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Chapter NumberXXXI
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Full Date1888-06-20
Page Number4
Word Count523
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Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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"Will a maiden say her lover nay ?

Not till tbc world melts and runs away.

Old Song.

The \ illnge of Siblej is uln e with bustle

and excitement Por wcoVs past tho mil- liners lm> e worked dny and ni^lit under the ?supervision of skilled hands specially brought from houses of fashion in Brooklyn M in, prosy an 1 stupid man, condemned to wear a dress ill adapted to set off his pool extcnoi, has had to take a back seat during these piepirttions, md the air is resonaut of mjsteuous term«, " such .is " orange blossoms," " veils," and man> others sig- nificant of a bride's trousseau The gentle- men look at the bude elect, and sa) that she is too beautiful to need such artificial aids to loneliness, but this heresay is scouted and put to rout bj the 1 idles, and so the body of the church and the galleries are crowded with a bevy of mations and their daughters, listening for the strains of the wedding-march, «hose glad symphonj wiU tell oft» o hearts beating as one Imogene looked lovely that daj Recent affliction had in.parted an ethereal beauty to her angelic nnen, and as Craik Mansell took ber hand in his before the altar his heart

glowed with gratitude to think that the greatest trial of their lo»e did but weld the links in affections thrice welcome chain

When the service concluded and the

showers of rice »ere thrown, and the happy couple took their places at the wedding breakfast, what an excellent speech Gouver- neur Hildreth made, and how more than one of the rosy-cheeked bridesmaids glanced with approval athis fine figure and m inly bearing He wished "Mr and Mrs Man- sell " ever} happiness, and Imogene blushed deeply when Craik, now all her own, thanked his friend .' on behalf of mjself and my bride" Sweet words How they conjure up usions of happy hours-pistol to come 'lhe matron hcaies a sigh as she sips the sparkling champagne specially imported to Sibley for the occasion, and the bridesmaids giggle and tremble as the young men whisper-" I suppose, Miss Aiuora, your

turn will come next"

A great crowd congregated .it the railway station " to see them oft," and loud huzzas rend the air as the iron-horse snorts and tosses his mane of curling smoke, as he mores on wath his freigut of human beings, but the bridal pair have not monopolised all

the attention ot tee horn Honest old Ton

aid has just learned from some reliable authority, that Imogene Dare, now Imogene Mannell. u> row lanjger the portionless found Orcutf ? office have proved her to be the only child and heiress of Lord and Lady Porchester, of Great Britain, whose child bad been stolen from them when they tra- velled through New York city sixteen years before Tonald 13 first in the field with the

news this time, and while there is rejoicing in the house of Tonald, there is gnashing of

teeth in the house of Tim Steaker.

[THi. END]