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Chapter NumberBOOK II. V
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Full Date1882-05-06
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleDick Stalwart: An Oxonian
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[Written for the Queenslander.)



THE Lent tei in hid p isscd *iw i} the East« vacitionhid pissed an ly , the summci tenu hid passed aw aj Dick had not spent all Ins time in (I mgling if to Lv elceti Wood He had been woikiiif, like a horse Ho hid given up I Ii} nig m the 'Ar u sity and College cle\ ens, nor lnd he consented to again i ipi osent the Ulm ci sit} at Prince s, although it «as obvious that he might have done so had ho chosen, and 1 M absence did not lose Oxford citliei mitcli

The only iocication he had tikcn was an occasionil gamo of lunn tennis in the college ¡,irlens and u «ilk oi cmtei out to Medlo}, uned fiom time to time by Eveleens conuiLr in to take lunch oi tea ni his looms

V good in m> mon wci o now becomui" dimly conscious of hoi existence, and one moio njsteiy was added to the many m>stones ilrenl} iflo it in connection i\ ith the name of St ii« ait All who hid seen hci weie igiccd n to hci uncommon beauty, and tviooi tluec lil set themselves to tiack liei out but un «i ccssfull}, as they al«a}s imagined that the hue «Inch led to liei mothci s cottage «asa

cul de sac

In the internal Dick was up to his cjesin bool s mal mg up foi lost time Stubbs and I leeman, Bught md Tasweil Lingmcid, II illira and Mi}, «cic nexci absent fiom his t ii le V v, oil thiimbul Gi con w as genci ally hing on the shelf neu his bed, audscoicsof little books such is Ti coman s senes oi Pciiods ft oin English llistoiy weie l}ing about «ith nil 01 taut pnssigcsimdeiscoied in blue chalk Jliesevveio escoitcclby manuscript books in nuneiable man} of them lion lblc sen« Is and uioraplctid On i big bond opposite the hung tibie «cic a liumbei of dates and senealogie-, o\ ci « Inch he used to con at meals 11 1 hosts of slips of papei with notes jotted loin on thora iloitcd about the apiitmcnt 1 ke the lca\ es of the S} bil In the midst of illthcae by i bottle of led ink, busily muk in anything of util împoitancc sat Dick ]hn"ing into the IOUL.1I slioals of punted nnttei, sucking m «hat was import mt and ¡ejecting what « is uiumpoitant as a ' iiglit" while sepaiates the animálculo) fiom the sea watei He had a mc capacity foi «ork «hen he excited himself and concentnted his enemies His tutoi now had the highest hopes o£ linn but he himself wiotc difhdcnt letteis home to avoid ill possibility of causing a dis i] i ointment He thought he « ns safe of a

corni, he said but lus fathei must not ex.

1 ect iii}tiling moro as the Schools «etc a lotteij, md tucic «as a -vast deal to lead in I btoiy His futlioi felt his hopes veiy much II nped but still chci lshcd a lmgci mg cxpecta tion of a moic piospeious event

Atlast the Schools carne All thtouah the c\munition Dick lose cul}, and went to bed tolerabl} lite, dc\otmg fi\e oi six lioms a day to ¡jetting up last tips ' The i esult amply i e lud lum He scoicd a fiist on cveiy single niei md at his vat voce was pubhcl) com luuente 1 b} his examinéis on the mufoim fvccllenco and bulli nicy of his woik Eveiy h\ he stole out aft« dinnei to Ev clcen to tell ei how he hid done and to empt} out Ins 1 oie»and fens lo do him justice hiwasvciy

i temnus of the formel Evcleen «as a ci] 'til hstenei md comfoi tei, and had tin ouji

oit Ul en such niteicst ni his woik tint she will mulei stand ill the "shop hotilkedto

i « ithout much difficulty But she tned lind w - eistn lo lum not to crain so much dining j! ictuil examination Still the event justified ' j H pi obably could nev ei hav e acluev ed v eli completeness md accuiacy m Ins answers V lioutciaiu, mmutiu must be ci*ammod

