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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleDick Stalwart: An Oxonian
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(Written far tim Qum.itslander.J



ANOTHER y u ins passed awi} the scone n"ain opens on the hist Sund ly of in Octobei temi In the p ist jen Dick hail made foi himself a gi c it n une He li 11 plaj ed foi tlie Uiuicisity at foothill, at ntquets and at cricket in sutccssion, mci hil "icatlj distill

giushod himself and couti lbnted to the success of Oxfoul in ill tlnee He \ w also i little moi e sociahlc than of yore but he read hal dei than cvci AVlnlc blooding oiei his lomance tilth Lady Mai y bo had cb une 1 himself to Ins books and the habit of issuluit) had gi own upon him iheic v> is no moie i opulai man in

Hio college

On the hist S imlay morning of that Octohci toi m Dick was standing bj the back gate of the college palting the Doctoi s heal and talkin, to the collège butlei, a Aenciablogiaj headed old min, WHO ictoidm0 to tiadition hal ItnoMii bcttci d13 s Ho ceitainlj looked is if he had Tlie butlei IIA ed m a cottage at the back of the college his wife acting as a soit of poitress to tilt bitk entrance wlicie the coal caits came in nul tho college tiadcamon called Dogs not b mg allowed in college Dick got the butlei ti tike cha go of his as it AAas so hand} Ht could sec them fiom his looms

and the "butlei alwajs let him through to A tait them at any I10111 foi ho w is quite as much attached to the finiotts Mi Stuhl ait as th it heio a OAin does «tie

"Wheies St Bernau!' asked Dick lUuding to his other dog

"Oh1 lies out 111 the conntii sn Hie Doctoi he li 11 a touch of mange so I sent St Bcinaiil off to be out of the AI IJ

" Is lie fai oft

"Î10 only lou 11 at Medlcj sn

" Can I s c linn if I go out thci e '

' To he sui e j on can sir I d go m j self and fetch linn 01 ei onlj I AC got ni j «01k to attend to He s kept by n Avirlow (Mis AVood) anil hei daughtei lhcy know to M horn the dog belongs and if j ou show them 3 our card sn

and sa j that I »cut jon that «ill he quite

sufficient. '

' 111 go at once said Dick ' I won't waste time on routin" up anyone to go with me the Doctoi 11 he company Come along j on black


" \011 can t mistake the bouse sn a huge square led buck cottage all 01 ei gi own with

j ellow ish roses

Hie Doctoi testified his delight by sundn gambols 1111 caí icoles as Ins nrator turned out into St Giles-, mil taking tho road to tlie Upp 1 RIA ei tiossed it and stiuck off to Medltj Medlcj is a quiet OAforlsluro Alliage peeping out ann 1st lofty elm trees neiu the Aiatei side As is usual in Oxfoidshire the thatched îoofs of the cottages «eio coi 01 ed uith a sheet of "icen moss llicse Aiith a little old ohm cb c1 ii with IA j an I a clean little public house with sanded flooi constituted tile ullage Dicl hil 110 difhtulti 111 finding the house - the best 111 the pi ice except tilt iicaiage-and ?» hanccd tow uds it

As he die« neu the sweetbiici hedge which shut it off fi oin the road ho paused, for ho heatd a sweet \ »ice that he scented to know sa} "Down Bernard theics a pet' He opened the « ltl ct and entered the g u don plot 111 fi ont of tht house thei 0 he s iw ont of the piettiest sithts he had cici seen in his, life \A lth tw o sha] clj w lute hands piessed on the hoad of his mayuhcent St Bei 11111 to keep him fiom junipinB up and soihn,, hoi diuiitj AI Into (hobs stood a ¿ni 1 jem 01 two ol lei pei haps thau Lad} Mai j and is lil c hci as a sistei

Tlie same niontli the same shoit uppci lip the same dimples the same oj es but a little bluei

the same colomeil han but a little dai lei 111 shade the samo lound AI bite tin oat distill

flushed both but this gills fentines Aieic a tiiflo moie legulu and hci complexion moie daivhn,, Hci liguic Mas as slendci mci elegant as Lidj Mai 3 mci added to this she hill one of those mc smiles which nie absolutely bon itching She did not smile icij often

but to win one of lliose smiles 1 man might be tempted to am tlimg

She AI as smiling at the dog as she chid him \A hen she s 1« tht sti uigei she loft the dog ii lio 1 ccogmsed lus miistei an 1 ile« to lum Dick addiesstd hei lins is Mis AA'oods house'

