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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1897-07-31
Page Number2
Word Count333
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Newspaper TitleLaunceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899)
Trove TitleLight after Darkness
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FOR THE CHILDREN, LIGHT AFTER DARKNESS. Written for the "Examiner" BY "ETHELBURGA," LAUNCESTON. CHAPTER II. Bob did not inttend to, return to his work when he left Elsie. He w~ondered why she had been so. anxious concern ing him. Though exceedingly foolish sometimes, he was clear headed enough when he chose to think, and he was convinced that Elsie cared little whe ther he worked or not. She, had a motive, then, in persuading him to leave her. Iooking back he saw her enter the barn. "I can't think what she wants in there." he said to himself. "I'd like to watch her, but I promiised. Bother!" There was a m;omentary struggle with conscience, but the temptation was too strong for Bob, and he gave way. The. vegetable garden was enclosed with a low paling fence. Opening .the, he entered,° and, bending low, crept along until he was opposite the barn, his object being to reach the side of the building unnoticed. Springing over the fence, he moved cautiously forward. Presently the was on his knees, peeping through ai chink be tween the broards of which the barn had been built " What was Elsie doing? She had a small parcel in her hand, and was looking about her as if in search of a hiding place. "Wonder what's in that?" said Bob, to himself, "and what's she going to do with it?" Elsie did not reflect long. In one corner 'here was a:.heap of broken farm implements, pieces of timber, bags, and other odds and ends. Has tily removing a portion of this refuse, she dropped the parcel in the recep tacle thus afforded, and covered it over. It was rough and dirty work for a frail girl, but Elsie managed it after a little trouble. Bob had seen enough. He quickly retreated to 'the garden, where he re sumed his work, satisfied that he was a very clever boy. Meanwhile Elsie had left the barn, and returned to the house.