Hie sch iola weie over just befoi o Commemo "mon an I, in spito of all she could say in Iel recnion Dick w is dctci mined thatEvcleeii

lout enjoy all the cnteitaiumcnts of that

no time He had ev cry confidence in Ev e tis su a fana and had persuidcd in old 1 ' i CM hug m Oxfoid, who idolised lum to Ironise to enteitiin hei dining the «eck and to eta chapel one not disclosing « ho Lv cleon

?L but nicielj descubmg hci as a gul fnend lo winted to come up to Common) and 1 l no one to clnpei one hei The old lid}

io possessed the fuithei qualifieition of « t knowing Ins people, wis only too de

i ted to iccommodatc him in any way ' mi le it a sine qua non tliat ho should .c i" and stiy m tlic houso too pionnsing

ilitch key The îeadei maj bo sine tint ' ti 'not stind out against this condition

ii ales» of her pi otcstations, Dick «îote leen out a hi gc cheriuo to suppl} hci self i dics»es foi the week, silencing liei ob ion-, bj isking if she would like to bung

into ndicule He bon owed seveial sets of 1 h° ii} from lus sistoi, which he had some

iicuitv ni obtaining, as she could not scpantc uei mind the idea of a loan fiom visions 1 none} transactions with Jews evidently f.-, IStllafc Dick was in difficulties-foi she I c,,a "'in mono} On what pictonce he

, «) obtained thom Exeleen could ncvei

' i 1 out

m cl,een n? nnglit hi e been expected spent il T ,í-eucl0Uí- «eck She pla} ed hci part

"liol-, ncvei disclosnig hei origin and cn* mo ,"*'îces ?)'v «°id oi iction butshcexpeii , ',, yhe neatest dimcult} in getting away

u «ei hostess without leaving hci nidi ess u l»orni»iiij-r to conespond, foi old Mrs

I otto « uj cijtivitecl by the beauty and

» -i ice of hei guest Te« people ever I .LA eleen AVood « ithout f albng m lov e vv ltli

, a'i I liei totil unconsciousness of lier rr"I(s,;i»Ü! enhanced then effect The few 1 \"'wits men to whom Dick intioduccd c j a the bills weie the envy of the «hole t o and ev en Gil sington w as induced to go 1 " c") although he would not oi could not , J; on condition that she vroidd sit out ft

pitvv o w ith lum Row o w as cnMnisiastic

.ill ilffhts referred by the author.

about her "Ncxei saw such a lovel j girl m my hfe ' ' Kyte vvis hopelessly in lov c w ítli lier Willis who was ratlicr a priggish man, Avondcieil vvlio she was, anti if tlieic w is my thing " fish) about her, but ho too vv ii com pellcd to admit tliib she vi is bewitching Evelccn li id no eyes foi any of them but Dick The delight w lth w Inch she i eceiv ed lum vi hen ever he came up to hci atti noted genei ii notice Like Willis cverjbodj was wondemig who she was fehcvvusvci} beiutiful, ovcijonc saw, bhe was iliesstd vieil anti in pcifcct taste, she vioic -very handsome jcwelleij (Mai y Stalwaits) she danced chai nungi j, mid earned hci self like a queen No one discoveied lici sotict Uley could hut cnvj Bick and wonder This wns a golden week foi him It was, howevei limited to iweek, foi the ca]tain of the Vaisitj Lleven huí wiitttn to lum to isk lum if ho would pliy against MiIdlcsex and the MCC m the foi

lowing week dcteimining although he AWI» not in pi attlee to pi ly lum a '¡mist C imbi ldge if he c\liilitcd an> °f his old foi in And he did and m the mtci tmiv ci »ltj match acquitted himself v ei y cicditüilj with both bat and bull

