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Chapter NumberBOOK II. VIII
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Full Date1882-05-13
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleDick Stalwart: An Oxonian
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pVriUciifur the Queenslander.)



TUE scene now shifts to St Mat} s Abbcj

-siinimci hail como and w at vv aiimg But cv on the summer sun had failed to light up the gloom w Inch ov ei spi ead the manoi house Tho life of the house was gone Old Mi Stalwait insinoic inoiiso and hciy thanooi jMuj s tempei was i ipidly becoming som ed bj hei cufoiced abstinence fiom maiinge It was dull woik h\in0 with i peevish fithei fai away in this desolate conloi of "ioilsluie and old Mi Stalwait coi tamly v. as becoming le»s com I tnionahlc ev ci j da) , foi lie w as in a w tv, fond of Dick, he w as cxccssiv ely pi otid of lum, and ho missed lum xciy much, he missed his con ut ti ion at meals foi Mai y fetilwait -was not i good t ilkei ho missed his companionship out shooting he missed heal mg of his evploits

foi Dick liad dctei mined ncvci to couespond with his fathei until the lattei lind acknow lodged his v) lie

I he tenants missed linn oven moie than his fithei and sibtct Ho had nlwnjstaken put m then spoils he lind captained the village eleven attempted to instinct them in the mv stei íes of footb ill, got up ithletics f01 thom, dinccd at the school feasts with the gills and iii«.ed lound«» and pusoneis base with the j o iths Ile w as missed in the nuntin,?, field, foi he w as a plucl j i idol and a good fellow ml nlwajs siibsoiibcd a good lound sum to the


Old Mi btalwait became a diffeicnt man II einatme! j bioleti down All his finest ho« es had been blighted Hie son, the onlj son w ho w is to lmv e made a gi eit in itch mil i gi cat name in the vioild li til tlnovtn himself awaj (so he ai0ucil) on a nameless adv entui ess mil was now slav mg aw ay in in obscme position foi a smallei stipend than the lnmtsin m made oven jeal bj theDcighboiiiing pick It was foi this th it lie lind bl ed up his son He ncv ei icmciiibeicd that put at least of the change in Ins soil's eiicumstanccs w is due to himself

thattheie was nocaitlilj lcnson whj his son should bo ti availing foi his livin" that his neighbours, the llichiiiondshiioi had shown tliemseh es pei f ectlj îeadj to visit and lccognise Ins son's wife that -very lil el j but foi the stoun he had íaiaed against it his sons mesalliance might haxe passed unnoticed for people had told lum that his tlnughtei in hw was veiy lad}like md engaging is well as veij beautiful and draining Ile put ex ei j thing down to his son s account, and was ni the habit of leincsenting himself as the fond and in dtilgent fathei whose gnj hans had been bl ought down m soi row to the gia-\e by an ungiateftil and worthless son He entiicl} lost all count of the sacufices Dick had mid at Oxfoid and of the vol} distinguished Itoiiouts which ho had theic achieved His one act of disobedience m the old man s mind tai outweighed all Ins ments and deseits

At length hy way of dilling the tedium he thought he would try the effect of town life, but town life m i veiy diffeicnt sense fiom that attached to it bj Mary Stalwait and others of bet ago He thottgjittheaties weie sinful-oi at anj late delctciions to nioinhtv

Mat j was theicfoie never allowed to cioss the threshold of one except at Ghi istmos when the pantomimos weie on, which being special!) adapted to ehilihen, he thought might not do hei moials much haim Conceits he detected, thej boied lum inteiiselj so she seldom went to them Balls indeed she might have had in plenty through Ladj Richniondsline and she alw lys went when the countess was going heiatlf ami could chapel one her hut old Mi St ilw u t vv as such a sticklei about etiquette that he would as soon haie allowed her to go to Gieiuoine is to go without a cha'ieronc whom he knew intmiatelj, and in ) thom ho could îepose unlimited ti ust Gai den

pai ties tennis pat tics, "at homes and the

1'ke -weie of course attended with similai difficulties Anothei thing which inteifercd Kieatlj with hei enjoyment was the quartei of London in winch her fathei selected his lesidence All Lady Richniondalm e s set-and Mm knew few othei people in town-lived m Ma> fair Piccadtllj Park Lane Bclgi av ia oi South Kensington But nothm0 inLondon gave Mi Stalw art nnj pleasure eveept w atching the cncl et at Loid b oi i idmg about in the p uka

