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Chapter NumberVIII
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Full Date1888-02-25
Page Number4
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Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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Hand ml liing, j


CHAPTER V!ll.-(Co:;n.NL-KU.)


"Spriiií.-. t.i eatcii >...>.>.! ,t.K.k !."-" ll.müct."

AWíiroiiot ialkingahout suspicions ! ' i ho cried ; then, in a different lone, re-¡ pealed : "This gentleman, yu« say, is I still at ymir louise ? "

Yu J, .sir, or vva-i at brea!; l'a st time. .1 have ¡lot seen him since. "

.. Wo will ¡..¡vc in call Mr. Smith as a witness," declared the coroner, turn- ing tn the o.Iliccr ai Iiis side. " (Jo and see it' yon cammi brim,' lum ns soon as you did Mr. Symonds."

.Hiithe"i.' a voice spoke up full and

loud from the other room.

'. lt is not necessary, sir. A wit HMS

yon will consider mure desirable tlian he I is in tile building." And tin- thiel;-set ] mau showed Itim-olF fur au instant to j tho coroner, then walking back,deliber- I

iUoly laid lim hand mi tho elbmv which j

fur a lo iii; time had been t hu contre of I Mr. Byrd's wondering conjecture.*.

In au instant tbc ti uv gentlemanly

figuro of the stranger, whom he had j

seen tho night before in thu, j appeared with a bimini from beyond j ' tbe jamb, and pausing excitedly before '

the mau. now fully discovered tn all around as a defective, asked him. in

shaking tones of suppressed ternir, or rage, what it was he meant.

''I will tell you." was tho ivady as- ; suran.e, " if you uiii step out hero in I front of the coroner and jury."

AVitli a »lance that for sonic reason distil rbi d Mr. lîvril in his newly ac-

quired i omplarency, tlio gentleman I stalked hmviciily forward and tool; | his stand in the. door-way leading into

thc room occupied by the persons men- j


" Xow." lie cried, " what have von to say r "

But the detective, who had advanced behind bim, still refrained from reply- ing, though he gave a quick look at tlie coroner, which lcd that functionary to glance at the liotei-kceperaud ittstaiith

ask :

li You know this gentleman ? " " lt is Air. Gemment Smith."

A Hush so violent and profuse, that even Mr. 'Cyrd could see it from his stand outside tho window, inundated for an instant tho face and iu.vk of the gentleman, but was followed bv no words, though tho detective waited a minute before saving:

" 1 t hink you are mistaken : I should call him now Mr. (îuvorneur JI íI dreth ! "

"With a start and .1 face grown as suddenly white as it had but an instant before been red, the gentleman turned and surveyed the detective from head to foot, saying, in a tone of mock politeness :

"And why, if you please'? 1 have never been introduced to you that I


"Xo," rejoined tho detective, taking from his pocket the handlterchict wliieh he had previously put there, and pre- senting it to the other with a bow, " but I have read the monogram upon your handkerchief and it happens to bo-"

" Enough !" interrupted the other,

in a stern if not disdainful voice. " 1

see 1 have been the victim of ] espionage." And slopping into thc I other room, lie walked haughtily up to the coroner and exclaimed ; " 1 am Gouverneur Ilildreth, and 1 como from Toledo. Xow. what is it you have to say to me 'i