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Full Date1907-01-26
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Newspaper TitleWestern Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954)
Trove TitleRevenge is Sweet
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i (By Fiances Sinclair, aged 15 yeans.) 1


Tlio one outside calJod with all her uiizht.

The one inside thumped "God Save j the King* louder than ever. j

The window was nushed open ; a j ; piece of imper, rolled into a hall found ¡ I it« war to the pianist's head. She turn- j l ed her head towards the window. !

j "Well, what do yau want Sall," she;

said impatiently. i

j "Open the door «nd Til tell you,""i commanded the other. j

"Ohl bother voa!" exclaimed Pat, tile panis!.

'It's rory, very iinporlant. Pal." enid her twin, through the open window. \

"Alright, here goes," elie opened the j door. . !

"Look here. Pat, they're going to-j give another varty.'and we've got to go to someone's place, to mind sume-! ones baby, or something,'" taid Sally,! vexedly.

"How do you know?"" inquired Pat,

shortly. . i

"öferbeard 'eui talking abnilt it. "Look here. Jack." to their brother, rho had jurt arrived on the scene, 'they're go'ng to give «natlu-r y arty iud leave us Out of if.'1

"Ahl Hats'" retorted the boy.

"It's true! True as I'm standing .''here''." exclaimed Snlly.

i'Tcll you nrhat we'll have to dal-Gi vc, them a good flight !" said Jack, «bo was sixteen, and ':boss of tile show.'" whore ,his s'astéi*. who were a year younger, were concerned. ' ?

The tliroo were staring with their I step-brother and sister while their

parents were away in England.

Tliey «ere kept out of things a groat deal by them.

'.Yes, but bow can wc?" .asked Paddy. "They say that phosphorus is a splen- did tiling fur showing np in the dark," said Jack, medititively

"Ycs ; well, what is thc good of know- ing that. That won't help usât all!"' said Sall, impatiently.

''I think," slid Jack slowly, 'that yon girls should dress as ghnsls and put phosphorus orer your noses and around

your eyes and mouths, and keep in tin« '< diuing-iosm when it's dark in there. Til see about the light being out*

"I suppose I'll bare to go in with the guests. They're jolly mean not to let you ciijay y curs elves. thc»u«h."

"That won't be too bad," said Pat. "We'll have to bunt up old Ma-els for Wednesday night, but we've got a couple of days to get roa dr in, so that won't kill-us," as they walked »way.


'"Olí! Pat and Sall. I want you <o go over to Mrs. Jcm-s's la-day*' announced their stop-sister Kiia, on Wednesday. "She said that she'd like to liave you there to-day.

'.Alright," said Sall, giving a look towards her sister, "We'd bettor go at once. Como on, Pal!"

When they had got out of cal shot .

Pat said to Sall, "What co you intend ;


"Why. g-*» to the empty hons? next door; Jack bas smuggled most of ocr ihing« thew, but be could not manage

to got off with anything to oat. though: ' Tile kitchen was too Mell guarded,"'.! answered Sall

"Callie on, then, we'd liol ter go and1 as- tell 51 rs. JOINS we cau't c-mie. And, . let'« borrew a loaf of bread and same .batter I'reiu her. we'll 1*« dreadlu,"ly hungry by b<*dtime," said Pat.

Sirs. Jones answered their knock, «nd -

if they «ero «t «ll nervous concerning ; tlu» aching for the bread, they a cre put

ciitivoly at their oase bv ber manner. ? "Come in. girls, come iu!''_j>he said.

"You'll have to Mon to toa now you're ; hoiv."

I "lío. Mrs. Joues, I'm sony. Lut wo

can't IÜASI'IJÍV stay to-day. as our sister ? . proaiiscd yo«," aiift Kally, ''but «he . sent ns to borrow a loaf oTf bread and n little biitt'-r. as we ure out ¿»f both."

After rceeiring these things they went towards the empty Itouse.

i Sill remarked* on nearing the house

''Tliat is all 1 could do lor our ten, so I suppose wo'll liive to go a bit sho.t : we won't go hungry, anyway.*'

After rea?]iiiigr thc caipty iiriuse, ? Pat: ?' «aid suddenly. **\Vbat about our lace*, ' won't, they have lo bc <-xlra whiU-f"

.".'Tes. of écrira'." exclaimed Sall.' i ."We'll haye to borrow flour now 1 rom

[ soiiieouc. Let's go to Mrs Williamson

sud borrow a Title flaur. It won't instr,

ter if tiley lolk about os. a» nc won't bc ... herc lang wow. anyway."

The ino cirls nunvLii'd down . ene

streel. crossed on to the next, and bur- , ried on lo tiu.*'residence, of Urs. William


Sall waited outside tlie'Rito tliis time ' ¡ while Pat .went to cater lor thc fljur.

"Mis. "Williamson," jsho siid. as thai worthy appeared at the doorway. **'iny sistrr si-lit mo to see if you'd lend her a litt'c flw, as she bas not any to <f<» on with. Yes, thank you! A cup will be enough. Thank yo« very muchV

The two ghls wended their way Inck t«5 the emjitr ho-.isa victoriously with Hie cup of flour.


''TheiV'! Just rub thc flour ni a bit moral You look just like wliat I should ímigriue t ^lioüt to Lc like.7'

'Tm almost i lightened mvselî? \V3iat

do I took like?"

.'Obi Yo« do look like a ghost, real- ly !'' exclaimed Pat.

"Have y»a got your candles and a Itox ol' matche» each ?" asked Jack. "Flt hare ta IK* «cwg. new. 31 y word! yon do look realm

The guests were al] assemble i ia the .di-awiug-rooni when the lamp {kerosene) suddenly fl ckeied aud went oat.

*'J wonder whatever posscfiSid the thing to go out." said Ki'.m. "Hie girls {Sall and Pat» couldn't have filled it full enough, (The . fact was. the girh» liad alnrcst emptied st.) 11] have to get same candles. It's too late to fill it again now." &» saying. Ella marched out ol ; the hall door, thru stopped, tinned around and came back again.

'.Come with nie. Rose." she said to her greatest friend. "I'm sure theres something ia the d:i«ng-roohi .* '

: ''Sondeuse" said the others, while Rose went with her friend.

The two girls walked down the pas isase to the diuing-room. tbco uttered a shriek and turned aud fled.

* AH came to see what was thc matter.

: Most ol' the men came to see what Was wren g. There thia- saw twa ghost- like figures clad all in white. with ahite hoods over their bends, lioldiner candles forward, moving «otenvulv around the room. Hie «hosts faced them, jost for a moment they stood. tSu>:r eyes glis- tened, their mouths seemed to he open.

Tust for one moment they stood still. Then .ono turned (around «id rushed asray. _ waiting only to say in a muffled , tone, '"Oh". Pat. t believe I've gwal- la Wed .some deadly' poison, too:"

! Then tlje ehcs'lv appirilion fai-.Iihcd through the kitchen dóoT.

There remains little to he told.. Tho girls cot à good scolding, of which they took little notice ., 1