and bj fai thepiettiest anl most countij like of the paiks is Regents Pail which had the fi" tliei merit of being compai ativ elj close to Mai j lenone And here, aftei a little searching mont, he managed to come ncioas a 1 ti"e soi t of manoi house with fine gi omuls attached to it-snch a place as is sometimes, found in the suburbs of London having been built when the distuct m which it stan Is was jet a countij xallage far from the polj-podal citj Thia house- 'the Elms '-Mi St ilw art bought Anj summer morning he might be seen wall mg hia lioiae ttndei the chu ticos or cantcimg acioss the giassv plains of the neighbouring pail and most summer afternoons he was u ible on the pavilion at the M C C , of which as an aident support« of mci ct he had Ion

been a membei Mai j sometimes accompime 1 lum on his nile» but vvliencvei she could steal *iw av f i oin home she di ov c off to the Eai 1 a tow n house Among the million of London she was ueailv as lonelj as m the wilds of Tceadile and in all the gi eat citj thei e w ci e few moi c mi liapjn peiaoiH than the Tloil sime sonne and Hw daujitei amid all then luxurj i\li Stal wait was very little liappiei in town than he lndbcen in the "\oith It was the difteienco ?..Dicks preaeiice oi absence and not the on ci once of place that matteied to lum -town hid no special attractions foi linn oi lie might have gone up to it befoic foi joai-s he hal been a nell idle man Dick

i. All rn,ht° i eserved by the author.

would baie felt von unhappj had he known how mlseiable his father was hut his sistei »is not ülowcd to vuitc to lum and Mi

Stiii'-m.«- was alwavs seiupulouslv cnieful not to cxptóo Ins tioubles to the Eichmondshii c faimlv whom lie io"aided as a soit of lined spit a m lus son s novice If Djol had known hia miaciv and been unencumbeioil he would hue flown to Ins fithci s side nt once, but thei e w as the i iib 1 he v ei y oncumbi ance w Inch wotil 1 pi event lum fioni u laing and going to Ina f ithci was at the loot of the sopuation f i oin lum which caused his fathel a imsciy nmicl} his niniiin"e to a wife whom his fithci would not icknovvledge an! this cn tumbi anec was of com so msupciablo md mc

me li ii le

So old Mt Stnlwait continued misoiable mil with him the luightei whose hrppiuess dej C" h-d. on his lmnioiu


M^ïH-j indtcimsiollelawaj loi tune at ien"tii i egvil to ¡mule ou Dick Tlioic was a coi tun bou lingliotlat ii ViJlblc of hollín-, ibout tiftx bojs winch hy the mcapicitj mid mia management of its piescnt mastei contained bit two and twcut) foin of whom weie about to le iv e at the end of the toi m noi w as thci c much i>i ospect of nu« fi ch ai i iv als to fill then pi ice* Hie bojs who weie m the house weie not of i good stamp not that they h id been woiao than othei bovs when thej fust c une to the school buttlioj had been spoiled bj want of enteipirso among the bojs and want of authoutj in the mastei of the house One of them a joung Rowe a biothci of Dicks Oxfoid chum Tia 1 shown much pi omise as a new bo} when tile house was m othei hands

ho w is i scholni of the college h id t ikcn a high i>l->cc ami in his fiisfc foi tenus had earned ill bcfoio him Smco then ho had degenciated into an idle noisv loafei «tilth a coi tain fondness howevei mid aptitude for ganes but the othei boys in the house wcio not willing mid cneigetic tmough to piactisc with lum Still in spite of his llltneas mil follj he was well enough gioundel md able onoiHi to can j off tile college sthol u ships jon bj jeal until he was too oil lo compete Anothci Bin low s was a poweiful hcivx built fellow with thews and sinews which q vlified lum to como to the foie in neu h in\ spoit

ns it was mulei the piescnt nile he w is loinnikable foi nothing but shamming and stn}nig aw ij floin college on filsc pictences Ho ind Howe between thom lud exhausted nculj all the ulments to which mini w hen m thon valions assumed miladies lhcj would bolllv neglect then pi op irction the cvemii" bofoi e and in the moi nmg go np to 'Vii Arnold an 1 descubo the licking iioadiehe which afthctcd ti " one and the dingnoiisbionchial cough win ' men iced the othei lhen is soon as he hil gone oif to college the/ w ould com menee cooking oi ci iel ct in the sw e it i oom Liwson then chum was pciluu s the woist of the tinco he shimmed most nu I was most in lolent and he hud othei faults None of them vv as ov ei sixteen H vrtliol 1 anotlrci of tho senioi bojs ni the house because theio w is such a 1 ick of bi" boj s in it that j ming ones