'JLIien he went up to Yoikshncfoi a week 01 tw o to see them rill at home, and i ccoiv e then congi atulntions on his success in the Schools mid in tlio ci lckct field, and to onjoj a lest aft« ¡ill hu, excitions His fathci was lmmensclj giatihcd, and m tonveisitions viith him eiecteil splendid cistles in the ni which were to gi ace his futiuc Dick listened to evci) thing pahcntlj, not daring jet to apply tlie battcimj nun to those niagniliccnt fabnes Alibis f neilds expressed then pie istirc at his nchici ements Ev cn L id) Mai y bl oko tin ough the nile which she had laid down to wnto lum a sweet little note of congiatulation, to which, how ev cr, she sti ictl> foi bade ¡ni) nnsw ei

Ihen he went back to Oxfoid again to receive othci congi titillations winch he now i alucd moic nnd to compete foi a S Cuthbcits fellowship lo the intense gr-itihcation of all the mulei gi uhiatcs, and the no small satis faction of the dons, he pi oval easily the best man, and was elected with flung coloui s He posted b ick to Yoi kshu e His father w as in ecstasies, and gave all his muucious tcnantiy a monstei ft te Lady M ii) drove over to con gratúlate lum m person, being caicful, how

over, to bung Gaisington with li«, and not lot him leav o thom alone

Dicknowsccmcdtobostaiuhngon the pinnacle of pi ospci it) and pleasure He h id eai ned gi eat hoiioiu at college, both in the schools ana on tho held He was the heir to a fine piopcitj , and he was passionately loved bj an exquisite woman But an abjss v aw ned beneath his feet-01 rathol say a water) gulf, with that

woman in it is snen to hue lum to his fitc He felt that the gi omul which ho tiod w is un substantial, ho felt the fubiic swivjnig in the an Hewasinoiiill) cei tam that the confession of his engagement wouldovettluow the whole edifice, ina jet now he w is aman mid about to cntei thcwoild, and it vi isncce»sai v foi lum to steel himself against one 01 the othci catiistiophe AVns he to give upEvelcen, 01 his piobptets' He did not hesitate for a moment md deteimined to hieik the nnittci to his f ithci on the following da)

ClIAFllilt VI

ON the next d IA Dick w ulkcil into hit, f ithei \ stud), and s ud 'Ive come to ask) our pci mia

sion to mau)

" AYou t jon foi feit j our fellowship by it' '

" Yes, but th it w on t signif) Ive lind the honom, and I in in no need of the monej "

' AVhoiu do j ou pi oposc to mai i y ' " A Miss Lvclceu YA'ood " "AVhoissho '

" Thed uiglitoi of alndylivingncai Oxfoid " ' In tood society ' ' Dick shook Ins head "A gi cat lien ess' '

Again lio cxpicsscd dissent

" Ihen why do j ou wi«h to man v hoi ' '

"She 1» txticmelj beautiful and exticmclj elim ming

"borne joungwench who's been setting hoi cap ¡it the gentlemen of the Umveisitj, 111 AI agc i, ' sud his f athel, beginning to feel in ii


' She is nothing of the soit," ictortcd the son, in a not much bcttei tcnipci, "shc'sevciy bit as lad) like is Mux "

' So j oung mon alw ays think when they ai c in love Many a man lins mau ed the finest piospccts in life by conti acting i foolish m itch in his youth I w ill novel consent to it "

' At ni) lite go to Oxfoidoi have hci hcic and sec hci befoi o j on ni ike up yoiu mind Give the gula fin tnal "

" Nonsense, ' s ud the old man

"It is not nonsense, and I intend to many bei," answeicd the son feeling how foi túnate it w as th it his fathci did not know the whole ti uth about hoi illegitimacy

"If jon do, ' saul his fathci, "without my peí mission jon shall novei have a penny as long as I live "

"I dont eaie if I dont, cued Dick, by this time thoioughly loused I can suppoit

ni) »elf '

