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Chapter Number1. VII
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Full Date1899-02-25
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Newspaper TitleLiverpool Herald (NSW : 1897 - 1907)
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Marian Gonisby.


Author of 4 Father and Son,* * The Daughter!

of Eve,* ' Mystery of Merveillieu,* &o.


CHAPTER VII.-(Continued.)

They were walking through the garden to the,gate: be shyly took her hand and pressed it without lifting it. Lilian was considerately walking behind them without overtaking them.

'I had almost forgotten, therefore I must almost have forgiven.'

* Thank you, Marie/

The little hand was pulled gèntly bu* quickly away from the fingers which pressed them for perhaps two moments. George was so glad-so thankful for even those two

moments' concession. He felt sure Marian had forgiven.

* When shall I see yon again, Marie P*

' We go to the Exhibition to-morrow


4 You and your father P' «Yes.» 7

* I cannot be. there lo-morrow ; ' but ' it

would not ' be much J use if ho" " . Marie, rm dying to tell you*-- -,

' Tjily, why do you loiter P Come hero at


* Marie, will you never let me speak of what is in my heart P I must arid will


4 Lilian, I think this too bad of yon.' Marian had turned, retraoöd her Btepa, and

taken Lil's atm.

And Lilian felt that it trembted as if with

suppressed oxoitement. She looked ar her bróther and walkod between them, holding th e arm of ea oh. Neither of them spoke. But for'the time being it waa a friend who was between them.

Lilian felt the awkwardness, as also the novelty, of the situation. She was literally now a . go-between,' and her Bympathetlo goul moved her to say, * Poor Marian ; poor George !'

Marian tugged her left arm. That, Lilian felt, was to or join eilonoo. Goorgo pinobod h«r right arm. Lilian did not know whether her modo of sympathy was appreciated or { deprecated on tho patt of her brother.

They Btood for a moment at tho gate of j

' f fairleigh/ and the girlB said good-night.

¡It but remained for George to do likewise.

' You will oome on Saturday afternoon for

a row on tho lake ?*

* I think not ; but on Sunday, for pre- ference !" was Marian's hesitating response.

* George, are you coming ? There is Mr Gonisby opening the front door to look for

Marian !'

Seeing that this was so, George took leave of Marian with a lingering handshake. No word Marian had spoken that evening gave him hope or satisfaction ; but in a look or a touoh of the hand lovers read signs and wonders ; and surely, George reflected as he returned to the house with Lilian, there was reciprocated tenderness in Marian when she

allowed him to hold her hand one-fifth of a

minute longer than the orthodox time.