like these stood it its head w is i ithci oldei

ntailj seventeen Ho p isscd foi the best in the house being quiet and seenimgl} nidustuoiis but thcie w is i sljncss about lum 'Weih, i bov ne n h of the same age mil theiefoie moie oi less one of then associates was a cmlj headed rithcrgood lool mg fellow son of aveij uch A", nn) iel sim c gentleman now de id He v) is x ci y low dow n ni the school md li 11 a teitvin imoiint of low wit He vi as occisión ii j ni Rising but fin oftenci giossly offensive BnfEooneij wasiuligeiious in 1 nu His tie it chum x) as i sm ill old boj in his foi m named Robinson- i shocking little blackguai d know n as Bibj loin who appaientlj possessed no single "ood quality excel t the .. t °f husband mg lu» monej lliose with a bowle^gc 1 wn j loo! nig Ilcvonsluic boj, vscie the most pi omi

lient 111 the house

Mi Arnold the mastei ivis a phillip oil j

looking paiaon with a hue voice which he lost no oppoi tumtj of exhibiting ntclmpcl conçoit 01 com 01 s mont He vv as 1 good lititui ed m vu -fed his bojs well l ithei too well foi his own locket but he lnescivcd no semblance of authoutj among thom he w is also no seholiu and quite intu ible of helpni" 11115 foiw ndboj such is v oung Row e Alto"cthei he w is 1 v ci j bad kind of min to li ix c the management oE 1 house full of bovs It vv as impossible to 1 ospect lum He illov!cdiilltliccolle0ciulestobobiol cn with liupiimtj excepting when the in ittci w is lil ely to come to the e 11 s of the pi incip ii

lui thci he wis vol y heavily in debt foi he w as a bacheloi and thci cf 01 c his household w as exti ax agantlj administer ed nu I he w as fond of hung 111 a btv lo til it his means dil not wnn mt Ho vv as a scllish self iiidulpcnt man not fit 111 anj vi ij to have the motil ling of the eli íiactcis of the j oung A 11101 c than 01 hu 11 llj 11 igi ant; bleach of the college 1 liles winch he had erv do iv oin ed to 1 ass ov ei 1 e tilted 111 his di&mibs ii nominal!}, on thoscoie of insolvency

Jins house the Pi men al who had been Dicks consistent fi lend all dong piopostd to givehiin lwo difhculties howevei seemedto st md 111 tlic wiij of his benevolent intentions one tho amount of capitil necoasuj to pin chase the fittings fuiintuic ml the like (the house itself w is 1 entcd at so much ijcai fiom the compinj which li id built sevei ii of the boai dm0 houses) the othei the opposition md nattii ii jcilous} of lus bernois vmong the masteia if ho weie put ovei tlion heads Ilieie w ei e sev 01 al as j et unpi ov 1 lo 1 w ith boai lui" houses whose claims vicio jnoi to his Both diihculties incite I aw vj one >i two of those who caine bcfoio linn wcio imiiiaiucd which since the faihuc of Mi Arnold the whole

mistéis mooting convencí to discuss the ap 1 ointment consileied an nisiipciable obstacle

of the othei s nil excel t one îegu led tint house as abad speculation hUclj to give them a v ist deal of tiouhlc f 1 om the chin actei of the boj s and exceedingly mihi clj to j îeld anj pi ont commoi ci illj Hie 0110 w ho 1 eallj w ishod foi a house and w is quito w illni" to take this one said that Dick lcquuod it 1 ¡,'cat deal moie than lie did and that he should be quite content to w ait ind take it off Ins h nids w hen he left the college as he w is sm e to do w hen cv cr he taino m foi hispiopeitj And 111 ti nth Dick did want it foi a stuidj little Dick and a fin haned rvelecnhal swelled his house hold

Ev ei vone applauded Mi Ti off 1 j sgeneiositj

hut then ni oso the question of how Dick w as to find the monej to buy out Mi Arnold He had saved enough to have tho actuil sum in his possession but he had vcij little moie to piovidc against a 1 amy daj 01 to mike any neccssaij alteiations and inipiov emeiits in the bojs quartoisoi the dwelhnn house He men tioned this when the house w is foi mull} oifuc 1 to lum and the pi ice stated iSovv his fiicnd the head mastei caine foil)aid again and offei ed to lend lum alaigesuinof monej fiom his puvate means until he w isf nrlj staited Bick felt some hesitation m ncceptin" hisofEei

but he 1 eflccted that a bo u ling house it a lai ge public school might be considoied a ccitain avenue to a comfoitable home if not actual affluence He theiefoie accepted not the sum itself but pcimission to draw upon the Puiicipal up to that amount if necessity compelled lum necessity however did not compel lum and the Pi liicintil s genci ositj vi as not put lnieqmsition foi a week or two aftei