\e= she sa 1 pi opal nig to boat a ictieat Mj name is Stilwait this is mj dog lie come out fi oin Oxf 01 d to see lum C an I ^ee his quuteis

His 1 enuc] lo } on mean '


IU slioi it to \ ou It use 1 to bo a sugai

bal iel hut he scenib to lil e ltien well s,ht said leailiii" tht w 1} to a small 01 thai d ibout liftj j aids down

Go out Dott i come along St Bei mid

Hie huge hi ito \it manifesting his plcisme it hoeing his 111 is« fiom whom lie had been scpaiatcd foi some time Ht w is 1 smooth St Bei nai c1 A ei j lii"i Aiith fine pals and a jet

black milgie

" Isnt he a jolli bcabt' asl oil Dick of his fan companion is thoA w eut to the 1 cuncl

' Yes' she ic] lied, 'IAO fillcmn loi c with


' Well I m notgoiiicr to depiiAO jon of him

îustjot unless Airs AVood is tned of keeping


' I look aftci lum not maniina

"You aie Miss AVood thon' She nodded Uni o j on ei ei seen lum pei foi m '

'No Mi Pul ei (the b Guthbcit3 butlei) lias tned tómale him sometimes but hesajs that he AI on t pei foi m foi anj one but his inns


' Should 5 ou like to sec linn ' ' So much

' St Bomalli come hcie saul Dick, pulling out a biscuit fiom Ins pocket and bieakuig «-If a piece He tlncw it on the ground undei the dog's nose 11 nst The dog looked the othci Aiaj Paid foi It «as snapped up in an instant Kiss me' Tho dog giaich md slow ly put his paAi s on his inastei s> shorn dei s licked lils 1 ight check, and sat doini a"ain "Take m j aim holding out his ann The dog put Loth foiepaAis on it and went foi a « alk w ith his nnstei on his lund legs ' ' Shut the cito Hie dog shut it leimen ho coiled himself against the gate so that no one could open it Fmther operations w ei e intoi

runted bj the a] pai ltion of the Doctor making afvjuig leap oiei the palings lie was mime diately ordeied out again

The gn 1 thanked him with a smile of CA ident plcasuie and sail If j ou re fiom Ali Pail cr su m> mothci « ould like j ou to come in and sit downi bcfoic 5011 stait back

The ' sn gi ite 1 hai billy on his car coming from such a beautiful creature Hei likeness to Lad} Mil} «as growing upon lum He ac cepted at onto, and the dog followed lum m and sat down bcsile her Mrs AAood was a A cry handsome mahon dressed m «idow a Aieeds bearing a slight 1 esemblancc to hei daughter though not 1 cij stiong She had the wanncis of a ladi and a \eij taking open face AVhen ihe heat d w ho Dick w as she said

EA eleen dear offer the gentleman a di ink Of milk We hut famous milk hei 0 Mr S tal


Dick coull notiefuse it fi otu such fair hands and drank a gh J which one nmj be sure met with its due meed of praise Meanwhile ho took stock of the 100m There «asa double miniature frame containing a pictme of Mis »ood on one silo-the other was pasted 01 cr i hole Avère a fe« photographs ncatlj framed, a few books including Scott Alooie, Bp on and one or tivo othei of the moie populai poet« a Pilgrim s Pro"i e»s a Robinson Ci usoc, and a


Haie you icad all those, Miss AAood' asked


^.os neailj I m A cry fond of reading Do you see man} hooks out hore '

iSone but these and any that Mi Paikei um} hung out from time to time

Shall I bung }ou out one 01 two of ni} nooks on loan, «hen I come out next to seethe dog'

bho looked at hei mother ' It « ould be such ^ticat to hei if >ou M ould Mi Stalwart but "ont tioublc Ali Paikei will bring them out

lt30ugiAe them to lura "

. On m bung them Good bjc Mia »ood He ten lei ed her his hand She took L 10? Í0,,cd t0 her daughtei asked hei to

c!S. «Î Bernal(! "i untilhewasnell away, and

sot off home

, That s a gentleman ' said Mrs "Wood

On can ti list linn, EA eleen _ CH4_PTEP II

" ^HLnetfWodnesdaj aftei noon El eleen Wood

as again m the gai den picking some flow eis rVit a horseman, 111 a faim colomed coAeit coat with capacioub pockets 1 ode up to tho

