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Newspaper TitleLiverpool Herald (NSW : 1897 - 1907)
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Love is not slain by a father's stern dëoree, .

Or in'ten thousand oases love had oeased '.. to be.

Loving is a waking dream, built apon fair .hope ;

. Denied its freedom, it plans how to elope.

Days grew into weeks, and George Whid- don threatened to go abroad, but Sir Douglas Whiddon would not hear of it. In this interval George had written to Marian, but no line, no word had oome to him. Again and again he tried to persuade himself that she really did not care for him as he did fer her, or she would at least write to him. That was the view he took one day, the next he would remember the strength of the affection she had for that father who was so wrapt up , in his daughter, and he also remembered the depth and intensity'of her feelings when he had declared his passion. It was not Marian's fault, he would then tell himself. She was virtually under look and key-looks and keys more terribly binding than Chubb's best make-' bound by a thousand chains' about the feet to traditions old and hoary and hateful. - Oh, how hateful George re- garded them. A hundred times he asked himself was it possible, if he set himself the task, could he forget Marian Gonisby, and just as many times he, impossible. Oat of these- various.,.and; oonflioting im- possibilities was there any thing possible ? We shall see.: .:

* * * *

. '. ' George, I have news for. you,' said

Lilian. - -.

' 'What news, LU ?' .

. You .will see somebody; at the mayor's hall to-night' whom yon haye not seen, I think, for a whoie fortnight.',,,, . . . * Do you mean Marian ?\v - ' Who else?'

11 Who told you Bhe would be there P'

' Oh, a litle bird-that strange little bird yon never seek. You unromantic men , have

? no resources.' ' . .

' I thought it possible., Old Gonisby can not always keep her nuder look and key., But who told you, LilyP Have you seen


' No ; I will tell you to relieve your anxiety. Lucy and I paid a visit to that muoh'oherished retainer of the Gonisby faintly, the communicative Aunt Zinny, and sfae was good enough to impart the infor-


George perceptibly brightened. A new zest was added to the ball: If Marian was there it did not matter who was absent-the mayor and alderman, the belles of sooiety, or even the band itself could be absent if they liked -everything could be compensated for by the présenos of Marian.

George, Lilian and Luoy were amongst the early arrivals. The Town Hall was a blase of light and oolor, and the scene one of brilliance and animation. A thousand

guests, well-dressed people, make an im- posing display ; and no third-rate oity of the Empire need be ashamed of suoh a gathering as mot in Melbourne tb at night. To the porfeot muBio of the well-trainsd band, the vast company pf terpsiohorians had commenced to move in the rather set and

' solemn figure of the time-honored quadrilles -. ''.j -the danoe which wo are at the present day half» inclined to drop out of our programmes,

and go through with some meditation, with j apologies for bungling, . beoause- it is so '-K seldom danced,' you know. Is this due to

the faot that we do not make ' innovations* 7 ; -, ? in +he quadrilles P . Wo take all sorts of . t n liberties with lancers-arrange new figures in it every season-but the quadrille will

stand no nonsense, and maintains the figures . ., ¡ ' with a rigidity whioh defies the restless n ..-. spirit of innovation.

George did not engage in the first danoé, :

though he had ample time and opportunity. J 4 k He walked up and down the large ballroom -,7. twice or thrioe looking for someone. For

someone's sake he had left half the pro- - gramme unoccupied. ,

He came up to where Lil and Luoy had '-re- taken their seats just after the completion,! vi-isi

of the first danoe. . .

4 She isn't hero,* said George.

'I have not seen her sb far, but it.ia easy v

enough to miss her in 'suoh an immense K<;

orowd.' - ' '

' I would find her in five minutes amongst twice as many,* was George's answer. ;

Two minutes later, amidst a batoh of new .

arrivals, George discovered the entranoe of -w Marian leaning on the arm of Mr Benzim


.There she is; I'm glad she has come; , ,-.

and I. hope Mr Gonisby has thought fit to ; entrust that noodle, Benzimmon, with her '

safe-keeping : I shall have a better chance.* ' ;' This was softly spoken in Lilian's ear.

Marian and her companion did not prooeed , Í i nown the side of the hall on whioh the - Whiddeus were seated. Having found a

vaoant chair, Marian oat down, while Mr '.. Benzimmon left her see to his programme. Before he could rejoin her half a dozen who

had recognised Marian, and knew her to be . ? .

an exquisite dancer, were by her side ready ^ . to engage dances. George did not imme- ? -¡ diately go aoross the ball-room, though he ".> JO longed to do so. It would bo fearfully .

annoying to be left out of her programme, . but he counted on being remembered. . ?

Lilian watched her brother. 'Yon had - ? v better go and ask Marie for a danoo, or you'll .

be too late. See how she is besieged.' ' ' ,>

'Yes, I notice it; but I don't want to. . \ rush her. I guess she'll keep a couple for,


' I would not ohanoe thatttoo long,' v . r .

' yery well Til gb;' ;«*t ' . !

But when hé; got half way aoross the hall he swerved, met another lady he had not sought, booked a sohottisohe with her, and

went baok to his sisters, by whioh time the. . ' orchestra struck up for the first waltz;

Lucy was hie partner, and they entered into . a maze of silks, satins, muslins, feathers,

laces, flowers, and blaok coats. It was quite , . possible, to go through a lengthy dance

three-quarters of a mile a fairly long waltz .?! is said to 'be-and not come into immediate oontaot with, oreven sightof f a couple ona may be looking for in snoh an assemblage. Yet George did not fail to catoh a glimpse of

Marian, with head a little thrown baok and ->..' eyes half dosed, who was dancing with \ '

Benzimmon ; and George was just conscious". v that the latter had given him a friendly nod .» aa they passed ; but as to Marian, either Bhe had not seen him or suppressed the fact.

' The floor is delightful, and the music t

too,' said Luoy at the conclusion of the ;. f> dance; * but you seemed not to danoo with-wt your usual lightness, George.'

' Sorry for that, Luoy. Pinoh me if I, " drag j next time,' laughingly replied her r brother; as hp replaced Miss Luoy, flushed ? '?? and glowing, in her scat. He looked again ' . .for Marian, determined now to reaoh her sOj, « soon aB she was seated. He saw Benzimmon ' place her in a chair, and hand her her fan.

George pushed his way through the throng . this time, resolved on seeing no one. Marian <v did not seo him till he was by her side.

He held out his hand, pressing her's \ tenderl) ; ard obsorvod that she, ooloured ,

when he said how glad ho was that she had . «orne, although a little late.

' Mr Benzimmon must take the blame for. that, aB ho never scorns to bo in a burry. 1

He declared we should havo quite enough of : it before tho programme was through.*

. In your case it did not matter, I'm sure, ;.,r SB you aro not likoly to want partners. May I see vour programme? Why it is about full now. Ono waltz, one mazurka, and two toward the end alono romain P'

. A fair assortment, sir,' Marian smilingly ,.,


Bending toward hor after a moment s comparison of her programme with his, George whisporod-4 May I book the lot,

Marie?' . " %i

« Indeed, no ; but 1 should like the waltz with you if you are disengaged.'

'Always disengaged, Marie, when you

are concerned 1'

(To be continued.)