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Chapter NumberXXVI
Chapter TitleHE SHALL HEAR ME!
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Full Date1888-06-02
Page Number4
Word Count312
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Newspaper TitleCairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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WnmsB'8 TAU;.

Thc time is midnight, thc day thc same as that which saw the irruption of Hickory into Professor Darling's observatory ; the scene that of Hiss Dare's own room in the north-east tower. She is standing before a table with a letter in her hand and a look upon her face that, if seen, would have added much to the puzzlement of the de-


The letter was from Mr. Orcutt and ran thus :

" I have seen Mr. Mansell, and have en- gaged myself to undertake his defence. When I tell you that out of the hundreds of cases I have tried in my still short life, I have lost but a small percentage, you will

understand what this means.

" Ia pursuance toyourwishes, I mentioned your name to the prisoner with an intimation that I had a message from you to deliver. But he stopped me before I could utter a word. ' I receive no communication from Miss Dare !' he declared, and, anxious as I reaUy was to do your bidding, I was com- pelled to refrain ; for his tone was one of

hatred and his look that of ineffable scorn."

This was all, bnt it waa enough. < Imogene had read these words over three times, and

now was reidy to plunge the letter into thc flame of a candle to destroy it. As it burned, her grief and indignation took


" He is alienated, completely alienated," she gasped ; " and I do not wonder. But," and here the full majesty of ber nature broke forth in one grand gesture, "he shall hear me yet ! As there is a God above, he shall hear me yet, even if it has to be in the open court and ia the presence of judge and jury!"