'YVcll, then, suppoit j otu »elf When aie you going to begin '

"Io monow, leplied Dick not, howevei,

having the vaguest notion how he was going to


And so on the follow nig day he loft the house and went up to Scotland to Gaisington s shoot mg box as Gaisington had gone up at the end of Jul) to sec about some dtci ations and na pi ov ements Ile had picuoitslv written to Craisnigtonand Ev cleon, giving them detnils of his interne« with his fathci, and soliciting

then tppiov ii

"Oh" said Gaisington, on his aim al, "easiest thing m the wot Id You come and h\c heie with Ev cleon I onlj use the house a few w colts in the yeni, and youl e neal 1) alw ays

with mo those few weeks '

"Yes, butwhatam I going to hie on' I shall foi feit my fellowship by mai ii ige, and my fathci swcais that I shan't touJi a penny of the propoity duung his lifetime

" Oh I economise 111 allow j on several bun di eds a jeal as my agent hoc I can well afford it, as I live a good deal within my in

come '

Dick shook his head " I can't hear of it, my deal fellow I don't mind coming to stay with you sometimes, and I dont muid making a good long stay vv ith yon now, but I'm not going to bin den you with a pensionoi , that wont do But 111 tell jon what 111 stay heie with join poimission while I vnto to all the people I think likely to know of an appoint

mont '

' Shall I ask Ev elccn up hci e, too '"

"She w ouldii t come w ltliout a lady to chape i one hei Girls in hci dehtite position have to bo doubl) caieful "

" You re quite i ight She must be kept abov c suspicion '

Dining the next few dajs Dick vu otc a nura bei of lctteis In ansvvei tootie which he had addicsscd to Ins old housomastei at Chelton ham theie cime the followingrcplv -

Cheltenham August- l8

M\ Dtin RICHARD- I was extreme!) sorrj to hoar of youl quariol with jour father, but if the circumstances arc as you state (and I alw nys found j oin word ínxiolntc) lam bardi) disposed to attach much blamo to )ou lortunatoly I know of something which j ou will probably bo thankful to accept 1 hci e is a mastership vacant here of the value of £100 a year w hich I feel sure the chief would havo no hesitation in bestowing on) ou This is not I know, much of alix mg for a man with a vvifo, espcciitll) for one who has been accustomed to the income which you have cn joyce! at tho Ulm crsit) and tho prospects in expectation of vv Inch you w ero brought up But a drovv nmg man jmst clutch nt straw s and this ma) in time lead to a housomastei ship which you know 13 by no means to be despised I will speak to the Principal about it In tho meantime j ou had botter send in your application and tcsti

monials AIj wife desires me to send you her best wishes Of course like a truo woman sho is chai mod w11 h the romance and quite disposed to break a lance with your fatlior on your behalf AAont ho relent Î-Believe me your affectionate friend AVILM IM H IRA EV

"Here's n jollj letter fiom old Harvey," said Dick two dajs aftoivvaids at breakfast with Gai sington w hen it ai i îved He read it out

" Shall j ou accept the post'

"If I can get it I shall wntc off at once I'd maii-j on that Ev cleon is an excellent managei and she can't haA c been accustomed toa ci y large income Besides I might make £00 a j eai raoie as some housomastei's diiACi, and pci haps a foAV pounds by tuition "

"well it doesn't sound ranch Dick" " Not foi a nobleman, Han j '

' Noi foi Richaid Stain ait, jttnioi, unless he has changed a good bit I>o raoie hunteis oi thoiotighmcd dogs, oi l-unps on the Con tment oi hiacelets, oi sealskins

"AVho told ¿ou that"

"Evelecn-m stuctest confidence, j ou aie hei fav oui îto topic "

" Oh, Haii-j, she is a jewel' '

"I'dmnirj hei mj self, Dick, if youweien't going to '