w ards w hen ins appointment had been gazetted 111 the newanapeis a di if t on a gi cat London him foi 2000 guineas aimed bj post with a note f 1 oin thom to saj that a poison vv ho w ishod to be nameless haddiiected them to foiwaid lum this sum to meet any ficsh outlaj he mi"lit be compelled to mííkc Thus icinfoiced Btcl

and Eveleen soon made then new house as elegant as thou cottage had been Gaismgton sent thcniablack and gold gi and piano for their drawing 1 oom and Lal} Mai j a hand some cabinet to m itch Dicks college ] ictui es put 111 unifoim fi uno» were nuite enough for then aittin,, 100ms and his books and ctu>3 ni 1 le a f-ne show in his stn ly In the dining 100111 thev put np a icieisible hilliard table which made acipital dinnoi table The bojs play 100111-the 100m 111 which the joungei bojs hal leaks 01 toiscs and dil then evening pi epala ion-Dick left ns it was he knew fi om ox] enence that they woul 1 like it just as well an 1 tint the main point 111 then estima tion was to ho able to do w lint they pleased m it Hie 1 mlows howevei ho did caiefullj fence m-u le ind out with stiong fine w 11c net tin,, thus jiotected they could defj cnclet 01 p mt al out 01 anj 01 dum j outdooi pastime pi c 1 indoots

VU then pi epaiations weie made dining the Ion_ mi Is nnniei hohdavs foi they weie to commence then new duties in the Michaelmas

toi ni

Agieatpaitof this vacation was as usual spent with Loid and Ladj Richmoiidsluu Hie} had onh passed a single vac ition w ithoiit a visit to the Eatl since tint Ghilstmaa lah Mai j had m accoidance with hei io olution alw ax s boen al sent f 1 om home on these occa sions while Dick was m the house but when he went off nii}whcie with Caismgton as he geneiallj did-peihaps to gue hei the 01101 tunit}-she would come home to beacom panion to hi» w ife Home meant an} one of bei fathei s seats but Richmond Hall and the town house weie theil favomite lesidences

Eveleen had «onie mi'givinta about then new xentuic The boy s of the house had a v ci j bad

ntiiiiefoi iiniuhncss u dtYcn foi y leo Again, ' liOYT wcicthoyto m ike a house paj without) eighteen boys yyhen it was built to iceommo date about fif tj * Lai nest!) »he pi vjcil foi tho ndsontof licYY boys

Oiisnti II

It was a Thuiadi) osenuig in Stptembei

To monow bj !) p in tin bo) s si ould illuiiiso, to night six ness boj s lecommended toDitks liottse bj his fneild the l'uncipal, made then

nppe n ince

Hie ouhnai} lea at a public boai ding house at Chtlteiihain consists of tea and hie id and buttei but -L.Y oleen b ml it yy ould be ci ucl to ti eat boj s fiebli fiom home ni snell a fashion ami insisted on giving them hot me it anil j un to follow, piesidiii- o\ei the meal heistlf and ondeas oin mjj to cliect thom up

1 ho next night the boj s ai i n ed most of them late tiucl milmed. \o bo insolent when t ikon to -i.i.u-._> t'î Host es ti tlieiew "isftsometliittg: aboutDitknot yoi) cntouiaging to insolente ami then lophes died anas m asYhispci Dttk Hideeil half dis ii nied tlicui foi Rowe sshowis the i mgleadei, vi ns hiy itcd m to »tippci w lth lum and his Yufc, in consuleiation of then nitiimies Yutltlus biothei, and ¡isa boj .shorn J Yclcen lind ali eulj know n foi bometimo, foi Bul \uis sine tolmo a pait-culail} w um bide foi mi} connection of lus old fi tends Kow espi cart a gie it îcpoit of LycIcch tliioiigh the house

"she m as the Ioy ehest and jolhcbt, uni kindest gul tint he liacl cvei met

Dicks cliihcultics soon began Pi .jets on the Satindaj cAcmtig weic i lcgulni fuco Jhebojs ilwaja leaiiondcd at tlie wiotig time mil stud Amen in some imtoYY ai d pi ico nul ti scntcel} suppicssed chuckling undi uightei «as audible the vs hole turn 1 htn tlicj put poppet m the illation's ten, and mustaitl in hoi bcei - OYOii poured the peppei pot osei liei and lnainlained that it w is m ¡undent Out night Ditk heuing i ¡vient noise in one of the bed looms aftci the bass lind gone to bert unhid up nul i occiY ed a jugful of cold w itei is he iiiteicdtht loom inothei night isimilu futo )_,<\_il) a gentlcni m who was Iota nig Ins fi out dooi winch h ipponcd to be nndci one of the boss beiïi oonis Sometimes winn lie nul his vufesicie CTftel t lining tompaiiY the g is w tut out the boi rf nV>OY t li ii mgbloYi n dow n the pipe linn Mi Gi ojVh.ii d Ins neighboui, sent in to complain th it tks suit of his house fitting tin bo}S ) ntl yy huh had liittlj bien punted w is uttcil} spoiled bj li mug i bottle full of blue ink tluoYY n aff mist it und that tho si ites on ins îoof steie pulYoiiscd hs pines of buck thrown upon them, of yy luth lie saul he hid collu ted about half a liogshe id One of the yy alls of the liiYiitoij (i thin buck outhouse) Y\as l_iil_c<_ down bj the bojs and Ditk c night AVclls m the YCij aet of tijui<i lo bnik t.nou_li into Bli Gi cj bcai il s house yi lth a pick and i ci o «

