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Chapter NumberXXI
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Full Date1888-05-12
Page Number4
Word Count291
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Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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" Oh that a man inij;ht know

Tho cud of this day's husiiicss, ere it come i But it suflieeth that the day will end,

And then the cud is kuown ! "-JULIUS CÍSAR.

Mr. Ferris* first impulse upon dismissing tbe detectives had been to carry the note he had received to Mr. Orcutt. Hut a night's careful consideration of the subject con- vinced him that tho wisest course would be to follow the suggestions conveyed in the letter, and seek a direct interview with Imogene Dare.

It was not an agreeable task for him to undertake. Mire Dare was a young lady whom he had always held in the highest esteem. He had hoped to see her the wife of Iiis friend, and would have given much from his own private stock of hope and happiness to have kept her name free from the con- tumely which any association with this dreadful crime must necessarily bring upon it. But his position as Prosecuting Attorney of the county would not allow him to con- sult his feelings any further in a case of such serious import. Tho condition of Mr.

Hildr«*n «rn«; to.:.:«ajr"rtKàï a*

maded:-.the- most imparti»! action on tbe part of the public. officials, and if through any explanation of Miss Dare the one miss- ing link in thc chain of evidence against another could be supplied, it was certainly his duty to do all he could to insure it.

Accordingly at a favourable hour the next day he made his appearance at Mr. Orcutt's house, and learning that Miss Dare had gone to Professor Darling's house for a few days, followed her to her new home and re- quested an interview.