, JP anALlftod h« h-»* She lecogmsed then

»isitorof the previous Sunda} and washed lura _Good af temooii

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"Hine bl ought j ou a couple of booka," he saul, producing i volume of Temi)son from one iiocket md a one volume edition of Esmond fiom the other How is St Bil nu d' I dont think I need be mulei anj ipprcliciisions st hilo he is undei youl euc

Good In e

lhen he eintcied down the lane TJveleen can led in hei pi wes cxultinglj iiuUctto woik at once to lead Lamond, nor did she desist except foi meals alecj>, md hei dall) duties, until she hud liniahcd it It w ii the hist io lily good nov el »he li id i cid, ind she w is fnseinated sr th it Dick went up man) points in hei esti luntion It w is so good of lum to i ide out on pin pose to bung hei books-just foi that, md go sti aight L ick again She "beg m to look foi

wmd to next Simm) in hopes that he would pny St Beinud juothci visit Soliodid,iiid bl ought AA otu aid Ho with him She giectcd lum with one of lici bughtcst smile« showed the extra eme she h id bestowed on St

BLI naid tim in= the w eck, mdihvpsoihsed o\ei

1 smoiid

He li indee! AS est« aid Ho to hei "Hei c's iinothei histoucii novel ho Slid it ha-,11 t

smli m mteiestmg hei onie, but a woman will

excuse til it

You dont know whit a tient hooks neto

ino '

'I will bung jon some logululj , 311st let them iccuinuliite when jon \c done with them until I send sonicbod) to fetch them '

Itwis the afternoon when he tame and he hugel ed 111 the 01 child talking and fondling St Bein 11 d until it was about hilf 1 ist 4

AViU you come 111 and line some te 1 with us bef 01 e j on go ' she said

Dick followed hoi 111 nthci diflidcntlv, "but 1 cccn eil snell a w ui ni w elconic f 1 ora Mi s AVood that he felt quite at home Xhcie was hone)

comb ou the tibie made bj then own bees, anil Dev oiislin c ci earn nude bj the hinds of Eveleen, tin buttei, also hoi hnndiwoik, was delicious and the bieid white mid sweet 1 luth ci, Lvelien was bent on his enjoving himself AA hen he went aw n, just 111 time foi liull, he felt happici than he li lil felt since that

afternoon it Richmond Hill when lie had his hnal p 11 ting fiom Lad) Muy Ila) liul met once 01 tv, ice since 111 1 ci ow d, lind sh ikon hands with a tell talc pi essuie hail smiled in an assembly when no one w is looking, but the) hail li iii no moie t to a tues 01 confidences lins girl -was lindernibl) mon biiutiful than Lad) Mai), mil she did not stem ill disposed to the hue j oiing Oxoni in He w is bigiiuuiig to cue foi hu He never missed coming to then cottage of a bimdaj , gi minali) he caine onie 01 twice m 1 week besides At length his Maits became ilinost daily At tin public house in the Milage of the vic 11, of Pinker, ho nimm id what the) 1 new about Mis AArood l'arkei w is not conmii nicitno, and the viciu mid the villa^eis knew no moie about hei thin that she was 1 widow, uni iiipiicntlj bettei off than her neighboui s although she nevei clnimcd 1 liighei position for Kielcen thin the) claimed foi then dmilitéis She was Miy mueh liked 111 tho w11 ige, for she was vei) chuiUibk, vei) eoiuteous, nul not m the least exclusive Hie vilhgeis alwiijs talked of liei lind to hei is a lad) and the v ill ige sw 1111s felt that Ev cleon was too fn ibove them to couit 01 sport with At piescnt she hld seen no moie of the wolli than 1 wild How 11 , and thciefoie it was small wonder if she felt ittiacted tow mia Dick-ilwivs m idol of the fan sex Evin morning she fulfilled liol dailj tisk, ind thin nut on some ii lint) duss, de signed vnd undo bj hei ow 11 h nuls, and sat with n boating lient until ho cune Then tiny would go into the 01 child md lounge on

the lent, 01 up into the loft w lim eitel -icwing^

machine was uni tilk oi she «mill woik whilst he lent! to hu Hie loft continuel many books hi hld bl ought out to hu, 1 mini bei of tliem with liei name on the title page "fiom R & lins went on, until one day he looked into hei bl ne c)is and isked lui if she lo\ed lum Hie inswei was a him