b n left ibout bj one of the w oi knien impíos ed to lciun the lax itoij He had ill hut pine tratet! tin Yuill Minn Dick mtemipted him Robinson gue lum no mil of tiouble Iiy his low blacken ndtsin Dick cltteimined to get nil of linn One of the tilings YYith which lie found it most difficult to deal yuis the si stem itie aliimming .ncl bt i) ing iiYnij fionitollegi He was fai too conscientious to let a, boj who li id nothing the ni ittci with lum ibsont himself fiom stliool and entei lus n vine in thc^iotunis as a'iei Agun, he would catili boyarnos, drinking, now smoking, eithei of ftYslueli oifiuccs yy as sufhciint to expel them if i opoi ted to the Pnncipil At hist, too tlieie sits i systematic noise dm nu; piepuition and m the hull oom aftei tin bo) s hld gout to bed l>itk undo i st nul tig mist nil tlnse Dis ordiilj behixioiu in the Indi oom oi dining ]>r_pm ition, ho piuusliid bj mai m_ tin olfindci st.) in his ehssioom fiom tho close of moi niiijj school until duiiiei time-a ycij siycic piiiiiblimcnt to linptitieiiee consiileiing that eli ipel and school 1 ist f i oin S J > a m to 12 lo oi 12 JO p m Robinson and AA elis he expelled fi om his house at tin end of the til in md Y.lieucYei thej wuo tioublesonio foi tod them to hive then lintis in i sépante loom » thout i fin, and bieikfast half in liom eaihci than the otlnis \A hen the bos thicYS wntei ox ei lum tho fin j lie displnjed as lit cnight hold of lum teiuhed till who who pt osent, iltliough he di 1 not clnibtise lum linn Hit boj vilio tint« M itei osei his fiiuul w is sent up to the I'liiuipil and tancd ses ciel)

J hose yy ho took libei ties yy lth the ni iti on st ci c tincitci-eil .sith the fite of llobinson and AA'tlls at then meals 1 hose whom lit caught dunking llhutlY oi smoking ho cxtuscd onto, as he w is unw llluig to luke so sei ions a step is hnmg i boy cxpcll-d fiom the school Blithe warned thom th it mj lepetition of the olltnce, oi atij othei seuotis ollonci oi tiouble to him, would lcbult in the l'uncipal s becoming uc qu tinted Ysith tin st holt of then pi es ions intsilcincnnouis mil this kept some of the stoist culputs quiet Olfcudets at pi ijeiswcic tientcd in tin same sstij as oltindeis in the pi op u ition loom oi bedioom Sli unimiig ho set his fice ai, mist und his oysii cxpcncnco made lum tolciablj acute it distinguishing fi nul floin leiht)

Hie 1-Ojs begin lo see that a now ci i had begun One night Iioysiyci, sshon Bul was out-as it i csulted not it ill mist isonablj - Hu tin Id, the oui} pitfctl m the house w is supposed to be ketpiug swelt (i e , looking aftci thebojbdiningeseiiiiigpitpaiation) but hoYsns scij taielcss about it, is hi sun n gic it popiiliutj hiinlci, conscqiitnily theio wis tv soit of pandemonium m tin schooh oom dining piepni ition Roue yi ho li id a stud) of Ins OYYii, was dossn tlieie, nuking its much noise as anjone, foi (as has been s ltd ibose) he was natuiallv one of the most limul) boys hi the lioust In the midst of all this J-selcen ippiaied, hci fate disfiguicd with tens, iaii)ing hci )ouiibei son, i bib) a month31 two old, sucuning suth tcnoi, llteie vsas a su lilen silence in the i oom , she soi/ed the oppol tuini y , mid explained that the infant as as ncailj flightened to dcvtli by the upioiu In"ta)i(ly tlieie stnsngcnei ii nun min of I m Yd) bOlCJ, m i am-1 foi got the bah) but Rollinson md A\rell_ laughed aloud and ti led to make the ollicis folloss then example Bs elecn then gise tlttra a kind smile and sa)ing th it she 1 noss it ss is mci ely mid, Ycitencc on then pint, left the loom Aftc that-indeed foi many nights aftu muds picpaiation and the playtime that folloYYCil sitppci bcfoic the bo) s YYCut to bid sscie ycij quiet On that escniinj tlieie Ysas plentj to occupy the bojs mid keep them in iapt ittention Rossi who fancied himself in love suth Mis .tahsnit took it into Ins head to take AVells nul llobinson to task so shaiply tint the foiniei ssho ssas oldei than Itovse, andneulj as bt ' shuck him in the faco In the fibht that follosied (a 'mill' tho bojs, as all Clicltomans tailed it) Rosie neaily killed Wells, and instantly liuprosed the oc cnsion by smacking Robinson s head soundl)