As Mi Hat v ey had sui nused the Pnncipal vv as onlv too pleased to gu e Dick the raastci

ship Cheltenham has alw aj s lov ed to vv elcome back hei distinguished sons to teach whcie thej weio taught as bojs, although but few hav e av ailed themselv ei of the opportunity

Dick had a bundled oi two in the bank, so he detei mined to mai ry at once Mi Hal v ey pcifoinicd tkc coi emony-going down to OJÍOI d

on purpose it being vacation time He hid n rich re« ard, for lie « as a Cantab, and li id ne\ ei before visited the sistei Univcisit} He found veij edment guides to the glonesof Oxford in Dick and the lovely till vi horn he w is just about to unite to linn Lv oleen was mai util fiom Mi s Woodgati s house both she and hei luothci thinkinD it pitulcnt not to di iw the ejes of Oxfoiil on the cottage at Medic) Hie widdmgp isscdoif «ithoutaccident01 incident

Garsmgton w is best man if theic ian be ii best linn M ithout in) budismaids Mis A\ ood gil c hei daughtei a« i) As soon as the vi ed ding «as o\ci thej took ti am to Scotl md to G ilsington s shooting box now left vacant bj lum is the 1st of Scptcmbci had almost ii nved Aftei a delightful foitni0ht thou they li id to go bick to Cheltenham to set in oi dei befoie temi be=an the cottage the) lull taken on the i o ul th it leads to the Midland Illilwa) low nels making it hilntible the} hid Dick's college fin intuí e, a bo uitiful di iw mgiooni cn pet fiom Lad} Mai}, who sent w ith it a kincl little note of congi atul itions mil good wishes to the bude a di awing loom suite fiom G ii sington, mil li ink notes to the imount of £>00 scntb) somo unknown donoi lins mi

kiiovi n donoi puzzled both of them The} had nothing to guide thom in discov ci mg him the li indwiitmg was acleiks and the postinnikii London postmaik the monc} had eviilcntl) bien foiw uded tluouBh a mm of business AVns Dick s f athel i denting'

Unis aided they m ide then cottage a gem of comfoit and piettmess But Dick could not look foi wind to toi m time without some uneasiness as to how his wife would bo icceivcd b) the othci mistéis wives and Cheltenham societ) About the men ho felt no uneasiness, but he knew th it the ti nth might leak out, and that then she could expect no meit) fiom the «omen, mid he was fin thor sensible th it envy of hei chin ins and the nttcn tion she xvis suie to icteivc fiom mon would set all then ingciuut) at «oik to sap her lepu tallon About one «oiniii, indeed, he felt quite at ease, Mis Hnivcv He knew that hci husbands liilluenco would be cxeited to enlist

her s)iiipitliy,uiid she hei self loved him as a


1 ci m time enuc It fill out just is he fe u eil All the ladies weie so pleased, to sec Mr St ii

wait igiun Kilt who «is Mis Stilw nt' AVliy had she novel been heaid of bofoiehcr min na^e AVliv had old Mi Stalw in t cut off his son foi contracting the in image' AMio mil

«heiewcic hci teintions'

Dick's happiness «is sciiously w oundell He « as iskcd cv ci ) vi hcio, but asked as a bacholoi