Yis, and then he asked liei to mau) linn She tolil linn to ask hei motliei mil he w cut at once Hei motliei looked at lum stcinl) ami se 11 clini0l)

' No,' she sin! it list " You 1 cmeanxbloof falsehood uni iliahoiioiu I know that bj J oin face Butftist listen to mo AS hut should 3 011 do if you heaiii somithing ill about tint gul, some ihsgi iceful injin j of which she hld been

the victim ' '

'I should loic liei ill the same and still ilesn e to mal e liol ni) w lfe "

I belies e ) ou w ould, but listen to me Moi o than twenty )eai3 a,, o I was 1 simple vill ige gul living 111 one of these himlcts just outside Ovtoi d One daj 1 w is w liking dong the 1 me when thcio cunio minigin justas jon often do 1 hand-jomc joiing nobloninii fiom Chi ist Ohm eli He illili essicl me just is ) on milli cssed my gul, he pud his uldi eases to mo just is jon lune pud vom inlthesaes to ni) "ni foi I li no been watching jon but I ti usted jon Ile mai ned me, and I boie linn iiluightu 3. hen he piovcd to me that the 1111111 ige was no mu ungo and m 111 led ngiin Ho is line now, so is his lad j M) child w is, thei efoi c 11 b ist 11 d

Lieleen was not boin 111 wedlocl '

' SArhat do I cue cuni Diele w 11 nib, ' Agun I ask) oui le no to mau j joui d uigh


And jouswcai that j ou will act honoui ihl) bj bei '

I sw c 11 '

lhen. tike hei with my bles-ung '

I shall not ho able to niau y foi a jen 01 two ' saul Diel, ' as I h ne 1 jen mine bef 01c I take ni) degiee mil I vi mt to go 111 foi a fellowship aftei that ind fellowships 110 not temblé aftci nun nage '

'Nevei mind ]J\cloon will not object to hiding hei time

When Dick told hei tint hei motliei bad consented L\cleon w is beside hciself with delight, andalteinntclj submittedtolns e 11 esses and shook them oil 111 the ai chest wa)

' And 111 toll) on whit, Eve, saul he, "if thcio is a fiost at the end of temi, 111 staj up ond take j ou outsknting '

' But I don t know how," she objected " I'll teach you

At this eiaof then lives if ho had offered to teach her how to di ink hemlock she w ould lim o

le u nt


TIILS the tonn woie awaj Dick still poi

sisted in going tlnougli the com se of leading which ínspiiod his lustoiy tutoi with such despair Litcratuie books of ai chitceture and nrclncologj, old ballads, guide books, and county histories absoibed most of what his tutor assured lum was priceless time His attendance at the footb ill held w is loss 1 cgulai, although he novel failed to plaj lnaUnneisity 01 College match Medley took up so niaiij of Ins aftci noons now that his occasional absence w as almost enfoi eed Men noticed that lie w as relapsing into his old waj s again

Meanwhile ho nnd E\ cleon wcic enjoying golden dajs All daj long he huiu,ei ed after her smiles, and she spent mueh of her day in gaping up the lane towards Ovfoid Atlast the end of term came, and with it a good haul frost Still \erj few of the men staj ed up, and Dick determined upon taking E\ cleon out on the ice with lum at the risk of discov ery by Ins friends So one day, after several da)s' absence, he strolled out to Medley with two pairs of skates, one pur of them ' eights" and one "tens nndnhnlf ' Ho found IA cleon in, who at once came up ind kissed lum

"How good of )ou to como Dick and what jolly little skates ' I wondei if the) 11 fit (turn mg up the sole of her small simpel) foot in a tightly fitting laced boot) » Yes exnetly Oh ' Dick j 011 arc a brick, but you arc a bad boy to go squandering your money as you do Do you know what aimed for mo the day bef01 e yesterday ' '

Dick pi etended that he did not She dis appeared for a few minutes, and then carne back looking absolute!) lovely m a sealskin jacket and hat, w ith a muff to match

" These must have cost you I don't know how many pounds Dick '

