off at a rapid pace towards the lake, followed by a shot from Jupiter, and by that individual himself. Tlie chase was a hot but short one, the distance to the lake only being a hundred yards orso. Molonga, ou reaching the bank

which just there rose perpendicular, about 20 | ft. from the water, plunged over head fore- most. Jupiter not Knowing the ground was nearly following involuntarily, and just pulled himself up at the very brink. He peeped

over, and saw the circles widening from the spot, where the great savage had dived, and waited with thc other pistol ready for his re- appearance. He waited long and patiently, watching keenly, but no Molonga, nor sound, nor ripple on the water indicating his

presence. At length, giving up all idea of seeing moro of him, and hearing Ronald's call, he returned to the camp.

Ronald and thc two white men were discuss-

ing the event.

"Well, Jupiter, what became of your man? said Ronald.

"That been go 'longa water,'an mine no more see 'm. P raps that bong. Where you been hit 'im, sir V

" I am not sure, but I think it was in the arm, for he dropped tho knife when I fired, and there is blood on my clothes, I see."

" Mine think it that bong. That baal come up again longa top of water.

" So much thc better if he did not ; but I expect wc shall see inore of him some day. Faith I thought I was strong in the arms, but he was my match. I never felt such a grip in my life !" said Ronald, showing tile marks of the savage's fingers on his wrist. " I do not think it is any use sitting up any longer. I sec my watch is up an hour ago, so I will turn in, for I am tired."

Jupiter followed his master's example, but Smasher and Pinchgut preferred to watch together, as neither felt inclined to sleep again. The morning broke without further cause for alarm, and the oamp was once more astir. One of the men went with Jupiter to catch the horses, as Ronald thought it would be .imprudent for ouej» go atone. When they mounted, Ronald directed the two white men to put all the cattle they could find on ito the camp, while he and Jupiter had a search in the forest to see if they could find any ' more in that direction. They rode back- ward and forward through the buBh for an hour, and then took a turn towards the foot of the range. Close to the outside of the belt of timber, they came upon a black's oamp. The supporta of the bark qunyaht had been .withdrawn, and the sheets of bark lay flat on tee grofflndï ' This is a pisa often adopted Ivy ,blacks, sad whan they do so, it ts with otu of two objectai. Cae ts, lt thcglssrs going ?way

from UaXsmtammmj^^rfag a. time,

they lay tho Wk flat, 'i^^hi',¥fc^W

atones on lt ~ tt>7 iee*''-'fltt-^a^g being blown about hy the wi^'tórlm^^ the sun, and it wffi oe ;'fitior.^'^WMB their return. The other objeff'^^pum^S nat, is to avoid the bbservWU»',^ignM^ should they be in the nelÂbbin^rjÇtt.'^^» latter was the roost proton'fW»Kmi®fíí razing the camp, in the preveht%««jforeà Jupiter remarked, tho occupanU 1^JwtJ(l

haste, as could be seen by their tratttt&MK had not been gone more than a íeiV^ÍMK They had gone without putting s^eeW*T|

on the bark to keep it flat' va^^r^SM

The ranges wenjsabare of tree«^sJi8.í^m and were composed of brokenVitteíálilBK would have proved inaccessible i&gmSSà horses. There- was no time to losé,',.«í¿i there were no cattle tracks Vlsjb'te-4ii}a$w direction, they turned their horst^liimwfW the cattle camp. Smother and Hucngut'Sprj there with all the cattle toey. hsd *èén'#b evening before. There being a'^nmbfa^tj small calves among the cattle; they bald.jfesi taken gently, and fortunately ^ve no'trjläpj to their drivers. When near tte Jplac*;^mh|* Ronald left his great enemy dead, ' pi'|h thought, thc cattle scented the'. carcalscMi the other blacks, took fright, nnd rari 4ow| the flat. There were only three bodies^fl true enough-the largest had àJsapjiewèÇUp Ronald find, - tnt tBStMftfMdjÜ having -no-doubt- only.- feigned d^atnSffl would rather the other tiree! lind'^Çjâfc than the one who did.-., The cattle t^yS» been run by the blacks that lay there,

not returned that way, but had kept^ljiSSS course towards Boorooma. Thepa^"4w»rÍ

get much further that afternoon, .aha ¿fiunpe

the cattle in the elbow of a <raeek»wï&rj8àî water, which necessitated only . Wie'Äffllt watch at a time, and without ,a ':h6r^;|te which was a consideration. Next'(Jay, ««ra dinner time, as the cattle -wW:4-SkiW

drawing down the bank of a Ja^jMjM they set up a tremendous beBowwg,^^ began to ring round and round. : The^caiujBiC all this conunotion was found to be*jh»J'j|j three hundred that had gone on before ;^rac feeding in tho creek, -and being -deugMQa^ find their old companions so near, iaajijih'M and joined them. At the end of inn^ypm day from their start from the lake, thejrJSnSe the cattle out on their own run,: whejce-.w*

would require to bc looked after ihotply^W some tune, to prevent them from goinj£|»8 again. It was late at night when tbejäjgÖi reached the head-station. 1 ''-^^lissi

Ada and little Ron had almost gívéi^wBB up for lost, and there was great iMgal when be returned. The child agai£&a||B bullock-driver to his father's 'JBML^L^L^LW they were cast off, and jprajjU^^^^^H

oo find my 'rsj^^^^^^^^^^^l

that I U^^^^^H ellowp^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H

cow that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^PHS

yes, gQ^^^^^HHmVh^W^

He always used words from thePATMwS language fwlien excited. 11 Bring 'emijnô»^ morrow, pappy Î" '^i^^Ma