his vufe being altogothei ignoied lo all of these invitations he i etui ne 1 cm t and ungi i cious îef usais excepting «hcio he «as not quite coi tain if the mvitei knew of his mai n ige A fe« people, the Pimcipiii Alis H u vey, and all the umtun ned gentlemen whom he knew asked lum and his wife tofccthci and fiequcuth foi w hci ov ei Mi s Stalw u t w is asked once she w ns always moi e w elcome a second time Still Dick feltvei} liuiili gillid, and« is fain to ti) and «oik olí his dingi in by heavy mental libom and a v ci*} ictive putieipition in all the bo} s spoits With the bo}s ho w ib m unboimeUd fivouute Bo)s al« i)s like ii muni} homing and ailinn e piowess ospceiilly m gimes anil lie «as mole thm oidiimrily expert it all gimes He would tikeanvqu intit} oftioublo ovei coaching them mil the house win io ho w is usher, thanks i good deal to Jus ciEoiti, cai ned off the footbill challenge cup lhc bovs too, weie pi omi to i ead his minc on the walls of the Eleven llooni and the G) mnasiuni, scein" w h it gi e it things ho had done in Ins el i) foi Cheltcnh im at spoits ruitheimoic the) hid picked np some he u sa) about lus i omauce Repoit said tint he hid given up £20ODO a yeal and Ins position in societ} to ni ni) his wife, and they vi weall in love with his wife, who know a gie it man} of them foi he was constantl) niv iting bo} s up to his house VA hat pleased them most w is th it she nlw a} s i einem bei eel then names She «is ovei giaciousnnd kind to the bo}s he hi ought home, setting thom at then eise at once and cncouiaging them lo show thou iiidivielttalit} The} liked too to hen hci hush nul s tiles of Ins lift at Oxfoul, and the v ni ions matches m which ho hid phi)ed against Cimbudge, and in euliei da)s ag mist Clifton and Mailboi ough

All the men and bo)s «cio agiccd as to «hal a good fellow ho vv as, and « lint a chai ming « lfo ho had The ladies and society said «hat ft pit) it w as th it a man « ith such good cornice tions mdpiospcctsshouldh ive mai ned beneath lum-tint woman1 Hint woman being the pin est and most gifted and most engaging of

them all

At home Dick w ould sa) " It cuts mo to the quick Ev cleon, to see jon ticatcd tims "

îiovcr mind, dailing¡ ' she would ícpl}, petting him, "I cm bcai it md its no finit of } oin s Desides, I hav e the bo} s "

Veiy soon ho nsked hci mothei to stay with thom He hud some misgivings that it «ould mai emitteiswoise and ici y likely loul to the detection of hci onrin Hut he w is detei

mined to go tin ough it Ile felt th it it «ould bo gi ossl} snobbish to ILJIOI e the mothei of the gul he hid mai ned, mid did not seo why he should en m that îespcct is well is the people w ho anno) eel lum so much

And i Hinom s of hei bnth did get about

mel the ladies scowled nioic than OMI, lind societ) w is nioicand moic scandalised mid ill natui ed The men did not take it up so w u inly pai tly because Dick vv as not a man to tuflc with, and moic-to do them justice-be cntisethc) wcietoof iscinatedb} Mis Stalw lit to believe an} thing ill of hoi

Evclecn, foi hci pint, io lily did not feel then iiuleness so much is hoi liusbind She «as so devoted to him tint his piescnce would make up foi neaily an) thing, and she was charmed with the place itself It is no wondci that old Chelton i ins love to lcvisit Cheltenham No one «ho has theic spent }cais of his bo)hood cm folget the white houses the long avenues of fine tices tint hue tho pionionadc , Lins downe with its maidens, Leckhampton with its famous hill md Devils Chimnc), the last spin o£ the Cotsvvolds and the Seven Spiings the lcputed soiuee of thelhames, and few but cm locill with plcasuio suminci afternoon climbs up Cleeve, with its fiesh in and view of Sudcly beyond But moic than all «ill au old Chcltoman leincmboi the stately gi ay stone quadi angles and peipcndicul u ch ipcl of tin college, the gymnasium, with its t«in steeples, and the be lutiful playgi ound, bordci ed with ti eos, and containing a lngei stietch of turf than any other school playing fields in Liiglund Hcio a mm could di ive a tennei without touching the boundaries, and down to squue leg a hit docs not j,o ovei the ladings once in ten } cats fiom the elev cn gi ound Hie gymnasium and the adjoining i ooms w ei c gi cat favouutics with Evclecn foi hci husbands bo)ish exploits weie bla/oncd on then «alls and theie always seemed to be an cxtia elasticity about linn when he vv as playing on the old gi ound m any of the games in which in foi mci days lie had boon famous

