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Full Date1888-06-20
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Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
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AUa ! tkut man, by God made noble.

Should stoop and rival beasU in meanness.


A hurried consultation of the legal pro- fession, both Bench and Bar, a general consensus of opinion that the stranger and his companion should be allowed to tell their story, a formal adjournment of the court, and all Sibley stood on the tip-toe of expec- tation for the next development in a case which old lonald said would do Sibley a lot of good and send up the value of town allotments " See how it advertises us," said he, ' a reporter from the Aetc York Herald interviewed mc this morning latu to ha\c my life published by telegraph to- morrow morning, and there's to be my picture m the Police Acic» showing my attitude is I read the telegram on Orciitt s

table "

Oh1 the strange irony of fate Hen wis the village gossip, proud in his own self importance, and inflated at the prospect of a cheap publicity, curtly referring to the

whilom austere and distant Mr Orcutt as plain " Orcutt " Tonald did not care He worshipped the rising 3un-himself He believed with the trench, that nothing

succeeds like success

And gradually the truth of theoldproicib that " Murder will out «as verified At hrst people said " Poor On utt, then ' What about Orcutt r" and then * Orcutt deserves hanging " Tonald's great rival is a newBinonger, Tim Steaker, who drove the botcher's cart, first put the rumour in definite snape, saying bluntly that-" It was

Orcutt sent old mother Clemmens to King-

dom come " Tim cut Tonald out with this

item of information, and the feud between the two purveyors of eirly intelligence «axed strong and bitter 'that afternoon Tonald refused Tim's invitation to go across to the Blue Boar and make it up fonald's indignation knew no bound when lim figured in an illustrated weekly as-" A Sibley Witness " ' It was i disgrace to the to» n, s ud Tonald, " and those who had land | had better «eil it while they would get a price before the crash came '

I But, oh ' the suspense for Iniogene Dare' Gouverneur Hildreth was the first to give

' her distinct issurance of hope for Craik

Mansell 8 innocence Hildrcth's be lutlful nature shone out with a bright effulgence His boyish candour ind lu el} spmts re turned, and he could even say to Miss Dare - I will danci at sour body's wedding yet, and wiU give the bride away ' Imo"ene turned from him with a faint smile but her heart bounded with the gladness with which maidens, fair and true, are inspired in the spnng time ot youth »hen the seething waters of love settle, and run with the pro- verbial smoothness so di ir to fond lovers

Yes, foi once the gosatps were nght Tim's information was correct, and foi m my a day he was installed as the great seer of Selby The tale was one to eutdle the blood ot the most arecdy for stirtling news In jears gone bj Mr Orcutt, oppicsscd by slow promotion m his profession, and sick with hope deferred, had wedded the lady known to our readers as Mrs Clemmens He had m irried her for her money b igs, her hoiv-i, hei lands, her carn ige, her power, to en ibli him to discount the difficulties which beset Ula ambitious longing to succeed For her he had no love, and wheu the image of Iiuogene, so pure, so sweet, so pitiful, crossed his path, he was startled to fand he loved m vain The fell goddess Temptation came, and instead of repelling her with scorn, he courted her f iqueut visits, and brooded 01 ei his hopeless affection, if haply the temptress might suggest a means to rid him of the incubus of his life and leave him free to wed A separation from Mrs Clemmens

-for that was to be her name in future was arranged She left her huoband without regret She li id long seen the mistake of their union, and no children s voices prittled by her knees to distract her attention, 01 to chaiui her sullen cousort into a joyful acquiescence in wh it from the outset was i niockcrj of the true worship of Master C ipid But when Mrs Clemmens iigned to separate she little thought to see hir right ful place supplanted bj another, and when she hei>rd ot Mr Orcutt as pajmg Ins addreubes to the beautiful Miss Dare, the demon jealousy piompted the toi disfaníc Mrs Clemmens to leav e her sequestied home md take up her abode at Sibley in order is the mihtarj critics would tai, to be near the scene of oper itions ihe sequel is lasilj told Orcutt and Mra Clcuiuieno upbraided one anothei with mutual npreaches, indina fit ot e\ ispcration she li id forfeited her life i elennie to the outnged fichngs of tin god of Li vc

The inquirj did not last long The on

dence was conclusive Craik 31 in=ell s re

lease was speed} and final, and he left tin court amid the warm congratulations of hi» friends Oicutt was dccietd, pi o forma, guilt} of murder, but was ordered to be lui

prisoned during the pleismc of Congress, the doctois certifying that his id« mit} was incurable, ilthou"h so intense th it it would soon I urst the flesh and blood tenement in which the fiery soul lodged, and releise his spirit for ever trom it» earthl} portals