" Yes. Sfliaiher, Pinchgut, amtl^aj^^K are going to bmu¡ in three or four milk^raj^iil morrow, sonnie. "? '^-ffl^Trawsl

" And 'ittle camiies too ?" S'^^SSSMI " Yes, ever so iñany," ?'; U^I&MM "Oh! gindèworan I BudgéreïMfy&uS corpies!" heogjÉn exclaimed, çap^uw^^^S joy. " Me cojsl a ride horse on old^^g^^ He often transposed sentences ^^¿Sj|ra9H

It mustnot he supposed that rna¿t«r'BónOTfflS always alluding, ora model of recti^ideujUuS co.'i'ljct. No, he did not belöngj^^äära th") -ctical class of super-excellent',JM'nW^CT -nc M .lOtioabk hunia^^^BjMr^1?TM*a^a¿^:3^SM m.? ïîis' diudren^aaVMHaniswicË^g^^^H saine as other children. His .r^.«itrlro8pi always on baud aBnpply of BÙnple Tffld^BffiBsg and salves. Amongst the latter were1p^to"5p|a spermaceti, baBÜicon, and other; jou^^SIGg which she kept on a shelf. The Jjttléiforïïi would climb up on a chair, take them ' WW» and dispense or apply them as the ,»puS^» mischief prompted him, expormentallj^^BJh] father laughed, and said he ivould eerWmly become a great chemist. After tayingiMfi flavour of one or the other, and not uking^K lie would plaster his hair thick Ivithgijy and when he had admired;^4I^K effect before thc glass, he would nm rt0>iî3| mother in great glee, expecting that the |peJÏ formance would call forth strong" expresados of approval. Wien asked what he had.l>Bj| putting on his hair, be would Bay,'*"-Sí!í&jí pematum, mamma." One day bet?tn||ygffi Baw a log of wood in halves with bismajnifilS best comb, the result being, 'as-'ínsgrJ|B¡ supposed, that all the teeth were broke!) <wä|J without an impression being made on thijujji Then he tried to burst the log, as he hoaStón thc splitters doing with mani andiWeSmt

only his tools were the teeth of the conjbjifOTjj wedges and thc bair brush for a maul. TheWjm!! teeth disappeared one after another iü^ihtf| cracks in the log, but the only result :ttârijjH| separation of thc brush from its baot'-4fle,>; looked wistfully at the catastrophe,Y,iúifl|? instinctively felt that he had conumttod .jpiíífj^ indictable offence, He did not lose his ]Bé3f-3 possession, and bis ingenuity aime to hUiid^S He got a pot of ointment, spread itheatteS like butter, on the back of tho"^jbSMhji with the stump of the comb ; l;:v^itifß pressing the back on to it, replacedVê^îf

mended article in its accustomed pla^' .'gêi*

The reader will no. doubt wonder "whyIjtjUpjgj very ordinary child's commonplace - sayings^ and doings ure recorded. The reason;''! simply that, us he plays an important part Mi the events yet to be pourtrayed, it is ,«WyS right that he should be accorded _ ivurtiing^ notice now and then-for his ora;l»aSrA;;j

because he is really not a bad sort, even fórfcV boy ; and for the reader's sake, because, thinkS how startling it might prove to suddenly ;Jn-J traduce, without previous notice," Ronald j> Brandon Walton as a full-blown Proctor, fi

Ketten, Dr. Tanner, or any othér living'«'

wonder. Consider what excitement VÎheiï announcement that au infinitely richer ün ' mino that Mount Bischoff had been discovered;;; in thc heart of Hobart city, by a party Of inen* digging a sewer, would cause. No, in

simple tale like this, it is best to prevent ao&s sudden, and perhaps dangerous affections'wi thc minds of readers, to lead up to the toWeojtëS naturally, liesidos all this, when we hars^j done with little Ron for the purposes of thlsl history, it will be acknowledged that he ÍBHO|* thc stamp of a man that is likely to -gUd»| quietly through the world without beingin0re¡1 heard of. Then, if he is toOscome great-'4n"| his native country, future torians will be J casting about for some of little sayings*

and doing of his childh '., and wifl. wy grateful when they find them here. . '»' 'se!

Ronald was biiBy for a few days, mustering thc cattle and branding the calves. Tba. sheep had engrossed all the care and attention that could possibly be bestowed on them by ; all hands ; consequently the cattle had been? long neglected, and there were a good manyj large calves among them. It is ever, »0^ where sheep and cattle ona station have to be.' worked by tlic same hands. The sheep being-:

of first importance, monopolise all .-ina j attention to the detriment of the cattle. ¿i'j^

Ronald's losses, though really not beaty ^i" tbemaelres, were likely to prove disastrogiB^'

The loss of half the estimated mweaeeot

lambs, and the lightness of the clip, would of, course tell against him both in the, present J and future, and he had already been to eik;. Silas Blast-for a further loan, wbich'Wt»j granted-gleefully granted, tor he looieUï upon itas another mesh in the net he had," spread. He had at first looked uponRonaMi! success with fear,'lest he should fee able toy escape his toil* after alL but How a feeling eli : i»tiafacjira pervaded bia righteous «ml, jfm

? b^leJKhiia tit» money, as he truly Mtt|