One day, bet« cen 5 md G o'clock in the oven ing soon after Dick had come back fi om the college, he icceivcd a great suipnso, the bell lang and the middle aged «oman who acted as cook and maid of all woik-foi they only kept one sei vint, Evclecn being a xeiy fan fancy cook hci self-bl oiifeht mac ird on the bil v ci caí d tra} (one of Dicks athletic ti opines) On it «as punted, "The Eail of llichmondshuc K G

"Loid Richmondsliiie'' said Dick, "ishcin the chawing room '

' Yes, sir "

' He is Gaisingtons stepfathei, }ou know, den, and a noai neidibom of my fathei at home I'll go and see what ho wants "

lhc eail looked like i faimci, which m point of fact ho was foi «hen not engaged in politics, he devoted himself almost exclusively

to the cultiv ation of shoi thoms

' AVell, Dick, my boy ' ci led his loi el ship v ei y heartily as he onteicd the loom, "Ive come down here foi a week to hunt, and so I have come to pay my lespects toyoui wife Han y told mc }ou weie heic Isn't youl wife in

' Oh)cs, shell be heie in a moment, 111 hunyheiup Evclecn, den '"

' I m coming "

' This is my wife, Loid Richmondsluic '

"Pioudto mike)oui icquamtancc ma'am, hav en't seen an) thing that could touch } ou foi

the last ten seasons

' A\rc dine at six,' put in Dick, "if }on 11 put up with the simple joint and puddings of a pooi man, w e shall be pi oud if ) on'll join us "

"Join j ou' Of couisel will, m} boj On one condition though that)on give mc plain di aught ale, and nothing else Di aught ales

my hquoi "

He stay ed, ate a very heaity dinnei diank veiy heartily, and «as most assiduous in Ins ittentions to Mi s Stalwait In com se of time she lose and left them togethei This w is hoi second expeiience of the anstoeiac} She

«ondcied if all loids «cic as sociable is these two and if all loids «hen the} grew oldei con tneted the appcuancemd habits of faunos

AVhen she had left the i oom the cirl saul, "Youre a lucky fellow, Dick, a lucky fellow , and «hen I go home I shall tell }om father what a chai ming wife }ouvo got Snug little qunrtcis too But this «ay of living must bo i athel a change foi jon my boj Still von seem to tin ive on it It 11 do jouawoildof good You'll find the benefit of it after« auls when you come in foi the piopertj I'll tell von «hat, Dick, }ou must come md spend Chnstmas with us, you and your wife wont

enjoy A otirselv c» much hci e and nix w if e and I shall bo xoiy lonclj, as Huiv and Ins sistci n e wintering m the ¡south of Europe And perhaps, while youie theic he added xvith »o ne hesit ition j ou 11 fall ici os» yoiu father and make it up '

Dick thanked the eail win mix, and nt once accepted his oltei if it would not be mtiuding

on the countess

' Intituling on the countess1 AVhj should it' You've »tavtd theic, min mid hoy, these live and twentv jems And vom wife

"Aiidmj wife ' icpcated Dick, looking it the tail liuiuninglv

"And vom wife "continued the call- 'vvhj, my ladj '11 love hei like a duughtei, ¿on maj be bound And whilst weie about it, Dick,

bung Aoui wife to dinner with mc to monow

ni'lit ''

Thcj then joined Ali» Stilwait When the cul went away he lcpeited lus invitation to hci, and two dajs aftei winds ii Icttei ni lived foi Dick fiom the countess, begging thom to spend then Chustmis it Richmond Hall