"Never mmd, dal ling, they sctoffyoui beauty to a T. and I can easilj knock off a linn ter next


" AVhat, for me ' Oh ' Dick, that's too bad of

j 011 "

They crossed tho Upper River and carne to the Port Meadow, where there was n stretch of ice se\ oral miles on end Dick lured a chair from a rough, and knelt dow n and sti apped on her skates vei y caief lilly (ho thought w ooden ones better than "acmes" for a beginner), and then fastened on his own, w Inch w ero secured w ith a spring Dick w as a v ery good skatei and Eveleen proved a wonderfullj apt pupil, as she was pluckv and struck out boldl) when she was told and long befoie the fiost broke up she could skate vers fanlj In the aftoinoon, befoie she went nome to Medley she would go and hav e tea w ith lum m the lodgings he had taken for the vacation and the following term, for he had made up his mind not to reside in college any more After tea he took hei to ha\ 0 dancing lessons at vi hieh also she e\ inced some promise and then he drove hei home AS'hat distinguished hei dancing as w eil as hei skating vi as the extreme grace and fine modu Intions of hei mov ements In dancing w hen she had once learned the mcrelj mechanical pait, Dick would dance with her w hilo the dancing mastei watched her steps and collected her from time to time It vi as naturally a great advantage for hei to base a good partuer to

leam with, and he «as m adiini ihle dincei

And of course it alFoided linn CAquisitc píeosme to feel hci supple hod} in hu nins and to be i awarded foi his oxti'oils with those smiles that AI ei t mc it and di ink to lum '1 hese Aicie lnippj da} s

The} h id not boen mam tunes togcthci to the ice befoic thci atti icteci notice stilwait w as much too gi e it a cclcbi it} in the um\ ti sity not to be w til kno« n, and hei exti erne bi mt} nul the OAident plcasuie sho took in his atten tions tould not lit hoped to est ipo comment feho llwaAs ditsaed oxtieinel} Aiell and the splendid fins that Ditk li id gnon hei niatle hei tostmne ictu ill} hanilsonit No one knew «ho she was 01 Aihcio she lued \ttshtwis with lum on some poition of the ltu eitij d i} -no« doAin at Botlej, now on the Poit Mculow, and no« a«a} tow nils Hiles, tht othci side of tho foin One di> winn the d Highiet» of the mastei of S Cuthbcits woio on the s nut piece of ite, on Ditk s coining np to accost them mid oftei to tike thtm lound,

thei tned to sound lum

1 AAlmt mi extionieb bcmtiful gul it is tint } oini o alw ¡i} s »katini? w ith, Mi Stalw ni t ' '

" Yes, is« t she ' mu she's as pit is mt is she is pietti."

Does she hie ni Oxfoid' '

">>o, bhe s u fucuil of linne " "Is she stai nig with jon11 '

"îio, she's st IA nig «ith hei mothei, is join inotliu quite well ' and thus the coincisition


A few da} s befoi c Chi istmas tho fi ost bi oko up Dick went out to Midie} on the OACUSC of taking hei sk ites honit Mi s AArood « as out

' AVcll DA cleon, ' lie bogan "Im olf home to mot lOAi I ni son} that I cant take A on «ith mt, but I know tint the goA ei noi wouldn't hem of it The onl} tlFctt of ni} ni iking tht ltquost Aionld be tint he would mik he uen and oai th to bieik olf the m itch oi tlnow ci on possible obstack in the wa} of it '

"I know it,' slit saul biaAtlj, "I mute appiecnte all jon uesieuhtnuï foi nie, Dick I ought to sacnlicc ni} self and bicnk oil the in, but I IOA e j on too much "

"\ou know I didn t mum th it, E\c "

"Of coinse I knew jon didn't," shticphed, clinging to him "I know that }on would bo incipable of such aspctch I undtistind tho sitmtion peiftttl) , otu cngagcinuit is 'undti tht lost ' AArell Dick old bo}, I hope tint jon 11 enjo} A oursclf, don't foigtt to dunk IIIA lieilth in silente on Clnistimis Dty AA'e'll dunk A oui s in that thimpignt }ou weie « isttful enough to semi usAcsteidij But, unless }ou paiticuluh wish it, I must not bo idle-an} moie, as 1 hue i di ess to finish "