Rowe was amply iepaid foi it eveiitu ill) came toPYcleens eais and she said ' It was yoi y ridiculous of )ou to do it Trod and it is poi haps iidictilous of mo to like you foi it, tint I do appiccnte )oiu elm ah y '

DicknoYv beg in to ti) andoffectsomeimpiOYC meiits in his house Ho did not it all appi oyo of the bieakfastsjstcm in the public houses, foi unless i bo) paide.tia his bieakfnst onlj consisted of tea md bl ead and buttei His tea sias, the simo Ho theiefoi e onlj tasted moat once a day 'lins Dick did not considei enough for a giowing bo) He theiefoie wiote to ill the pai cnts of Ins boj s asking if tilt) yy ero willing to pay a small additional sum )caily in consideiation of then bo) s getting meat tss ice a day All agiecd except two who pleaded poYcity ïhese two Dick tieated like the othei s at his own expense

The affections of his bojs ho tiled to con oihate by asknu, them up into his diassmg loom of a Sunda) evening, aftei tei keeping the little Dick and Bvcleen up until eight o clock foi them to pla) w lth His svifc vs as so yy inning and atti active that tin bo) s carne to regal d this as a gi eat ti oat and used to scheme to get oxtia îmititions (lining the week It Ysas a cann, ii ni_]it wlicnesei the mati on asked foi a holiday ind Jjseleen took hci place at tei read) to chat suth the bojs and enjoy a joke ssitli them She md Dick always had dinnei svith tliein at 1 n and thetcYias ii« aj s i keen slmggle it the begin nmg of the toi ni foi _hc lionoui of sitting lit u


Buk w as c spoil ill) anxious that his house should go up in spoi ts foi lntliei to it li id al« aj s boen put out in the In st lound in all the dial lenge cup matches Undei liisauspicesandtiaiii in_ the house soon began to look up JJ) Lastei ho h id tim.) two boYS in his house to pick a micket olesen fiom AA ithie_ulaipi ic.iccKoyyc be^n to sliosv"ieat pi omise as i bosilei vslulc Hin theld occasionall) made nins and Lvssson aequned a îcpiitition asasloggei Tins time ij am the) woo jmt out in the hist lound, but but not Ys i thout a good sti uggle although the) (hess the bouse si Inch csentuill) bieune cock house In foothill the) h__l the same bad luck, but Bin lows and Rosso distinguished thom seh cs gi tath the foi in ei _ottin" into the toi lege, and the littei into the ch.Mcal twentj

(lo anticipite ni the folloss ing jeal the house containe I forts eight membci- an 1 si as in tlie last i ound but one m both tin ti iel ot and foot ball cliallcn_e cups ) AVhen Dick hi st took tJie house he ys as obliged to plaj foi thom m then cucket and football matches to enable them to make a decent stand against ali) othei house, but thej soon outgi eYS lus aid and in a. fesv j oai s became one of the stiongest houses ni the


I Dick s house soon bec une the most sought

ale*' m the college, and all Ins v icimcics wcio bespoken severn! tenus in advance, foi Eveleen was suth an excellent inuugei and the bojs xveic so well caicd foi , Bick wis such a dis tin<ni'shed man md so weil spoken of by bojs antîmo^stois, and thcPiiueipilnlwajs lecom mended leis house-axcij line compliment to houses m Ulm-'1 the bojs weie devoted to sports He )«ft,< theicfou, be'iiiniiig to make monej md hcce%,u0 i ?"?e" to do man, much to the deb dit of Loi J Kichmondsluic who carne to btaj°with thom L"m time to time, and bi ought Ins wife now thvttliej hula i oom foi hei lcccption Ho and she v <-'o u,','1 cuuous to know how Dick conti iv ed to n, '"«-tos w oik efhcicntlj, and j et hay c so much time e»0 bestow

on Ins guests

"Well, said he, "I get up piettj only to ti ansact the business, fiinmci ii .Vc of the ti ij