Of coiu»e in a model itt --i/til place like Cheltenham evtiybody Knew that an em 1 h id spent i Aitok theic hunting, mil evcivbodj knew also that ho liad spent quite as much of that week in the Stalvvaits house as ni the hunting held, much to Dick s delight It was a gie it pic ism oto lum to see something of one of his foi mci nbiocivtc» But the ic»t of the w oi Id did not cxnctl) know w hat lo think of it The good nntuicd s ml, "bee1 lu» fi lends don't think an) the woise of lum foi his nnnngo,' and the ill natuied sud, ' Fancy Hint hoirv old îepiobatc hinging ibout that Mis Star»nit1 Wondci tint hu lmsb md allow s it" None of them knew the ical con ncction Even Dick Alas at a k>» to nuclei - stand it Ho neici lcniembtied the enl's being at Cheltenham befoic, and he was not nun enough to put ltdoAvn to lus own account

At Chi lstmas thcj w ent to st ij it Richmond Hall Noi w as the repoi t of then li iv nig dono so slow ni making its vv aj about Clieltcnh mi

" Then the countess knows tlmt woman too '"

" But the nobility do such qucci things," objected Slandei, "thoy know tint tlitn position is secured, and feel th it tilt) can do aux thing "

YVlnlc thcj wcie nt Richmond Hall Dick w as liithoi ni hopes that accident would tin ow thom m the way of his fttlui ot Al ii j, but thcj had no snell luck Old lui Stalwart got the wind of then being with Hie cul, and carefully pi evented the possibihtj of anj Mich lencontre Howevei, Dick poiutid out the Abbey to Ev cleon fiom a iitigliboiuing hill, and desenbed as well is he could the extent of then futuie piopcitj

"Dick jou'ic a Loi d of Bin leigh1 ' sud his w lfc " I had no notion as to w hat i in lgn ite I wns espousing I feel aw full) ¡,nilt\ foi lobbing jon of so much foi bo long '

" I d i ithei hilve jon than ill d u ling ' '

At last temi was just about to boLin igiiin, and thcj h id to go b ick to Chelti iiliiim but not befoi c Dick had li idsomecipitiil hunting for it w as ¡i i are hunting w mti i - mil not bef oi c tint, undei his tuition, his wifi was miking considci ible wuj in the mt of lidmg

" You 11 bo ii pittui e on hoi st h ttk," s ud the cuil to hci, "a hindsoinc w oin m ncui shows up KO w eil as in hei s uldle "

The Lent tenu soon passed aw ij, things going on much the s uno is IK foi c, but Alis ¡stahl ut beginning to makt i little ptogitss in society She w is so liemtifiil unit mgiiging and well hi ed thntitw is vciy dilhtult to give hei the coldshouldti foi long, lit ldis Dick's old fi lends eudtntlj had not iltn"ethel given linn up The visit to Kithiuond Hill must count foi something in hci fin om And all these niguiuents wcic intensifiai in (lie Eastci v ication, when Ladj M u j 1 ti "ant cune to spend i fortnight in bei house, while hci hush md and Loul Guisington M tilt to Pans togethci LndyMai)rw is mi much dimmed w lth hei, and indulged the love winch slit still chciished so stionglj foi Dick in tning to giatifj his wife She did not wondei at his choice when she saw Mi s Stuhl ut, though she did feel a ping of jeilousy it lust People hogan to st) to themselves, If Lui) Rich mondslui c w ill allow hci only d iu"htei to blay alone m the burne house w ith Mt s SI ilvv u t theic em't bo much tiuth in the cul lcpoits about hci No one is so eai eful ¡is an English jiceiess of an uiimiii i icd daiujitci "

Accordinglj, ono by one the) begin to piofcss themselves convinced by (ho aignmciits of those who hid acknowledged Mis Stuhl ut fiom the hist Dick ck lily saw Ultu lijpocnsj, but ho felt tint i hitit obtusencijs w ould bo udi is iblo so he dissimul itcil

Ti om this lime Mi s Stalw mt s position was


[TO ni covriNui n ]