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Chapter NumberIX
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Full Date1897-09-04
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Newspaper TitleLaunceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899)
Trove TitleLight after Darkness
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FOR THE CHILDREN. LIGHT AFTER DARKNESS. Written for the "Examiner" BY "ETHELBURGA," LAUNCESTON. CHAPTER IX. Elsie was asked whether Miriam had spoken of her brother's position, but her replies did not in the slightest degree tend to strengthen the: evidence against her cousin. During the day Miriam did not ap pear; and when in the evening Mrs. Roberts went to her niece's room she found her in a very. feverish condi tion. Her illness, however, was of short duration, for on the following day she expressed a desire to see her aunt privately; and, thcugh she was evi dently suffering from great anxiety, she appeared to be well in 1health. The interview was short, but at its close Mrs. Roberts was quite convinced of the pcor girl's Innocence. Mr. R'clberts, however firmly refused to ,withdraw from the position he had taken up, and Mitiam was too proud to discuss the subject further with him. Several weaks passed, and no hope remained of redovering ithe money, or of detecting the thief. One morning Miriam was missing. Mrs. Roberts found a letter in her room, in which she begged her for giveness for hier secret departure. "I could not rematin longer, dear aunV," 'she wrote. "I am convinced that uncle still believes me guilty of theft. You, who know my inniocenos, will, I am sure, understand the depth of the misery I suffer while such a suspicion rests upon nie. In His own time, God, who knows my heart, will bring the guilty to justice; and 'then only will I consent to return to The Acacias. Go:od-bye., dear aunt. I shall not dease to pray for you. I kissed my darling Elsite while she slept last night. My hope is that her life will be a happy one. I am going to Melbourne. I have saved a few pounds, for I have always been care ful of the money you so kindly al lowed me. I feel that I shall Scon obtain a situation as governess, or in some such capacity. I will write often. I must heg fcIrgiveness for Harry, the grdomn who at my earnest solicitation is driving me to town." This letter was read to Mr. Roberts and Elsie. The former was indignant; the latter caused considerable sur prise and uneasiness by fainting. Mr. Robserts refused to permit his wife to attempt to induce Miriam to return; and in order to reliieve his feelings he discharged the pdor groom without notice. Elsie's fainting was attributed to the shock that she had received at being so suddenly deprived Hof sthe com panionship of her..cousin, whom it was believed she tenderly loved. But in her own heart there was a gnawing .despair and a -hatred 'of. self which, strive! -as she might, she could ' not subdue. There was very little happiness at The Acaecias for a long time.