At S áO a m I st ut foi chapel When m j bojs aioawaj ntïrcnchoi Gel mun 01 muthern ttics, 01 ai o i» epai mg a lesson, I look o\ 11 then com position Anj aneáis of noik 1 polish oft botw ecu 12 1") oi 12 30 and 1, winn I mu detain mg bojs in school foi milln lui) foin The leesons which mj cliss aio going to lcpentto me on the next moi nmg 1 get up dm mg in cpa i ition time m the cv eniiig I am m eli ipcl oi school fiom S 1 ) to 12 lo oi 12 10 md on whole schooldays fiom 2 TO too, the lest of the day I devoto to spoitb oi enjojnunt, oi misccl lnneoiia i tailing "

' ' Bi iv o,' stud the Eui, " j on i e tv i ai e chap,

Dick .

Gai sin'toil, te o, c une lo st ij With lum some- times dining tcilll'time, and often m ide lus v isit a veiy long one Ho took, gi cat intoiest in the school-its Imildiugs, its Institutions, its spoits -coiiipaimg them all with wini he i einem bei ed at his fin om ito Eton foi G u smgton wis one of tho most enthusiastic of Etoiunns Hegcneiallj carno in the suimmi temi, when he could fet piont} of i Hie shooting vv ith the bo}s, anl his piesencc w is most inv ilinblc to tbtm , aslinsbten mentioned ibove, he w tis a v ci} fine shot himself, and he did not euc how much tioublo ho gave lo contlung, of winch he lind a yoi j decent idea lui thci, he w is a capital judge of a using shot, and it was uiidci his auspices that the }oungci Rowe icluevtd the pi omi distinction of wmmnr the Spoiled cup with soon points to sp no in the hist six shots While ho was thoic Chillinh mi noel failed to send up n espectable tt mi to AVnnble don to compete for the Ashbm ton shield Ho v)as very ninth struck with tilt ph}gioiind at Clieltenh nu, which he li id no hesit ition in in ef ei i nig to the Eton plnj mg lu lils as ii ci leitet gi omul, iltltough fat infeiioi to Ihcin m tho pictui csquc lx. mt} of sin loundiiigs

Dick by this time had Tw n piiuimted fo take class le in the el issie-il dcputnieut-the thud division in the school-oiilj Ii andlliv>hieh ?weie multi the Pimcipil and ". ice pi îtrcipii being higliu His classical exploits it O«cfoid haidl} in themselves îitstilitd his filling soh/gh a position, hut his- i cal classical itt ninnciits which of com se were V)cll known to his. old mastei thol'iincipnJ, quite instilled the lppoint incut His bojs weie llwnvs well gi oundell, md alwnjs cunio out ciuhtiblj m the mid siinimci culminations, held bj the i\ mi weis who came down fiom the Ovfoid tnd Cam

budge Bond to íepoi t on the piogics» of the

school md give coi tihentes

Side bj side with Ins piogiess m tho school c uno his pi ogi ess m the htci u jw ni Id Ah cady aitielts of his had ippcued m El isci 'and " Micniillim'on lnstoucilbiibjicts, ind he had been iskcd lo lcucw Di -s gi eat lusloiy foi " ilio Quai teily " His sound histoucil lciu nmg had been aeknowlcdgi Ibj ipplications fioni sundi) cditois of senes such is the "'J ho Epochs "

Altogcthci ho might bo reckoned a v ci j foi tu u ite mun Conipiu itive ¡inluincc ippcmedto be within his leach He hid i fin wife, beloved bj all who knew hu, fi)e ehilihcn, and i piett), eomfoitable, home In ism ill pi o vinci ii V) oi lil ho w ns becoming i big m m and he hid some piospccts of nthieung distinct ion ni lçttcis But foi all tins he could not feel sitisfied He felt that hut foi i f ithii s whim ho might now be devoting his entities to politics, that he would be ti niemboi of p ti ha ment inste id of i schoohn isloi Unit ho w mild be concerned with the man igcmcnt, not of bo} s but of nitions What if Ins ftithei weie to live anolhci thut} oi foilj yeais' All the best yens of his life would bo yv vslcd m duidgeiy in piovidmg bl ead and cheese and nuises Ilia sons would glow up and h ive to be pinched in then cducition md ptilups be nimble to go to college His ilaughtei s would li iv o to mulei go the misónos of genteel pov ci t j, foi he could not conecil fioni hmisclf that an income which wasafiluenccwitli i j oung family became veij much stiailcncil when the bi)}S md gills came of age anil lind to be stinted ni pi oftssions oi «supplied with dow i les

