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Chapter NumberV
Chapter TitleHORACE BYRD.
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Full Date1888-02-04
Page Number4
Word Count530
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Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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limul and Bing.

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.' But uow, I um raUii'u; cribVil. coiiilnM, bound ill . To saucy doubts and fears."-MACDÏT».

Mr. lîyrd started. This was the last construction he hud expected to ho put upon lu's nuention.. Flushing a trille, lie ¡«»oked the coroner earnestly in tho I

face. Hut that gentleman was too ab- sorbed in thc train of thought raised UV his own reinarle to notice tho look,

aiiil 3fr. Byrd, not feeling any io» well' assured of iii« own position, forboro to utter the words that hovered on his tongue.

"I have another commission for you," resinned tho coroner, after a uioinent. ''Her»» is a name which I wish you would look at-"

But at this instant a smart tap was lieard at the door, and a hoy entered with thc expected telegram from Now York. Dr. TrcdwoH took it, and, af ter glancing at its contents with an an- noyed look, folded up the paper he was about to Viand to Mt. Byrd and put it »lowly Vinck ' into \>in pocket. Ile then Tcferrcil again to tbe telegram.

"Itis not what 1 expected," lie said, shortly, after a. mollient of perplexed thought. " lt seen*> that the superin- tendent is not disposed to accommodate me." And lie tossed over the telegram.

" Mr. Byrd took it and read it :

" Expect a suitable man by the midnight express. Ho will bring a letter "

A flush mounted to thc detective's brow.

" You see, sir," he observed, " I was right when 1 told you I was not the


" 1 don't know," returned thc other, rising. " I have not changed my opinion. The man they send may he Tery keen and very well up in hi» busi- ness, but I doubt if he will manage this ease any better than yon would Larc

done," mid he mored quietly towards

the door.

" Thank you, for your too favourable opinion of my skill," said Mr. Byrd as

he bowed the other out. "1 am sure

the superintendent is right. I ¡un not much accustomed to work for myself, and was rone too eager to fake the ease in the first place, as you will do me the justice to remember. I can but feel relieved at this shifting of the respon- sibility upon shoulders more fitted to

bear it."

Yet, when the coroner was gone, and lie sat down aloi.e by himself to review the matter, he found he was in reality more disappointed than he cared to confess. Why, lie scarcely knew. There was no lessening of the shrinking he had always felt from the possible de- velopments winch au earnest inquiry into tho causes of this crime might bring. Yet, to be severed in this way from all professional interest in the pursuit ont him so deeply that, in des pito of his usual good-sense and correct

?judgment, he was never nearer sending in his resignation than in that short half-hour which followed thc departure of Dr. Trod well. To distract his thoughts, he at last went down to the