Accoidingi} she sat down at hci st« ni» niatlimc, chattel nig lolubl} tht «Iule mil eui} now mid thon looking up Mitha blight siiiilt in answ or to some lein vik oi compliment of lu» He thought he hud neioi stop her look so engiging md gi iceful Ixfoit, and «atthed ÇA ei} motiuu «ith tht giced) oieofa lol ti At 1 ist be looked at his w itch and said, ' No« thtn Eitlctn, let the machine alono foi a little w hilo , I must ho oft ni half un horn oi I shall be late foi ni} diniiei '

Hei f ice gi ew gi ai e " AVon't lousia} mil baie tia A\ ith us joui 1 est night, Ditk'

"lie all ni} picking to do, uni I un going a« i} b} tlie hist ti am to moi low morning"

How oi ei hcdnlbta) andstujed and stn} ed, and it wisn't ninth befoio midnight «hen he

stinted bick to Ovfoid Btfoio lie lift he ltd B\cloon into unothci loom, mci disped i m issue gold hi iccltt on hci AI rist

' Mj Chiistmaspicstnt to }ou, ho saul

She lifted hci sweet led lips foi a kiss, and th inked linn, hut sud sho tould ntl ti «cn it until the} Aieie mai ned, .is it w is unbefitting to hei piescnt atition

It « is late eio lie stiewcd up his coinage to bid hu fu ewell, so ho h id to set olE home wauls as fist tis he could, and to sit up all night p icking p u t of the time and moi iihsin * OACi Liciten tilt lost foi, is his ti nn still teil soon uftoi 7, he could not ti list himself in bed lest ho should oiei sloop himself

Ho staittd for the stition in good lune llieie i gi and stn minc uw uttd linn He thought he i ecogmseil ti ceitiun soilskm Ho w is not mist iken It « as DA cleon loi ol} with cAtiteineut and a sliiup Al ilk in tho bleak

moi nmg an

" I thought I'd come to seo } on off," she saul " I didn't expect to moot m ni} spies at suth an

cull boin "

Noi did she, foi tlieiewasiio olhei fitstel iss passcngti in the tinin She had bioujit Aiith liti u beautifull} knitted silk puise on «Inch she li id been unable to 1 ly bei minds the night bofoit when he h id gil en hci tho bnicclct "Cain join spait soicieigns m this Mistci Did instead of loose in j om pockets I made it nu self on pin post foi }ou "

"I lioAoi used a pin se in ni} life but 111 begin nOM," AI is his ltpl}, as he potkeltd Ins ti casino "At inj uto 111 alwujs call} it ibout ni} pei son '

Hit engine whistled Two big lonsliicklcd down two piottj theel s, tbeit wasiifciilp in a mini} tin oat, and the} pin ted

Cn MO-it IV

WnrN Dick got home lie fourni himself in gicnticqiicst 'iht Pithmond Hull pondi wtio tio/euoAci, and lach Mai j bul gout iwii} on puiposo tint Dick whom she knew lo be ex ti enid} fond of skating, might not be embaí

îassed m his enjo}incut of them Knowing his fondness foi skiting, CACIA boil} wnsHondei

liigwhj he had not lotmncd homo btfoio, but he sitisfactoiilj CAplamed his ibsencc bj say nig that he h id been nioinig ill his things into lodgings although of couise he did not men tion tint his loason foi nioiiiig fiom college looms to lodgings « is to ficihtito his nitei

course with DA cleon A\roocl Gusin0lon, who w is not much of in adept at skating, and con siquonth not an enthusiast, AI as dtploimgthnt Ditk hat! not been theitfoi the bmf bpcllof hunting AI Inch tlicj bul enjo}cd dining the thiw Min y Stai« in thud been lcgietting his absence, because she lind boen foi a long time loo! nig foi wai d to his coming homo to take hci about, and enliAcn the house a little It was ici} seldom th itali} sounds unbetomingtotho repose of the sleeping abbots AI eic ho ud in the hall of St Mar} » Abbej

