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Chapter NumberIV
Chapter TitleIMOGENE
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Full Date1888-01-14
Page Number4
Word Count762
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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a a i. illaittl' MH1> Ring- I « É

_ . . ç i 'I


,"" .BW>!£üioaEiiiv««! "'i' 11(1 "'-rr/.


A\nicn!Mogchoíwíís eleven tinsj pro- . lector of-lier infancy «lied. ¡ Lut" ' .allöthörjihoine;, ipçtantly loitered. A wealthy couple of much fondness, it

little cnltiiTOTWloptccUor.-Vj their elnjd,:, and gave her every jggftffift llfo.

sessbd themselves, :they«»peii]y «ndoK valued. Kutv8he'«w-asi.mbb!to bp k$¡fc

All tho graces of marnifiy _

monts of thojight.wlriulitproperly belong, to thc station tshei'hiîd ;iio\v= attained^

but which, in^tltä lo^'tógglcjafter ?wealth,- had,,esçapcd\ï1ia1i^iipst couple that bcfriciùïed'h'èY^'bc' her own, tempering without«destroying her individually anf inoro'than the new* life of resti-iiiiit that-nèw'OTVcriictL her ° ^Hptiysica1r'pl3wers '^à'SWdcH'd'Wcakèn. or

subdue that rare and ppj'cïulid physique wl\ifcli,?naarbccr! lieijfairest birtlnjight.

gb'anöL 'c0n£or>u."rli«VHC^Cil-v^> (fcVp gu^'tciul

world and-its fashions, she passed tho KOiext;fonr.'f jears'; but."scarcely hab%ahe

attained thc1 ago' of fifteen, when bank-, -ruptey,-followed by death, again robbed

her of a hoinc. and .'feet her once more'

adrift on thc^workl. !

This tiníéííslio''-'loolícd io no one for

Âa88i8tançç,"^Bêfwàn^, all offers, ¿i,any ^'{¡'^¡'q'f^tlicn^ marriage,

vinshe; sought if or; work; and after, a short

delay found it: in the'liousehöld'of äliv Orciitt:/.; fiîhcï.agc.d sister who governed .ia' ;h'is'homCiand.attendcd to all its domes-,

^.tic details,liirctl her asa sort; of assis-"

yoting body and thc alert hand would' bring into the ^household economy j hst ,. ".,..that Ha,and .interest which her; own'

¡.Jt'lfaffiiig4fÄngHiihad'ai'ow'-for soniejtime

refused to supply. j .[.;<!;

That thc girl was a beaut)- and some-

thing-more, who .coiild not from the. natnrc 'of things life kept in that | suit, ordinate position, she either failed to . i'híee,:'or.'seeííig, Was'plcased to disregard: j, ,,jjShc, novcr.sought, toiripiji(osc restraint -I-.- on thc girl' any 'moro than she. did on ..'jV^{)Jier brpthcr.ywlicii, ianthe...^oiirsc of

cveiits she saw that Iiis" cy'e'waVat last attracted1 áútl hi's' imagination firçd by (thp /noble .specimen/ of igjrlhoodi that made its daily appearance at his own ,;?;ísí'.board:"5fírfGoá y:mßisqrnsT '

,/1'hat shcJiad introduced a dangerous' clement jn'to'jfliài quiet'home, thht'-cre -'long ¡would ¡devástate.its.sacred prc " cincts, and endanger, if not.dcstvoy, ¡ts * "'" 'safety''and^ ."honour,^she liád7-lió'reason

to suspect. AV hat was lhere in youth,: KilHhbeauty, aWd'£woraanTy ^wofr îthai one'

should shrink-'from their ombodiiii'élíií

>an'd-,trqn}ljlö~as. if" an qvi J "instead.of a t good-had'' entered that"'hitherto uudis

tiirbcd'lhoiis'eholdpj Nothing if ithev . had been all. But alas for her,1 andi

wïth"tne yótúh," beauty'','' aií*d''power was a. something';else -iipti to be so readily . understood-a something too, which, .<l ''without''1 offering'-' explanation to the 5jrl-j fascinated iniiid that studied, her, made

tlie" beauty;' unique," tho youtn;ajohann,

aiiditlxc; power a controlling force, i She; .-was'liot.ito¡'bot-sounded:.'. .Going' and .'?.àail coining, smiltng andfrbwiinig.'iiu' move , ^ ./'Vmc'hÉ','^ always a

mystery'; thc' depths'"'pf 'licrjbciiig re-

maining .still in hiding, however' e;iln>lyL i she spoke br however graciously she


