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Chapter NumberX
Chapter TitleTWO LETTERS.
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Full Date1899-06-10
Page Number3
Word Count166
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleLiverpool Herald (NSW : 1897 - 1907)
Trove TitleMarian Gonisby
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Two Letches.

Lilian Whiddon, stood at fine garden, gate, and was. fanning, herself with , her k hat┬╗. The day had been a warm one, .'and the summer sun had sunk behind its 'bank of

/crimson-a welcome setting, for the'teaied . oity longed tor, the cool sea-breeze wjnioh.


She thought she, could hear George ooming, whistling like the light-haarted.boy .of .years gone by. It was George,, ajid a* he oame in at the gate he pulled of! his hat and .whirled it high, in the air.

Lilian, oould see, at onoe that her brother , was in the, best of spirits, and shev ├žeoame

anxious to know the cause.

4 Good newsP' she asked.j

. :' ' Well, yes, I rather think so 1'. replied George. ' Better news than I have baa for three years. Better news than if I heard Jimmie Ty son had died and left me Half .hi* : fortune I , Better nows than if I--'

(To bo continued.)