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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1897-08-07
Page Number2
Word Count252
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Newspaper TitleLaunceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899)
Trove TitleLight after Darkness
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FOR THE CHILDREN. LIGHT AFTER DARKNESS. Written for the "Examiner" BY "ETHELBURGA," LAUNCESTON. CHAPTER IV. Now, Elsie, although not averse to study, felt that her talents were not equal to those of her cousin, and she had almost despaired of attaining Mir i'am's excellence inr music. In her study of languages Miriam had fre quently assisted her; but she had found it impossible to help !her with music. The cause of this inability was that Elsie's mistakes and purely me chanical playing jarred upon Miriam's over-s-ensitive nerves to such a degree that she was obliged, reluctantly, to confess that she could only give ad vice-for regular, sustained method in instruction was an impossibility. She could not impart the gift which she possesssed of a just interpretation of the great masters whose works she loved. The weakness in Elsie's character was a 'love of adulation. Every word expressive ,of admiration that was spokenu of heer cousin wounded her, and bitterly did she regret t1hat Mirllam had made her home 'at "The Acacias." This unhaippy state off affairs exisited ht the time of the opening of our story. But Miriam was quite ignoraint of Elsie's feelings towards her. She be lieved that her cousin shared her love and confldence:, and would 'have re pelled with indignation the suggestion that Elsie experienced any jealousy of her superior atitainmeni:s. Weill would it have been 'had Elsie striven to con quer the, unworthy thoughts .that em bittered her young life: How much suffering wou'!d have been prevented!