^'gray'eyes. »«"w»1** . ..,

Slr. Orcut'tloved 1 «i\ ïronî. the .'¡i'firstínsiouíhc ?.had; bf 'iJii"r;fneeaiid ¡form

doiiiinatingaixording to their nature at his board and fireside, ho had givcn'-'tiii

* ' " She 'Iva's * so piicTscly Avîmt'other;

wohl'ch he ha'di:nïet 'were not. At; first

TO/HSO;distaut,¡so, self-containedj>sp unap-

proachable in her pride ; til en' as her passionígi'ewrfbí!'boólís, so teachable; ;.;f1sp.Jndustripus,.,sp(,wjliing .to .listen' to

. his explanations and arguments ;' Hud'.'

li'stfAriv.HW-iu <>.>i-/¡;fíin 'j ;

Butifhat 'didiii'ot come at oneci A

-üHl ,.lpug,síruggje .toole ¡placQjbetwcen. those :

hours when he used to encourage her to come into his-study and sit at his'side, and read from1 h¡H!bdoks,! ahd:the more

-dangerous time still, when he followed | gg.* ¡her in|o^ljQ»di\awin^o()m a!jd,s:it"at Çt£ii)i$ sidefnhds^otigh't^a^ràïlliinut from

books, but from her-eyes tho story of

*^i^rf1/o^cr^''^iS'4i?i)assioi! indi,

17/1 djccplj ;as{|his iJieartjhadjbpeiVjtouclicd,* '

'he did not yield'to" the thought of

niaiTiaKc.yvhiçh.suqh a passion iuvblve.^

.without a conflict, lie would malic lïer^ ' ,lis ítKilfl,,-the/heireáé(Oflliw'ivealtht and

thc support çjLhis ojd^igo ; this wis his first "resolve.. 'But it did not llast ; the first^aigbtfihe had of lier oii her

return froiu_a.A'isit to Buffalo, whibh-he^ .'g)ü30?l^fftdínpon;l¡e tj makjngiduriirg the

time of his greatest mental conflict,- had "í/i 'íSfüiéa*Wm!:ihat^j£Bi3'cojildîhcyer be ; "?' "'* ili'at Îie':<niuffl!!oH>nuib1[ud a|tq-^Bo jwife, :J0 h.^,.,rela,tj^^^^^

.wiil-n cease. erhaps flic iooi^.wjtlv/whicli

beautiful-lqok.v,'3Ío^ with-' ,a:i 6tatidfrffc( iiTiiou'glí no" óii'ó cb hld j have

detected it in his iiiaiiner, he really j^ue^uinbeU. ui-jthafc^liour. ¿yio-.ibti aml-l

hesitation flew to the winds, auifto |

fl paka hei'fhissowji became¡tlie sole aiiiil

? il,d-Sbiecnn«is1ife? * j

-y ^fjq did.^t, lio^,betray his; pur-]; pose at'oiice.''*NcigíibbiirV and frienlls inight-aiid -.did suspect thc state bf hist feelings, Jbut' ti' l/er he was silent, n"<i /i.hat "y^i,ip"^u,!(tjiiijg .Avjiich. ni.'ti:);e(L r: pnjheriojffifrpiíi, _tJfiQirciiti'o/(liq?'^.5iÜjSppfwoil' ?

to lin vc deepened in-her temporary .«sojoivx^í rom ¡ .hinside,; .mid. ,\\liatcvér'it

rrieañf of good "or. of .ill, it ,taught him1!

.hua bh-i'M'd T° D:E CONTIXUKD,