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Full Date1900-04-28
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Newspaper TitleWestern Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954)
Trove TitleThe Cat's Nine Lives
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Chapter I. . . -

the lóf<>-kittens a week' old¿ with the eyes still closed. The old mother la v besides them, blinking lazily,.and thinkin

.of the future. She had made up her min that they ehould all be first-rate mouser and esperte ? in the~4>ird?ca£ching lin They should neverfail so low as to 1 - «nade pets of at the house, that meant to I patted and stroked by the children, kicke by the missus, and tumbled over an trodden on by the servants, to be fed somi - times, and to be found stealing from th

table, when not feeling in the mood for

-little tame-mouse catching. No, he

kittens should be properly brought uj -They should never go near the house, the; should learn to avoid the working-men and never get too close to the old dog

not that he was much to be afraid of-bu "one can never he too sure/ she said .Anyhow its better to be sure than sorry when a kitten's young it always does sucl foolish things/ .. : .

But the old mother needn't have mad ; troch "careful plane, because in the end sh

. was disappointed. The next day, just a

she was settling what" they would do wit] the first'mouse-tail, she heard a tramp 01 the barn floor,* a shuffling and a tedde creasing and a boy scrambled up into th loft. He drew a long breath and looket over into her corner; as he came acrosi she saw a branbag hanging over his ara and recognised him as an old acquaintance of the stables. Familiarity breeds con tempt, and, being as familiar with his fact as she was with his boot, the contempt showed itself in her back and tail. *' Bother ation 1 'Ow'm I to get at the little brutes ?' he questioned, "ah welL nothing lifo trying!" And he tried. Catching her by th< tail, he gave her a jerk backward, then bj main force dragged her to the ladder. Sh« resisted violently, bnt hie strength was tot much for her ; 4 scientific pull at her tail and with a last energetic scratch she fell ¿own onto the barn floor« Jim, who" wat not a very good little boy, had scarcely time to say, " Cuss it!" however, before sh« was back again, having scrambled np th« ¿ , ladder, determined that no harm should

oonie to her kittens while she had a cia vi %*ieft to scratch with. But again she was

grabbed violently, and again landed on thc floor ; this time she thought it would he s little more prudent if she were to get some . help "before returning to the scene of action. Two pairs of claws are better than one, said she, as she stopped to collect herself a bitxand get her breath back. "And I'll go and get Thomas.*' But Thomas wasn't -at his favourite mouse-hole, so there Was nothing to do but go back and have another .try.

In her absence Jim had made the most of his time, the bran-bag waa' opened, the kit- tens shoved in, and he .was just picking up the last, when Us mother came dashing up , the ladder with nearly as much ardour as

before^ Before he could jump up to kick her, ehe had gone again, and taken the . kitten with her. She was a cat of some

character. And it wasn't long before she found in that one kitten responsibility enough to-satisfy her. .

. And the other kittens-wen, the stone Jim put into that bag was rather big, and thé conséquence was it didn't float.