At last Dick carne, Ins conduct displ 13 nig a stnngcblending of pic octupition mid mini ii spnits One ma} be sure that he s ud nothing to his fathci about his engagement Old Mi

btahiait could 1101 cr be dcsciibcd asagcnial 01 good tcnipeicd man, and, if rhcic «cietAio points on AI Inch he «as unusually touchy, they werefannl} inidcandDick's manmge Nothing would lune pleased lum so much as imaniage between Ditk and Lad} Mai}, who «as of a noblo familj, and a neighbouring lioness Tailing her he bid made up his mind that Dick should mair} some othci titled Inn ess Nor was his ambition unieasonablc Dick

had every quality that could cndcai a man to the fair box, licivas possessed of abilities sufhcient to cnsuie his success in life, and he was heir to a lent 1 oil «Inch few commonois 111 Yorkshne, or cien 111 England, could tlnow into the shade He expected Dick to do gi cat


AVhen Dick did come home, he at once plunged into the A ortex of spoi ts and amusements Ho might haic to go up to Oxfoid soon aftei Cliristmas, he said, to be'in 1 cadmg hard for his degree, as "he AÏ as 111 in lune Home had fewer attractions no« that it AI as scpauited from Lady Mary, and he knciv that a fond heart was anxiousl} a« nting lum at Oxfoid Old Mi Stalwart notknoAiing of then tom pact, tould neA ei mulei stand wh} Dickinian ably pleaded a prci îous engagement w hcnei cr he «roto to ttll him that Lad} Maiy was coming for a sta} at the Abbey Dick fulfilled his contract lo} ally, and he felt it easiei to do so now , in fact it ivould haAe buidcnod his nnnd to be in the presence of his foi mci IOAC when lie was plighted to anothci He felt that there «as now a double gulf between him and

Lady Mar}.

Thcrcfoie he went back to Oxfoid, andwhile, for the sake of appeal alices, he wa ote from time to time and deplored his enforced absence fi om home, he indulged m a delirium of happiness in tho company of Ei cloon Wood AVhen he left home, as soon as ho 1 cached the station, he sent her a telegram announcing his pi ospcctiA e ami al, and irhcn he got to his lodgings he found afternoon tea íeady, and Eieleon lcady to preside The loiers' meeting can be imagined, as also can EACICCII'S confusion when the lodg mgssonant entoicd «ithout knocking and

found her on Dicks knee

The frost was still continuing, so thej found plent} of occupation and amusement Ki cleon ivas noAV a íeáll} elegant skater, and she had already made considerable pi ogi ess 111 dancing At the same time, duung the few weeks that Dick had been absent, hei mind liad made con sidorable strides , foi he had giAcn bei the 1 un of Ins books, and scabbled dow n a list of what he thought she had better lead, and she had ivorked liai d at thom She w as bent on acquir ing all the accomplishments he would liaAC found in a AI ife had lie selected one 111 lus ow n rank of life There had alwajs been an old piano in hei mothei s cottage , not a Aciy bul

liant one, it is ti ne, but on it she had attained some proficienc} Hci Acisatihtv and inxiety to impi oi e hci sou' could not but alfoi d Dick the highest satisfaction

At last term time came

One day AI hen, m pciformance of a pionnse, she came into Dicks 100ms to hate tea with

lum she found a strmgoi there-a gintlimin Dick li id ditci mine 1 to m ike a confidant

Eiclocn,' > ml lu this is Lord Gai sing ton of whom j ou h ne so often heard

Gnisington as a nile hitnl ladies, nothing vi i-, so oiuban isMiig to lum as thin societ)

but no one could be pi oof n" mist the eli n ins of the bciutiful «id cu"i"iii" gul who now stood before lum BCS.HU s In felt tint, she being in i station so much low ii in the soci il scale th m his own, it would li unchivnlioiis to a digiee of lum not to nuki hei feil coinpletil) at home Pin theiinoic he felt diatinctl) at ti ictid tow mis hei Hu bealing was tdeie foie uiiusuilly coull ii foi lum Indeed Dnk was quite suipiisod 1 uloen w is cwilmtl) veiy niiiih giatihcd at hei uception md the iftei noon passed oil most h îppilj G u sington begged Dick to bung hei in to lunch at his lod^in^s m King Edwnnl sti cet on the follow

nig dil) Ev cleon iceepti 1 on condition tlmt no one list came AS Inn thoi e she looked it ii coloiuedpictiueof Lui) SI ii) (whom Dick hld nut in ill) not mentioned to hei ) with gi cat id mu ition wlucbsho united lum to ah ne Dick did not feel pinticulnil) nt his eise when she detected Guisuigton in j,iung him i si) wmk Neithei said an) thing

[IO lil COXTINtl n ]