Aguu he could not help looking back on his just life, md the golden visions of the fillino

he had cheushed m those days when he looked

foiwuid lo the almost immcilmd enjojmeiil of estitcs that m my peela would have cuued The Iimdwoikcd Dick Sliiwiut the niistei w ib not the s une pcison is Dick St ilw m I the boy had boen in the s uno fnmiliai college at


1 hen he would think of the fun home of his bojhood the statelj cluniie Abbe} willi its guille of lniiuenioual tices the wide g1 ides in the thaso, the foam ciested waleis of the Joes huiijing ovci its giej mai hie bul Ile had given np much in giving np tins home

Close upon the image of home follow ed the gi atefttl image of Lulj Wmj 1 oigiint, the love of lus youth, the idol of soeittj Ile could not help thinking just foi otu moment how dilleient his lot would hive boen lud he mai ned bei

But then he happened to t'mcc icioss the table His eyes met tw o sw eel gi i} o}cstlmt w oic som ching his tioubled fite with mingled tendel noss and solicitude, and a sweet mouth melted into one of those îaie smiles that woto pcculmily Ev cleen's ow n Ho felt lb it he h id not ei led , that all vv is well lost foi love-such a love, mid his face clem ed like the sky aftci min in sunmici His fnthoi's image he had sti ii cn to banish fiom Insumid, as ho identified lum with the souicc of his misfoi tunes His image boic the samo slein cxpiession as his face had hoi ne on the d ly of the i uptiue, and

Dick felt haï d and deb mt

When Dick's eyes cautbt Lvelccn's, she íoso and came and pcichcd on Ins knee and eaicssod linn She did not ask lum outnght foi a confession, but the cloraient ici! lipa pic idcd in silence, and the ti ulm ni ejes invited eon fidenee and Dick-a good de ii ashamed-told all Eveleen kissed lum and ened foi his losses, honestlj upbiaiding lum foi sicnfiemg

so much to hei

Bick was nev ei so passionately in love in his life as at til it moment One might h ive supposed that Eveleen had just piomised to bo his bude, and submiltid to the fust cmbiaeo, instead of being a w ite of some vein s' standing, who hadboine lum sevcnl childitn

And Eveleen divined his pission

tro ni coxTixui i> ]

Tiri Detroit, ruo /'iciisajs -" One of the latest of the cxtempoused heiocs who suddenly find thou names in punt is the j oung coloui ed bootblack of New Yoik, who plied his ti ide at one of the coi neis uljacent to the binning newspipei building ni that citj the othei day In the smoke that almost immediately pom ed out of the uppci stones ho e night sight of two men m a eoinei loom of the fourth flooi

ïheu escape was hopelessly cut off, and they wcio eijing piteously foi help He saw nine limning fiom the windows acioss the sticet to a telegnph pole , it was i li ilf inch cable used to suppoita bannei duung the last Residential election Suddenly he thought thatif the who weie to he cut from the pole, it w ould fall and hang down fiom the window, so that the two men could lovvci themselves to tie gi omul 'Juht as soon as the ulei got into my head,' he says ' I set about it w lthout tlmking of tho hmd woik in my w vy ' 'Hie pole ^es covcicil with ice and sleet, and wns veiy luge it tho bottom He doesn t think ho could cvci hive got to the ci oss pieces but for the y «ces of tho men who weie waiting foi lum tqsavo them, when he leiched the ci oss pieces, he vns obliged to sei ipo iway the ice wi\h his jack knife to get a plate on which to stand but as soon as the w11 o was 111 leach, taluna a big nail he h ipponcd to have in his pocket ho w 1 entiled md twisted the vuie loose Till cid fell m illili) a few feet of thogiound One of the piiaoncis let himself donn hand |ovcr hand, the othei slid down cutting himself badly Anolhci pcison, as ho licaul, also craped, hut, as if unconscious of uij heioic benn loin, the boj, spiained and bruised, limpe! away to attend to the wants of a customej It was not until au admiung ciowd suiioijided lum, nnd pocket books began to open foi lus benefit, that he îealiscd his c1 nins to gieatmss Bun then he only said, as a S2 note was tin ust into his hand, 'That will buj 11 inca, at anj late '"

lill oitTAM ro P vni Ms -So i-iniy clnl hen Imclost then lives t!uou"h eating the heads of matches that the following smiwe remedy foi an accident of the kind is w 01 th ibcai mg m 1 emembi ance bj all, but espeeiallj Vj pai cuts

A New Zealand papei says -Mix cnbonate of magnesia into a thin paste and give neely, feeding it to the child with a teaspoon A medical man may be in the meantime sent foi, but on auival cando nothing but endoiso the ticatmont except perhaps 01 dei a dose of open- ing medicine to lemovc the magnesu.