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(By Conste Loueada aged 10 rears.)

Chapter I.

Once »poa a time there ii red a King- and Queen who had one child, a little girl of whom they were very fond. When ehe grew up, many Princes came and asked her hand in marriage. But the Princess did not like any of them, so they had to go away with- out her. This Princess was very, very beautiful. -One day there came to the Kingdom wherethe Princess's father reigned a rery handsome Prince, who had a fairy godmother, who had given him a ring and made him promise never to part with it, unless it was to the Princess he loved. So the Prince promised to do so.

"For," said the fairy, "jany one who wears this ring nobody can harm, and the Princess you marry will always love you."

So he cam» to the land where the Princess

lived. He went straight into the throne reom where their Boyal Highnesses awaited his arrival. Directly the Princess saw the Prince she fell madly in love with bim, and the Prince with her. When the Prince asked the Princess in marriage of her par- ents, they said to him, " If our daughter will marry you we -will consent to your marriage. For the. King and Queen had grown very fond of the Prince. When the ~Queenaskedthe Princes« whether she would marry the Prince, the Princess said " Tes " she would. And they were married the

very next day, with much pomp and cere-, mony. There were great feastings and re- ! joicings when it was known that the Prince and Princess we're to be married.

Just when the feasting and revelry were j at their height, nowa ¿ame that the Prince's father was dying and wished to sse the Prince his son, and the Princess, before he died. So Ute Princess took leave of her father and her mother and departed with the Prince her husband for his own bind. It was a splendid sight to see «the Prince and Princess followed by their trains jour- neying towards th* Prince's land.

When they arrived they found that the King's casé had hot been at ali exaggerated and anyone could see that he could notylive long. The King was overjoyed to see his son. and very glad to see the Princess also -Soon after the - Prince and Princess came, to the Land of Beauty, as the Prince's land was called, the King died and the Prince reigned in his stead. -

One day a messenger arrived in the Land of Beauty with a message for the Queen from her father and mother. The mes

! sage.'was that the Queen's father and mother were coming to pay them a visit, 'and wished the Queen to come and meet them. When the Queen heard this, sh« sent the messenger back to say that she would be overjoyed to meet chem, and Would set out as quickly as she could.

Chapter Hr

One of the Princes who had asked the Princess's hand in marriage, was very angry when she would not marry him. This Prince's name was Ink bottle. Yon will agree with me that it was a very ugly name. Now, this Prince's father was a very good man, and when his son caine back to bis own hind swearing vengeance against the Princess, he was very angry with him an&said, " Why are you so angry with the Princess? Why should she ! marry you if she did not want to ?"

Because the King said this to the Prince, he behaved in a very rude way to his father. The King was rory fond of the Prince, and could not find it in his heart to punish his son for his rudeness. "When the dews came of the Princess Bo as ara's mar- riage to Prince Lorenzo,; he was simply frantic with rage, and cursed and swore like a madman. Nobody dared to go near him. Once the King " ventured to remon- strate with him, but the Prince used Buch fearful language that I venture to say that he did not do it again.

His son's behaviour killed the King, for shortly afterwards he died. So now Ink bottle was King. Somehow or other it came to Inkbottle's ears that Queen ' Roasura bad gone forth to meet her royal parents. Directly he heatft this, be Bent out spies to find out by which road the Queen

was to travel. When he found out the road by which she was travelling he got together his army, and went forth to meet ber, intending to take her prisoner, and, thought he, I will either make her marry me, or else put her

to death.

Off went the King in high spirits thinking what fun it would be to bring Roasura home a prisoner. So they travelled on, till at last they saw coming towards them the Queen and her followers. When she

saw them . she thought that it «as hei royal parents and hastened on to meet them. So sh? found herself surrounded and taken prisoner. Her escort tried to reseña her but «hat could they do against a whole army ? They were soon scattered.

When they saw that it was useless to try and rescue their Queen they went back to the King and told him what had hap« pened. The king was very sad at what had happened, and getting together his army, he was just setting out to go and rescue her, when wbo should arrive bul the Queen's mother and father wondering what had happened. When they heart the news they said that they would corni

I too and that nothing could dissuade them,

so they all set forth bent upon rescuinf the Queen.

When Inkbottle heard of the approach ~ he gathered together his army and wen' ont to fight them. At first he had treatec the Queen nicely, but when ho found thai the Queen would not marry him, he ordered her to be put into prison. Now when shf was married the Prince ' had given her the fairy ring. When she was captured sh< trusted to the magic ring to save her, When he put her in prison the wicked

Sing then ordered her to be kept on bread ~

and water. *

Every day Inkbottle went to see the : Queen and tried to make her marry him, ~ but the Queen refused to have anything to do with him, which made him so angry'that he ordered her to be put to death. Just as she was being led to the scaffold, news carnes of King Lorenzo approaching. Hastily gathering together his army he ordered the Queen to be taken back to prison.

He went forth to meet King Lorenzo in battle. When the armies met there was a terrific battle fought. Inkbottle's mea were scattered in all directions and he himself taken prisoner. Soon after the battle was fought, King Lorenzo went to Inkbottle's capital, and brought the Queen out of prison. The <iueen was overjoyed to see her husband, mother and father, and they all went back to King Lorenzo's kingdom, where there was great rejoicing aj; their Queen's recovery for the people were very fond of her.

As for Inkbottle, he was put to death, and

that was the end ef him.

"The Queen bad a little sou whom sht called Lorenzo, after the King, andthey all lived happily ever afterwards.

[The end of the story of the beautiful princess.] ,?